I sat on the bed holding my week old goddaughter chanae in my arms. I watched as her mother Chantay tried to make her bedroom decent. She was expecting a guest,Heather Wagner! A woman I had never visibly seen but disliked immensely. In early 1998 Heather and Chantay had a fling. Heather lived with her girl Deidre who had prevented Chantay from calling there,so when Chantay asked me to call for her at times I did. As time went by I met Ava Bailey an old schoolmate of Chantay's. At 21 I thought Ava was perfect. She was tall ,sexy,nice voice and captivating. She was also giving me a hard time getting close to her. I felt sure I could get her ,after all I was in love. That changed soon though. Through some odd happening Heather and Ava met and became involved. I was angry as hell after Chantay and I started putting the pieces together. Chantay was the connection and they were pumping her for info on each other. When I brought it up with Ava she denied it, but Heather confirmed it to Chantay. They were finished anyway and she and her girl at home were breaking up.

June 20 1998. . . . . . . . . The sound of a car horn broke into my thoughts and I heard Chantay say "she's here". I grimaced not really caring where she was. She had what I wanted. Less than a minute later the infamous Heather Wagner blazed through the door bringing in the intoxicating scent of her perfume. In her hand she carried a bag and on her face was a big smile as she stared in the corner where I sat. "good morning" she said still looking at me. "good morning". Chantay and I replied in unsion. This? This is the woman that Ava chose over me? I thought as I took in her appearance. . Heather was a big woman. I am not good at estimating weight but I figured she had to be over 190 lbs. . Chantay had told me she was about 35 but I was not sure. . . Heather was dark skinned about 5'7" and wearing her hair in braids. She wasn't ugly but not sexy in my books. How could Ava choose her over me? I was cute about 5'5",slim, weighed 134 lbs and quite the charmer or so I thought. Heather stood in the middle of the room still looking at me with a smile on her face making me slightly unnerved. Had Ava said something about me? I looked away then turning my attention to the squirming baby in my arms. I heard her start up a conversation with Chantay as I fed Chanae her tea. I saw a shadow fall over me and when I looked up there was Heather above me. That damned smile on her face again. "your legs are very hairy,are you like that all over " she asked. what??? Did I just hear this woman right?? Damn she was bold!!! Yet I found myself saying "naturally" she smiled again leaning forward and touching Chanae's foot. Her eyes still on me. . What's up with this woman I wondered. "you don't talk much do you?" she said. "no" I replied. "the tapes are here "I heard Chantay say and I immediately breathed a thank god as Heather stood up and moved away. Five minutes and two tapes later she left with one last glance at me. "what do you think Chantay asked. I shrugged my shoulders if I told her what I really thought she would not like it. For the rest of the day I found my thoughts wandering constantly to Heather.

June 21 1998. . . . . . . Chantay told me that she had given Heather my pager number. Somehow I was not surprised when Heather called. When we spoke she told me that she liked me. I laughed. Yes I knew that I was likeable but this woman? I saw warning flags going up all over the place. We made small talk for a while and then said our goodbyes. She had company. I was in a bad mood ,I had called Ava and she was not at home. I felt sure she was at Heathers'. I resolved then to let Ava fall on her own. I had a feeling the two of them would not last. . Heather had player written all over her. The days passed by. Chantay was constantly telling me that Heather was asking for me. One day I was again at Chantays' when she dared me to call Heather. I hate dares and so I did. ThankGod when I got the machine. I left a message saying Chantay wanted her to call. When she did call back she indicated that she was coming over and would give me a ride home. I wasn't entirely sure that that was a good idea but I went along with it. During the time that we spent together that evening I could often feel her eyes burning into me and tried not to be affected by it . It was proving futile. Something about Heather was driving mad. I don't know if it was the aggressiveness I could sense in her or the self confident attitude she carried. Whatever it was it was pulling me. Slowly but surely. After we left Chantay Heather wanted to go hang out but I refused. She was disappointed that was evident but I was trying to make sense of what was going on with me. I did not want this woman. She was against everything I stood for. I wanted Ava I tried to reason with my self. From that night when we were not busy we hung out . The first time I went to her home we played wheel of fortune on the internet. When I decided to go home the expression on her face made me smile inwardly. Disappointment,determination and confusion all in one. She started to ask for a kiss but I told her no and so we left. It was not over we both knew!!

In august one of the biggest musical concerts in our city was taking place and Heather invited me over to watch it. I agreed and went . Heather gave me a tour of her home before we eventually settled in her bed to watch the concert. I was a bit nervous as I felt sure that she would try something. She did not prove me wrong. Whilst watching I felt her stir slightly beside me and then felt her take one of my feet in her hands and begin to massage it gently. My heart started beating wildly in my chest and I felt sure she could she could hear it. She left my foot then moving onto my arm where she began to trace lines down my arm. I knew she was aware of the goosebumps on my skin. Heather stopped , turning to face me she cupped my face in her hands and leaning over brushed her mouth gently on mine. A soft moan escaped my throat as Heather began to kiss me gently at first and then more aggressively,sliding her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her tongue searching my mouth and then taking hold of mine. There was no doubt about it I was turned on immensely. Never before had I been kissed with such intensity and passion. When she finally stopped she moved to my neck sucking on it. Her hands found the inside of my shirt and began to caress my breasts causing the nipples to quickly become harder. I was gone. Heather made her way down one of my feet sucking my toes and then moving back up . When she reached my shorts she tugged it along with the panty I was wearing to one side and started to kiss my pussy. I gasped as her tongue made contact with my clitoris. She began to skillfully eat my pussy. Alternating between soft and fast strokes,she placed a hand across my belly and the other across my leg to keep me in place. As she ate she was moaning loudly and I could feel her moving against me. I thought I would lose my mind this woman whom I did not want anything to do with had just affected to my being. Heather slowed down to adjust her position and to remove my pants but I stopped her then,finally waking up from my aroused state. "why kasey,aren't you enjoying it?". I nodded my head and said "yes,but you are involved with Ava,this should not be happening". She shook her head a wry smile on her face. She was angry!!! "Ava and I are having problems" she revealed. "I don't want to be apart of that I said and turned away my gaze fixed on the TV but my thoughts on the diminishing passion within me. She too looked at the TV.

As I laid in my bed later that night I talked with myself. I knew that all Heather wanted was a good fuck and I was not about to become her fuckbuddy. Attraction or not!!I also decided to give Chantay the chance she had been asking for for so long and forget Heather. That was easier said than done. I started spending more time with Chantay and Heather became increasingly jealous. She thought that Chantay and I were still friends,while Chantay was not aware of the battle raging within me. It turned out that Heather and Ava were indeed having problems and could break up. I should have been glad but three women??? I continued a platonic friendship with Heather I could feel her becoming more attatched to me. I on the other hand was always thinking of her and trying to think how the hell I could agree to being in a relationship with my bestfriend. I had no sexual interest in her at all. Yet when she decided to tell Heather that we were involved I agreed.

Heather took the news ok she told me but when I spoke with her she was livid. I could hear the disbelief in her voice and when she stated that she was coming over I did not object. For the first time in weeks we kissed. Deeply passionate. This woman who I had disliked had shaken me. I eventually broke off things with Chanay and stopped thinking about Ava. My attention was focused instead on Heather. One day whilst chilling at her home I saw her card lying on the table and looked at it. It turned out she was 40. I smiled it was too late I had already fallen for her in a big way. We were still not being intimate just getting to learn about one another and during this time we had our first fight. One particular sunday afternoon I was supposed to go to Heathers' house when she called and told me she was over at Ava with her family. "what?" I asked her "Why are you there?" the anger was evident in my voice and I could tell that she was trying to choose her reply carefully. "I came to return Ava's things from my house and also to give her a ride home from work" she said. "do what you want" I said and put down the phone. The phone rang back and I knew it was her. "hello?""why did you put down the phone in my ear?" she asked "What do you want?" I asked coldly I was in no mood She threw water on me then by saying "Kasey we are involved "I laughed. "wheter you think so or not we are involved and this is not ending so." "I'll call you tonight." I hung up then. Later that night she called and broke down the walls I had put up. Begging,pleading and trying to rationalize with me. I eventually came around and we became seriously involved. No Ava and no Chanay in my life at least not on an intimate level. The most unlikely person had turned out to be the one I fell in love with. Age or Size no longer mattered.


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