It all started my senior year of high school. I was new to this school. I have never had a hard time making friends, but this one girl in my class , I wanted to be more than her friend! I had thought about it, but I had never been with another girl. Although I wanted to, I never acted on my feelings. Femi was her name, she was so beautiful to me, I would stare at her in class and imagine myself running my fingers through her long black, curly hair. She was slender, but at the same time, curvacious, her breasts were a pretty nice size, I wanted to lick them like an ice cream cone.
Well, Femi and I became friends and we would talk on the phone for hours about guys and sex. I was so afraid to express how I felt about her because I thought she would reject me and go tell everyone at school that I was a lesbian. I'm not. I think I was just curious. Something about the female anatomy just turns me on! One weekend Femi's mom went out of town so she asked to stay over for the weekend. This was a dream come true for me, I would get to see Femi in her night clothes and she would be sleeping in my bedroom with me!
It was around midnight, there was nothing on tv and we were quite bored. Cable always has something interesting on to watch so we turned to HBO. A show called "Women Stories of Passion" was on. About halfway through the show Femi turned to me and said "If you could do it to one girl from our school who would it be?" Not wanting to seem too obvious I then said "I don't know, how about you?" The room was silent and she said, "You."
My heart skipped a beat! I could not believe she actually said that! I tried to stay calm but then she said " have you ever been with another girl?" Oh my God Femi likes girls!! This was so meant to be, I thought! Femi crawled into my bed with me, she lifted my shirt and began to lick and caress my firm breasts. I was speechless, the girl I had been dreaming about was in my bed ready and willing to fuck me! She told me if I was scared or felt uncomfortable she would stop. As If! I would just die if she would have stopped!
She undressed me then she took off her own clothes. Her breasts were so inviting I just wanted to stare at them for a while before touching them. When I finally pressed my lips against them it was like heaven! Femi spread my thighs and raised my legs in the air and plunged tongue first into my wet, throbbing, pussy. I almost came just thinking about what was happening to me, my first sexual experience with a girl. She came up for a moment to direct more attention to my erect nipples. She licked my breasts so softly I couldn't stand to think that this would have to end. She went back to my pussy that was absolutely screaming for her! The way she switched between her fingers and tongue drove me wild! Darting her tongue then jamming her fingers then over and over again was just too much for me to handle! She licked my clit then gave it a quick hard suck, I was about to explode with passion and lust! "Please put your tongue back in me!" I said with the little wind I had in me. She teased. Lick, dart,lick dart! In,out,in and out. This girl was driving me mad !! I felt my pussy twitch and then my river began to overflow, and she licked up every little drop of my love juices.This was better than anything I had ever experienced sexually!! She kissed me and we went to sleep. I was exhausted from all the excitement, plus that orgasm drained all the energy I had in my body!
That Monday in school I found a note on my locker, it was from Femi! Excited, I hurried to the bathroom and opened it. It read:
I really like you, and I think you're cute, but I hope you don't hate me. We can't be friends because I don't want this to continue, I don't want to be gay. Sorry.

PS: Things happen.

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