Lisa Mamou

_____ Reyna turned the air up in the room. "Uhhh", she moaned. "I need to get out of these clothes and take a shower." She hadn't expected the fields to be so hot and humid. "Who am I fooling?" she chuckled to herself. It wasn't the heat and humidity that had Reyna Coffey sweating. It was Brooklyn Johnson. Brooklyn was a farm animal vet and the USDA consultant for Sumnter County. She also was one of the most beautiful womyn Reyna had ever seen. Brooklyn had short thick twists covering her perfect round head. She had smooth skin and a lean healthy body. But what made Brooklyn gorgeous to Reyna were her mouth and eyes. All of Brooklyn's emotions seemed to be expressed in the way her mouth moved or eyes looked. When she was going over the program guidelines and budget, her lips would pout slightly and her eyes would squint. When she was happily chatting about the people of Sumnter, her lips would spread wide and her eyes would shine. How Reyna wanted to touch that mouth, get lost in those eyes.
_____ Reyna was a professor of Agribusiness at Fresno State. She received funding from USDA in conjunction with the SBA to create a program to make small farmers more competitive. Sumnter County in South Carolina was the test area. Reyna took a year long sabbatical from the university and moved to Sumnter in order to oversee the project. The USDA hired Brooklyn as the liaison between the government and the farmers. The farmers respected, liked and most important trusted Doc Johnson, as they called her. In the past few months Brooklyn had proven invaluable. Today, they walked the fields with the Butlers going over their operation. Reyna was engrossed with how Len Butler managed his farms, but Brooklyn would come into her sight and for an instant the world would stop. Brooklyn had worn a billowy blouse that moved with the slightest breeze. She wore it open at the neck and Reyna could see the beads of perspiration kissing Brooklyn's skin. Brooklyn was driving her insane!
_____ Reyna was making Brooklyn feverish as well. Reyna had worn a white cotton shirt that clung to her by the end of the day. Brooklyn noticed every curve of her body. Reyna was thick and strong. You could tell she worked out. She was tone, but not massive. Brooklyn wanted to touch that hard body; feel it next to her. When Brooklyn first saw Reyna at the airport, she knew she wanted her. Reyna had long dark curly hair and a voice like mint juleps on a summer day. Brooklyn had also come to like Reyna. The way she seemed genuinely concerned; her intelligence; her sense of humor. Brooklyn also liked the way Reyna looked at her when she thought Brooklyn wasn't noticing. Brooklyn liked it even better when Reyna blushed whenever she was embarrassed. She had this shy grin Brooklyn found disarming. Brooklyn definitely wanted this womon!
_____ Reyna heard her bell ring. Brooklyn was picking her up for dinner out at the Johnson's. One Friday out of the month, the whole family got together at Brooklyn's grandmother's house. Brooklyn invited Reyna to take part. Reyna was both pleased and nervous about sharing in the family get together. Reyna opened the door and almost had to catch her breath. She was used to seeing Brooklyn in clunky work boots, a basic top and either jeans or khakis. Even the few times they'd gotten together out side of work, Brooklyn wore jeans. Tonight she was wearing flat strappy sandals on her perfectly manicured feet and a clingy, long summer dress. Reyna realized Brooklyn was indeed thin, but much more curvy than she'd thought. Brooklyn was pleased with what she saw also. Reyna's hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing big hoop earrings. She was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless top that accentuated her wonderful legs and arms. Also, the top was slightly cropped so when Reyna moved you could see her ring adorned navel. Reyna looked like she'd just stepped off a poster advertising a tropical island.
_____Brooklyn was barely able to mutter a greeting. "Hey. Ummm... My... ummm... my jeep was acting up so I got my cousin Benny to give us a ride. I hope you don't mind."
_____"Of course not. Let me just get my bag."
_____Brooklyn introduced Reyna to Cousin Benny. He had that same infectious smile as Brooklyn. Reyna could tell immediately she would like him. Benny was a big guy with a small truck. Brooklyn sat in the middle and Reyna squeezed in next to her. Brooklyn had to sit slightly sideways so they could all fit. Reyna could feel Brooklyn's breast slightly pressing against her arm. "Are you okay?" Brooklyn murmured in her ear.
_____Is she teasing me? Reyna thought. "Yes, I'm okay." Brooklyn edged a little closer. With every bump in the road, Reyna could feel Brooklyn's breast rub against her arm. She could also feel and see Brooklyn's nipples harden beneath the thin dress. By the time they reached Grandmother Johnson's it was all Reyna could do not to reach out and grab the other womon. Hold Brooklyn's breasts in her hands; taste them with her mouth. Throughout the evening, as Reyna was talking to one cousin or another, she could see Brooklyn looking over at her. A few times she would walk past and touch Reyna reassuringly.
_____ Night came and the family started to leave. Brooklyn and Reyna volunteered to stay behind with Benny and help clean up. By the time they finished, it appeared Benny had done more drinking than cleaning and was too drunk to drive. Brooklyn took his keys and was going to drive them home and come back for Benny in the morning. Her grandparents insisted they stay. Grandmother Johnson resolved the whole thing, "Benny can sleep his drunk behind downstairs and you and Reyna can sleep in the guest room."
_____Brooklyn turned to Reyna, "I'm sorry about this...
_____"It's no big deal. I just need something to sleep in."
_____"I'll give you a gown." Grandmother Johnson chimed in.
_____"Then it's settled," Reyna said and she followed the grandmother upstairs.
_____Reyna took the gown and towels she'd been given to the guest room to tell Brooklyn she was going to take a shower. The room was charming. With lace curtains and antique furniture. There was a full sized fluffy bed in the middle of the room. The only light was a lamp that illuminated a soft glow. Brooklyn was going through the drawers of a dresser. She looked up when Reyna walked in. "I was just trying to find something to wear. I keep a set of clothes here for when I stay over."
_____Reyna nodded, "I just wanted to let you know I'm going to take a shower."
_____"Okay, I'll use the bathroom downstairs," Brooklyn absently replied as she continued fumbling through the drawers.
_____Reyna started out the room. "See you in a few. Ummm... is that a feather bed?"
_____Brooklyn looked at the bed and then at Reyna and smiled, "Yes."
_____Reyna smiled back and walked out the door. She'd planned on taking a shower, but when she saw the old clawfoot tub she couldn't resist taking a bath. Plus she wanted to give herself some time to clear her head. She sat down in the warm water and soaked for what seemed like hours.
_____By the time she returned to the room, Brooklyn was already in bed; laying on her back with her eyes closed. "I thought I'd have to send the troops out after you."
_____"That tub is so relaxing, I lost track of time."
_____"Yes, it can..." For the first time Brooklyn looked up. Reyna's hair billowed out framing her face that made her look angelic and sexy at the same time. Brooklyn's grandmother was a little smaller than Reyna so the gown was tight around her body. It was old fashioned and homely, but in that moment they both knew it didn't matter. She wouldn't be wearing it long.
_____Reyna was heading towards the bed, but something in the way Brooklyn looked at her made her stop in her tracks. Brooklyn rose up from the bed. She walked past Reyna and put the lock on the door. Reyna stood, still facing the bed. Brooklyn came behind her and grabbed her by the waist and hair. Reyna could feel Brooklyn's long strong hands pulling Reyna's body into her.
_____Brooklyn turned Reyna's head slightly to the side and started kissing her neck as her hands caressed Reyna's body. Brooklyn slightly moved the tight gown down on Reyna's shoulders. She nibbled from side to side. Tasting, lightly biting, sucking shoulders and neck. Her hands traveled surely along Reyna's front. She squeezed Reyna's breast and gently rubbed her thumbs across/around her nipples. Reyna moaned and pushed harder into Brooklyn. Brooklyn moved her right hand down Reyna's body and began to rub her pubis. She had to touch Reyna's skin.
_____Brooklyn pushed Reyna against the dresser. She started kissing down As she got lower, Brooklyn started lifting the gown, kissing Reyna's ankles, calves, the backs of her knees. Reyna moans were getting louder. Brooklyn could hear herself speaking to Reyna, murmuring half sentences and words.
_____Reyna reached down and grabbed the edges of the gown; pulling it over her head and throwing it to the floor. Brooklyn kissed, nibbled and sucked with her mouth. She massaged Reyna's legs and thighs with her hands. She placed her mouth on Reyna's ass. At the same time she ran her fingers along Reyna's pussy. She could feel Reyna's wetness. Reyna stiffened in anticipation. "Not yet." Brooklyn said. She stood up and turned Reyna towards her. They kissed; their tongues intwined in a slow, senuous dance.
_____As their hands moved across the each other's body, Reyna slowly regained her equilibrium. She almost thought she would pass out when Brooklyn was on the floor. She'd felt almost lost in Brooklyn's desire. It surprised her that Brooklyn was just as hungry as she was.
_____Brooklyn stepped back and took off her t-shirt as she stepped out of her shorts. Reyna pulled Brooklyn back to her. She felt the wetness between Brooklyn's legs. Tasted her hardening nipples. Brooklyn eased them to the bed. They were going too fast. She wanted to slow them down, to get to know this womon and the body she'd wanted for months.
_____As they tumbled into the bed, Brooklyn started slowly kissing Reyna. Undulating her body in a slow, smooth rhythm on top of the other womon. Reyna got into her groove. They were kissing and grinding as if they were dancing to an old Smokey song. Brooklyn kissed along the sides of Reyna's body from her fingertips to underarms to waist to hips to knees to ankles. When she reached Reyna's toes, she sucked them one by one then together. She kissed her way back up Reyna's other side. On her journey up, she ran her hands up Reyna's thighs. Reyna opened her legs and Brooklyn placed a finger inside. She felt hot and tight. Brooklyn gently started working her fingers, rubbing; going in and out; lightly rubbing her fingers along Reyna's clit. She was back in control.
_____Reyna felt feverish. She wanted to scream, "Fuck me, now!" This was torture. Reyna wanted to feel Brooklyn's cool tongue on her clit, feel Brooklyn's mouth on her pussy. She felt more than heard herself half moaning, half begging, "Taste me!"
_____Brooklyn moved her head to Reyna's vulva. She could smell Reyna's lust. Brooklyn felt herself getting hotter and wetter. She placed her mouth on Reyna's wet, aching pussy. She massaged Reyna's outer lips; licked them; sucked them. She spread the lips apart and started tongue fucking her. Reyna gyrated her hips and spread her legs farther apart. Brooklyn went deeper and deeper int. She started flicking Reyna's clit with her tongue. First slow and then faster and faster.
_____The more excited Reyna got, the more excited Brooklyn got. She thought she might come before Reyna. She kept licking, sucking, rubbing. Fucking Reyna with her mouth and fingers. Moving with Reyna's every gyration.
_____Reyna could feel the orgasm, painful and hard, moving from what felt like her very core. Taking over her entire body. She began to thrash uncontrollably, screaming Brooklyn's name and ancient words known only to lovers. Brooklyn could feel Reyna's explosive orgasm. She continued to lick and suck; savoring Reyna's juices.
_____As Reyna began to regain her focus, she reached down, grabbed Brooklyn's head and pulled her to her. They kissed and laughed at the same time. Reyna rolled Brooklyn over on her back and looked into her eyes. She saw happiness and passion in those eyes and was glad she'd gotten lost in them.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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