Senia Moore

_____On this wet rainy day, me and my girl Nicole are spending the day making love. I want her to feel the heat in my body as I drink from the liquid love in her pussy. I wonder if she knows just how much I adore her. Well, she will soon see.

_____Nicole comes over to me and sits on my lap. I can feel her bare, wet pussy caressing my thigh. We are facing each other and she begins to grind onto me. I want her so bad that I don't know what to do. It's almost as if I have blacked out. "Baby, do you want me," I whisper to her. "You know I do Papi, you are all I want." I lay Nicole onto the bed, and spread her legs, so that I can gaze at her saturated pussy lips. I dip my head near to her, and inhale her scent. My tongue eases into her with lightening speed, she doesn't have time to recover before I am eating her soft, wet pussy. I love the way my baby tastes. She is so damn good to me. My tongue is encircling her clit, she is getting even wetter, I begin to push my long tongue inside of her. Her thighs start to quiver and her clit jumps in my mouth as her first orgasm of the night hits her. Lazily I lap at the cream that has come out just for me.

_____Nicole tells me that now she wants Sampson (my 9inch strap) so I strap up for her and tell her to get on her knees. My baby kneels into a doggie style position (that's her favorite) and her ass cheeks open wide like a flower in bloom. And I slide the tip of my dick slowly up and down her slit.....she pushes back towards me a little because she is impatient. "oh, baby please, fuck me papi," she whimpers. I know that by now her pussy is aching and in need to be filled, so I do just that. Slowly at first, I fill her up, hitting that spot. I arch her back so that all of her sensitive spots will be touched. I'm am going faster now, our skin slapping together. Nicole is moaning loudly now as I start to stroke her insides harder and faster. "Yes papi, please, I wanna cum for you." Just as I hit that spot one last time, she cums, her juice flowing down her legs, gushing out like whipped cream onto my strap.

_____As I unstrap, Nicole begins to stir, she pushes me onto my back and dives into my well lubricated pussy. I cry out in ecstasy, begging her to eat it all. Nodding her head and mumbling, "uh huh, ummmmm," her lips wrap around my tender clit, sucking softly just the way I like it. Soon I can feel her tongue inside of me. "Baby, suck that clit," I'm pleading with her. My orgasm comes in waves; my hips leave the bed, my muscles tighten, and my cream comes gushing out into Nicole's mouth. "Damn, baby I love the way you taste," she says between licks.

_____"Come on baby, lets rest a minute, we got all night to make some good love."


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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