_____"Yo Tiff, you need a ride home from work tonight?" Asked Amirrah.
_____"I don't know, Moe is supposed to pick me up." If only I really believed that myself.
_____"Well if she don't come just wait for me. I get off at 12:30. You get off at 12:00 right?"
_____"Yeah." My girl always said that she was going to pick me up but it seems like something always came up and she never showed up. Amirrah was a good friend though and she always came through for me. I don't know. Me and my shorty had been dating for over three years now but there was always something coming in between our relationship.
_____" Tiffany, Earth to Tiffany. You wanna come back to planet earth now?" That was Shawn A.K.A. the lesbian version of Dun Juan at our job. There was three known lesbians here working at the Gateway Main Office. Shawn 27 handled all of the orders that came in, Amirrah 28, and me 27 did the customer service for customers that was having problems with their P.C.
_____"What you want girl?" I asked her. Shawn had a way of making you smile even when you didn't want to. Everybody knew that she was a Lesbian and she like it that way so nobody bothered her.
_____"You still coming to the Party?" Shawn grinned looking as fine as ever in a pair of navy blue pants and red button down shirt.
_____"What party you talking about girl?" I was too busy to remember some damn party.
_____"The one that I'm throwing at my hose on Saturday. You know tomorrow night."
_____"I--" Damn, Moe asked me not to go. She didn't like Shawn because she said that Shawn liked me.
_____"I don't want to hear it. My friend Lex is going to pick you up at 10."
_____"Who the hell is Lex?" What am I going to do? I asked myself. Moe is going to have a fit.
_____"Her name is Lexus but everyone calls her Lex. She cool people. Plus I have to stay at the house and wait for the bartender and DJ to get there" Shawn said smiling. Something was up.
_____" Damn Tiffany, you still here?" Amirrah asked walking out the building.
_____"Girl yeah, I don't know where in the hell Moe is at. She said she'd be here when I got off."
_____"Come on." Amirrah said opening her car door. "You know that bitch said the same thing last week and the week before that and the week before that also."
_____"Shut up Amirrah," I said fastening my seatbelt. "I know you and Moe don't like each other but there's no need to be disrespecting each other."
_____Mirrah didn't like Moe because she said that she didn't know how to treat a woman and Moe didn't like Mirrah because she said that Mirrah was nosey.
_____"Yeah well, she better watch it before I take what she can't handle." Mirrah said kissing me on the cheek.
_____"You don't even know what to do with it." I said returning the kiss. It was innocent. Amirrah and I had tried a relationship but it didn't work out. That was over 8 years ago. Since then we had become the best of friends.
_____" So you going to the party tomorrow?" I asked as if I didn't already know the answer.
_____"Now you know I'm going to be there." Amirrah said shaking her head as if she was already at a party.
_____"Let me off right here. I wanna check the mailbox."
_____"Aight, call me in the morning and tell that trick that a relationship involves more than eating pussy."
_____"Go fuck yourself." I said getting out of her Honda Accord.
_____"Only if I can use your fingers," she replied as she drove off.
_____I couldn't help but smile as I walked into my condo. Mirrah always knew how to make me feel better.
_____"Moe! Moe, you there?" I yelled into an empty house. I went over to the answering machine and I saw the note that Moe had left on the table:
_____Baby, I'm sorry. Saundra called and said that her boyfriend beat her up .and she needed a ride from the hospital. I called you but you had your phone turned off. I'm sorry baby but I'll be right back. Love Moe
_____"Dammit Moe, when will you leave all these other Bitches alone and realize that I should be your number one priority?" I asked the fish in the fish tank since they seemed like the only ones in this condo paying me any attention.
_____I looked around me. The Home Entertainment Sys with wall TV, the 77 Gal fish tank Sony Stereo with DVD and complete surround sound Sys. Expensive Oriental rug and Italy imported furniture. Yeah, from the looks of things, Moe and me had it all. Three bedroom condo with upstairs and downstairs, brand new 2000 Mustang Convertible, 2 great jobs and a joint bank account holding at least 5 digits and I'm talking about in the upper 5 digits also. A great fun loving couple. Yeah, Right.
_____I had already showered and was deep asleep by the time that I felt Moe trying to slide her hands in-between my legs. "What time is it?" I barely whispered.
_____"A little after 4." Moe said caressing me a little harder as she felt my body growing wet from her touch.
_____"Why didn't you call?"
_____"I did, I told you your phone was off." She whispered as she began to rub her fingers in the juices that were starting to flow from my heated body.
_____"Moe, when am I going to be number one in your life? I'm tired of you standing me up. You have me looking like a fool at work. I brag about you all day and then you never show up."
_____"Baby, you know I be busy. Can we talk about this shit later?" Moe said trying to open my legs wider with her knees.
_____"No" I said pulling her fingers out of me and standing up out of the bed.
_____"What the hell are you doing?"
_____"Going for a drive."
_____"It's 4 in the morning."
_____"No, it's 5, I guess you lost track of the time." I said snatching a pair of jeans and a sweater on top of my nude body.
_____"Tiffany, you better not leave this damn house."
_____It was too late, I was already down the stairs and out the front door. By the time I had the car started I saw Moe running outside in just her boxers and wife beater. I don't know what she was saying because I had the windows up and I sped off just as she reached the car.
_____I picked up the phone and dialed Amirrah's number. The answering machine picked up so I just hung up. Damn, I needed someone to talk to. I picked the phone back up and dialed Shawn's number. After about four rings a sexy, sleep filled voice whispered into the phone. "It's after five in the morning, this better be good."
_____"Who else would be answering my phone at 5:30 in the morning?"
_____"I'm sorry but this is Tiff." I knew I shouldn't have called.
_____"Tiff, Tiffany, are you in trouble? Where are you?" Shawn woke up real quick.
_____"Calm down. Moe and me just got into it and I need someone to talk to, I called Mirrah but she was dead to the world. Sorry for waking you up dawg."
_____"Nah, that's aight. Just come on over. I'm turning on the porch light right now. You do remember which house it is right."
_____"Yeah, it's one 14th Ave. The one with the basketball goal in the front yard right."
_____"That's it." Shawn said with no trace that she had just been woke up out of a deep sleep. For Shawn to be 27 she had everything I every dreamed of having. Her parents had died in a car accident when she was 20 and she inherited all they had being that she was an only child. With her father being one of the top 20 Black Lawyers in the U.S. and her mother a world known Scientist,
_____she was pretty set for at least the next 20 or so years. The house was on the same land as the house had that her 6th generation grandmother had been a slave in but the original had been torn down. Most of the antiques and furniture, she sold.
_____When I pulled up she was leaning against the basketball goal in her boxers and sports bra. "Hey girl" I said as if I hadn't been crying all the way over there.
_____"Sup shawty." She said as she wrapped her arms around my small frame and hugged me.
_____Standing in her arms I felt like nothing else could go wrong. She felt so warm and I could still smell some kind of cologne on her neck. As I stood there, I felt all my tears come flowing out of me and she just stood there with her arms wrapped around me and her head resting on my head.

_____"Tiffany, is that you?" Moe yelled from upstairs.
_____"Yeah." I said placing the keys on the table. It was about 12p.m. Shawn and I had stayed up talking until about 8 a.m. and then we both ended up falling asleep.
_____"Baby, I'm sorry about last night." Moe said embracing me in a hug. "You know I don't mean to hurt you."
_____"You know what, Moe, how about we just forget about it? I'm tired, I didn't
_____get any sleep last night and I don't want to start today."
_____"Sure baby. Why don't you go take a shower and rest?"
_____"Aight, will you turn the air on?"
_____"Are you still in love with me?" I asked as I stopped on the stairs.
_____"Baby," Moe said coming towards me. "Not only am I still in love with you but every morning I wake up with your body wrapped around mine I know that what you and I have is irreplaceable and I wouldn't do anything to lose you. Tiffany, I love you even though I mess up sometimes."
_____"I love you too Moe." I said as tears built up in my eyes. I went upstairs and showered and crawled into our king-size bed. Sleep came with the smell of Moe on my pillow gracing my nose.
_____When I woke up the clock said 20 past 8. I went downstairs but Moe was gone and the phone was ringing.
_____"Girl, what you wearing to the party?"
_____"Oh Damn, I forgot to tell Moe." Damn, I said to myself again.
_____"She'll be aight. Call her cell phone." Amirrah said.
_____"Aight girl bye. I have to find something to wear." I ran upstairs and began searching through my closet. I found a short red leather skirt and the black leather half shirt that MO brought me back from NY. I picked out my red snakeskin strap up sandals with the three and a half inch heels.
_____"What the hell am I going to do to my hair?" I asked myself. I had inherited my grandmother's thick hair. It reached the middle of my back and everyone loved it but me. I threw the top up into two red Chinese sticks and left back hanging down. I had on my skirt and sandals and was struggling with the straps in the back of my shirt when the door bell rung.
_____"Shit." I said. I ran down the stairs with my shirt half fastened and my breast begging to be let loose.
_____"Who is it?"
_____"Lexus, is Tiffany there?"
_____"Yes, I'm tiffany." I said opening the door. WHOA! I had to step back once the door was open. Lex was about 6ft tall. She was light skinned and had red dreads that hung to her shoulder, which
_____she had neatly twisted to the back of her head. I could tell that she worked out by the way that the black muscle shirt was clinging to her abs. She had on a pair of dressy Khakis and tan timbs. I didn't know if I should close the door back or just stand there staring and holding the back of my shirt close with only my hands. She smiled and revealed a pair of perfect clean white teeth and said "You ready?"
_____"Oh," I said snapping out of my daze. "Come in and give me a few minutes."
_____"Sure," she said walking in past me with an air of confidence mixed with just the right amount of smoothness and sat on the couch.
_____"Would you mind helping me strap this thing up?"
_____"No prob," she said.
_____As she was fastening the straps her fingers barely touched the small of my back and I swear I felt my body respond in a way it had never had. I went back upstairs to change my underwear and throw on some lipstick and the diamond studs Moe had given me for Valentine's Day. I walked back down the stairs. "I'm ready."
_____"Aight" she said getting off the couch. As she walked by me I smelled something that teased every sense in my body and left more than my nose wide open. Once we got into her jeep, which looked just like the Cadillac on Montel's video. I asked her, "What kind of fragrance is that?"
_____She smiled and said, "Your Only Desire."
_____"Is that a new fragrance or something?"
_____"No, but I wish I could be."
_____I just laughed but in the back of my mind, all kind of images appeared.
_____Once we arrived at Shawn's house, I felt like the star attraction. Everyone's eyes were on me. Shit, I didn't know it was that many lesbians in Richmond. Amirrah ran over to me. "Girl, which Playboy Bunny did you get that outfit from?"
_____"The one in the back of my closet."
_____"Dayum girl you making me wanna forget that we supposed to be best friends." Amirrah said joking and winked her eye at me.
_____"You so silly."
_____Shawn walked over and gave me the usual kiss on the cheek. "Damn Tiffany, you looking good tonight. I might just have to put a coat around you. You know there are a lot of studs in the house tonight. Especially Lex." Shawn said smiling.
_____"Thank you," I said blushing.
_____"Did you and Lex introduce yourselves?"
_____"Of course I introduced myself. I wouldn't give up the chance to meet a beautiful lady such as Tiffany." Lex said cutting in on the conversation. I blushed harder and Shawn smiled. Amirrah gave me that girl what's going on look and I just ignored her. "Why don't you go and let the bartender fix you a drink?" Shawn said to me.
_____"Sure but I have to make a call first." I reached in my purse for my phone and dialed Moe's cell. She didn't pick up so Lex and I went over to the bar and ordered two Black Russians. A few hours into the party and about three Black Russians later I was in the living room getting my dance on when my cell phone rung.
_____"Hello," I said trying to sound sober. I thought it was Moe.
_____"Hello, who is this?" An unfamiliar female voice questioned into the phone.
_____"This is Tiffany."
_____"Did you call 374-8064?"
_____I had to think. Oh, that was Moe's number but who in the hell was this female on the other end. "Yes, that's my wife phone and who in the hell are you?" I was getting pissed now.
_____"Saundra? Where the Hell is Moe?" I asked a little too loudly because Amirrah turned to stare at me.
_____"She went to the store for me and left her phone on my bed by accident."
_____"On your bed! What in the hell was she doing in your house? Better yet, why in the fuck was she in your bedroom?"
_____"She was hooking up my DVD."
_____"I don't give a damn if she was hooking up Janet Jackson's DVD. Tell her ass to call me when she get back." I dropped my cell phone back into my purse and stormed out of the living room onto the back porch. I heard the porch door open and I knew it was Shawn so I just stood there
_____with my back to her and continued crying. Shawn put her arms around me and I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. She began running her hands through my hair and I stood there shaking.
_____Finally, I turned around but it wasn't Shawn!
_____"Lexus, I I I thought you was Shawn." I stumbled.
_____"It's okay, Shawn told me to come out here. She also told me about your no good ass girlfriend. That's why she told me to pick you up. I'm single and she thought that maybe you would see how a woman is really supposed to be treated."
_____"But, But Shawn know that I'm in love with Moe." I was still jumbling my words.
_____"Yeah but is Moe really in love with you?"
_____"Yes, she says it all the time."
_____" Sure she says it but does she show it?"
_____"Tiffany, Moe is playing games with you because she know that you in love with her and she don't think that you have enough nerve to let her sorry ass go."
_____"Look Lexus, will you just take me home?"
_____"Sure, let me get my keys."
_____"Tell Shawn and Amirrah that I'm sorry and I'll call them tomorrow."
_____I walked to her jeep and got in. On the way to my house we talked about Moe and I. Mostly she just listened but it felt good letting go and talking to someone. Once we got to the house she turned off the jeep and walked me to the door. "Hope to see you again." She said wrapping her arms around me.
_____"Why don't you come in?" I asked. I really didn't feel like being alone and I saw that Moe wasn't there.
_____"Um, will your girl mind?"
_____"Does it matter?" I asked.
_____She came in and sat down on the couch. I offered her a drink from our mini-bar. It wasn't as big as Shawn's but it was stocked full.
_____"Sure, how about some Vodka?"
_____"Coming up."
_____After pouring her a nice glass of absolute I went upstairs and let my hair down. It was damp so my edges had curled up around my face. I threw my sandals in the closet and walked barefoot back down the stairs. I turned on my Kelly Price CD and also poured myself a glass of Vodka and then I sat down on the couch next to Lexus. I stretched out my feet and leaned my head on the back of the couch.
_____"You have beautiful feet," she said.
_____"Gurl, stop lying," I said. The Vodka was really kicking in.
_____"Let me see."
_____"Come on." Lex said picking my feel up and placing them on her lap. She began massaging my feet and I closed my eyes and lifted my hair out from behind me so that I could lie back on the couch. I could feel my nipples growing hard and before I knew it, I felt my foot sliding inside
_____her mouth. My eyes popped open only to find her sucking on my toes and looking dead
_____into my eyes. I don't know if it was the air wasn't on or the Vodka but the room was heating up real quick.
_____She gently licked and sucked on each one of my toes and then she began slowly licking her way up my leg. Once she got to my knees, she stopped and gently lick behind each one of them. My body was shaking by now and I didn't want her to stop. She pulled me so close to her on the couch that we were face to face and then she slowly parted my lips with hers and smoothly slid her tongue in my mouth. Once she kissed me the pact was sealed. Neither one of us had to say a word. We were both two consenting adults about to test deep uncertain water. After she finished kissing me she slid her tongue down my neck and I felt my back arching, as my body grew wet with from the need to be touched.
_____Wrapping my legs around her, Lex slid me off of the couch and onto the rug. In one single motion, she had me laying on my stomach and her shirt off. I moaned as I felt her unstrapping the strings on my shirt and kissing each part of my flesh as the leather fell away. I moaned out in ecstasy and she turned me over onto my back. With my strings untied my shirt fell off revealing my hardened nipples. She took each one of then into her mouth and teased me slowly with her tongue. I could feel her hands and the sticky meeting of our two fleshes meeting on my stomach and then I could feel the cool air as she slid my skirt off my hips.
_____My body began shaking as she kissed a twisted path down my body and into my love canal, which was wet and welcoming. With my legs wrapped around her shoulders she kept me cummins until I felt my body lock up and tears flew out of my eyes. I turned my head to the side and she picked me up and held me in her arms.
_____After laying there for a while, we spoke our first words. "Are you okay?" She asked me.
_____"That was...that was...That was--" I couldn't find the words.
_____"How a woman is supposed to feel." She said and began kissing me again.
_____Oh my God, Moe. Moe was supposed to be coming home. I stood up and began grabbing up my clothes. I couldn't believe what had just happened on my living room floor. With my clothes, I ran upstairs and threw on a T-shirt and some shorts and threw my hair in a ponytail. When I came back downstairs she had her shirt back on and was sitting on the couch.
_____I sat on her lap and told her how wonderful that was and how I had never once cheated on Moe but I thought that she should go because Moe would be coming home at any time now. She agreed and I walked her to the door. Just as I opened the door Moe was pulling into the driveway. Lexus didn't say anything. She just turned around and hugged me and slipped her number in my hand and then she turned around and her and Moe walked past each other. Moe giving her the who the hell is you look and Lexus giving Moe the you couldn't handle your business so I just did look.
_____Of course Moe had a reason why she was at Saundra house and I told her that Moe was a friend of Shawn's that had dropped me off but that was as far as I let it go. I don't know, Moe must have felt really intimidated by Lexus cause she did a complete 180 and hasn't gone back to her old no good ways.
_____I never did call Lexus and to this day, Moe still asks me what she was doing in here but hey, Good girls never tell.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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