__________by Lin Kwa

You shivered not because you could feel it,
but because you couldnít.
Your cold cum came as nasty, and
as thick as frozen bitter sweat over crushed ice.
Your joy your groan your usual fervor
for it drugged from your tight throat so heavily till
the dead hardness in your cry
almost sorched the beginning of my
own glory. And as you were
still not cumming when our eyes met
you glared ferociously into me as if
Iíd stolen your
_____last passionate SCREAM
I tried to hold your hurt in my haze
but my own InTeNse was calling madly MADLY, BURSTING
itís way shamelessly passed your dry
pissed tears.
Helplessly cum bombs began to detonate in areas
of my cosmos only the glory goddesses know about.
My lips shook and drooled and quivered and bragged lavishly
all over your cumís ego.
Jealous and knowing
your ornament was gone_____ lost,
you tried despartely to ignite your
impaired chime, each feeble strike only welcomed
flameless frustration_____try after try.
Now in the mix of lonely fury
your sudden soundless laughter only
heightened my glory to the goddesses
higher than time.
I screamed the scream that abandon
your soul _____and
ozzed the cream from your aching hole
I released a yell obsessed in ecstacy
that ripped the rotten veins from your depressed fruit
_____and made us free.

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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