_____If someone were to walk into the spacious den that Friday night, they never would've guessed that the six laughing women were all professionals in their own fields. But there they were, laughing, drinking and just having plain old fun. It was their monthly ritual to get together on Friday night and just let it all hang out; to have a slumber party as they did when they were teenagers. Even though they all came from different backgrounds, they were the best of friends.
_____Gabriella, an exotic Latin fireball, was the president of marketing for a major Fortune 500 company. Elyce, an up and coming fashion designer, was the Amazon of the group, as she liked to call herself. Maya, a beauty in her own right, was a stockbroker. Autumn Breeze, or AB, owned a health food store. Hailey, a school counselor, was a mixed brick house beauty. Rounding out the group was Alexis, a bankruptcy lawyer.
_____Tonight, they were all at Gabriella's luxurious high rise condo. They each had their own special place in this room. Elyce would always claim the overstuffed suede love seat, while Maya and Hailey would share the matching couch. AB would grab the throw pillows and make herself comfortable on the floor as Gabriella and Alexis reigned supreme on comfy chaise lounges. The coffee table held the remains of their Chinese feast and bottles of wine and wineglasses were wedged in the mess.
_____"I got with a woman once."
_____All head whipped in Alexis' direction. "You did what?"
_____"Tenga arriba. Don't start this story until I clear this mess up and bring in more drinks", Gabriella begged.
_____"Come on, we can clean as I talk."
_____Y'all remember that case I was working on where I was putting it like crazy hours? Well that's when it happened. I'd been at the job since like 7 that morning and it was going on 9. Mackenzie, another lawyer, was helping out with the research. We had ordered some take out and had gotten comfortable.
_____Maya paused in her cleaning to ask, "Exactly what do you mean by comfortable?"
_____"Quit interrupting the story, Mye," AB kidded.
_____"Oh piss off, wench. Sorry, Lexi. Continue."
_____Well since we both used the gym in the building, we had clothes in our offices. So we're sitting there in workout gear and up to our eyes in briefs and summaries. I started flexing my neck muscles when Mackenzie said that she had a great way to work out kinks. So she walks behind me and kinda puts me in a chokehold. Now I was about ready to drop kick her ass cause you know I'm not too keen on someone grabbing me all aggressive. But she told me to take a deep breath. When I did, she kinda lifts me up while bending me backwards. I don't know what the hell was supposed to happen, but it didn't happen to me. So then she suggests a neck rub. Now I ain't thinking about this white girl.
_____"White girl! What the hell," Hailey questioned.
_____"Ssh! Let me finish!"
_____Now I ain't thinking about this white girl trying nothing with me, all I wanted was for my neck to start feeling better. So she grabs some lotion from my desk and starts to rub my neck. Yall, the next thing I know, I'm moaning like crazy. This shit was feeling so damn good. I closed my eyes and let her work her magic. I don't know if I dozed off or what, but I felt something on my breasts. I look down and she is feeling me up! Yall, it was in my head to say 'Get the fuck off me', but the words never came out! So she keeps going. I swear my nipples were so fuckin' hard they could've fell smooth the fuck off! So she circles the couch and kneels down in front of me. I didn't say anything to her. She pulls my shirt off and unsnaps my bra. Titties sprang out like 'bam' and damn near hit her in the head.
_____"As big as them muthafuckas are, they would've knocked her ass smooth the fuck out," Elyce commented.
_____"Forget you, hater."
_____So now the titties are out there. I'm still not saying anything. So she takes this as a go ahead. She starts to suck on them so gently; it was just like a breeze was blowing on them. I'm turned on like big dog. All the while she is doing this, her hands go to my yoga pants. She grabs the waistband and is starting to pull them down. I'm still not saying a word yall. Aiight so the pants are now down around the ankles. She takes a break from sucking the nips to take them completely off. All I have on is my g-string. Pussy is just out there like "heeeey!" It's a good thing I had just had a wax two days before so it was all soft and shit. Yall, she ain't break her stride. First she started rubbing on it through my panties and goes back to sucking the tits. Like a pickpocket, she takes my panties off. So now I'm ass out. But still, I ain't said a word. Babygirl spread open the lips and went to fuckin' work, ya heard me! My eyes rolled up in my fuckin' head cause the shit was feeling so good. She must've ate my ass like I was Thanks-damn-giving! After it was all over, we didn't even trip. We went into my restroom and cleaned up. I put my clothes on and we packed up for the night.
_____At the elevator, she looked at me and said, "Thanks, Alexis. I needed that."
_____I said, "Likewise."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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