_____Cee Cee and I met at a tenants meeting. We both lived in the same building. I grew up in Pittsburgh so I knew the city like the back of my hand. Cee Cee on the other hand wasn’t from around here, she was from Charlotte North Carolina. I asked her, "Why Pittsburgh?"
_____She said, “A new place, new faces just had to get away from that Bible belt.” Seeing Queer as Folk on tv made her think that the burg was the place to be for gay men and women. I had to laugh at that one!!!
_____I had just gotten out of a relationship 1 year earlier with this older guy who played so many games. I use to laugh right in his face, thinking he was playing me, hell I was looking at as many women as he was. He should have figured something was up when I decided not to have sex with him after the first two times. Child, it definitely was like watching paint dry, ple-eeze. I was sick to hell with this back and forth from men to women from women to men. I knew I preferred women; cause men always made me throw up afterwards.
_____Damn Cee Cee was fine, 5”8 dark cocoa brown little waist, big ass hips and butt, and 36c cup round breast. I wanted her like I had wanted no other woman, and man for that matter. My opportunity came sooner than I thought; as a matter of fact this is exactly what happened at a tenants meeting one day. I came early as I always do cause I have a pet peeve about being prompt and on time. I spotted her as soon as she walked through the door. She obviously spotted me too. Damn, she is coming my way I hope I don’t freeze.
_____“Hi. My name is Cee Cee Grandiere. I just moved in the building. And you are?”
_____“Ummmmm I am Stephanie Johnston, but most people call me Steph.” I’m sure to her I looked like a complete idiot, I mean usually I don’t freeze up like that, I don’t have a problem with coming on to women but I knew she would be different.
_____“Nice to meet you Steph, which apartment do you live in?”
_____“I live on the third floor room 312 and you?”
_____“I live on the second floor room 211 that’s just below your place.”
Damn, I thought, is she flashing those big brown eyes at me or what? Does she think I'm a lesbian? What in the hell would be giving me away. I had forgotten my rainbow tattoo on my left arm. Besides, I had to admit I looked good in my short sleeve shirt, army fatigued pants and with matching cap.
_____“I thought I would come to the tenant meeting and make myself acquainted with some of my neighbors. You don’t mind my making your acquaintance now, do you? Hmmm?”
_____All right that’s it she is totally flirting with me! “Not at all. Did you say Cee Cee was your name?”
_____“Um hmm,” she replied.
_____“Why don’t we get out of here I know this coffee place down on Broadway it’s about a block away from here you game?”
_____“Only if they make a mean espresso.”
_____“Well let’s go.” We walked down Lennox made a right and were at the Coffee house in less than 10 minutes. In that short amount of time I learned that Cee Cee was from North Carolina, the youngest of five siblings and the only girl out the bunch. When the opportunity arose she relocated as some sort of advancement in a brokerage company called Aprilaire. The coffee shop was quaint and smelled of different aromas of flavored coffees, amarettos, espresso, and hazlenut. I loved coming here cause they sold all kinds of coffee, and flavored cappuccinos. Cee Cee found us a table by the window and I went and placed our orders. She wanted a double shot of espresso in her caramel latte. I wanted my usual, the regular deep dark roast in a heaping mug.
_____I brought our orders back to the table and sat across from her and as we sipped our hot beverages we talked like we were old friends catching up after a long absence from another. I told her about my finishing up my Master’s Degree in Psychology, and going on for my PH.D at the University of Pittsburgh, all while working as a Program Director at a shelter for abused women. She told me all about how difficult it was for her when she was getting her Master’s, and that she too herself was 1 year shy of receiving her J.D. in Law but decided to take a break.
_____“Yeah," Cee Cee said. "I know I was close to finishing, but I just don’t think a law degree is what I wanted. Besides that was two years ago. I like what I am doing now. I work for one of the top Fortune 100 companies, as a matter of fact we rank in the top 25 and have been in business for over 65 years and we have a proven track record. You know, Steph, you should let me take a look at your finances and put together a portfolio for you, I can make it as diverse as you want.”
_____“Thanks, but to my understanding the stock market isn’t doing that great especially since 911.”
_____“Right now they aren’t but what I am talking about is a diversified portfolio, including some stocks and bonds but mostly mutual funds in different companies along with a Roth IRA, and gold and silver to boot.”
_____“Wow, I didn’t know that stock brokers dealt with gold and silver too.”
_____“Normally we stick to the stocks and mutual funds among a few other things but I am smart enough to watch the market and I know that the price of gold is only going to go up. I started collecting coins when I was 13 years old, so I understand the value in coin collecting.”
_____“Alright, the coins and the IRA I can get with, but I am a little leery about the stocks.”
_____“I like the way you called me Cee. Don’t worry Steph, I promise to take good care of you, trust me.”
_____I don’t how or why but for some reason I did. I knew that I could trust this woman the first time I laid eyes on her, don’t ask me how. I just knew.

_____Not long after the coffee house, Cee Cee and I began to see each other. I decided that we should take it slow, cause she was no doubt special, but this woman was moving fast as hell and I’m only human. It had been a about 8 months since I had even smelled another woman’s pussy, I wanted her bad! It had only been three weeks and I was throbbing every time I saw her. Then, it happened she showed up at my door one night at about midnight. I had to get up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for a class and then go to work, and I made it a rule of thumb no sexing on a school night!
_____I opened the door and there she was looking so good, and smelling even better. “I need to talk with you Steph, I know its late but I really needed to see you.”
_____I let her in and as soon as I shut the door she was all over me, and don’t think I just stood there either! We was kissing and sucking and rubbing our way back to my bedroom. I am so glad I cleaned up my apartment yesterday, and put clean sheets on the bed whew!!!! She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me.
_____ I asked her, “Do you know what you are doing?”
_____“The question is Steph can you handle what I am about to do to you?”
_____“Hell yeah, give me what you got and baby please don’t hold back cause I got something special in mind for you.”
_____She ripped open my shirt, and started kissing and biting my nipples, and sticking that hot wet tongue in and out my navel. I was so damn hot that I flipped her ass over, damn that I’m the King in this damn castle I’m running this, I thought. I tore off her blouse and sucked, licked my way down to her throbbing wet pussy. She moaned and purred just the way I like it.
_____I then told her to stay put and don’t move. I went to my special place and pulled out my strap, I was going to fuck her real good tonight! I put my shit on climbed on top of her towards her face and told her to suck it. She did just that, she licked and sucked, and made all these slurping sounds that made me hotter and hotter. I then flung her legs up in the air and plunged right inside of her. She screamed and moaned with ecstasy, crying out more baby more and harder Steph I am about to cumm. I pulled out she sat up.
_____“Why you stop! Come on, baby, don’t stop now I was about to cum.”
_____I told her, “Put your damn clothes on and don’t ever come to my house especially on a school night.”
_____I knew she was pissed but fuck that. She don’t be coming up in here like she running thangs. She put her clothes on, turned around walked up real close kissed me tongue and all and said, “I am in no-way through with you, have it your way but I will be back to pick up where we left off!”
_____I pushed her down ripped off her pants and stuck my tongue all the way up inside her wet hole, and sucked and drank all her juices as she screamed for what seemed like an eternity as she shook from an intense orgasm. She was so weak I had to help her get her clothes on. She left about 1:30a.m.
_____I lay there for a bit before going to sleep and thought to myself, Shit I still got it, hell yeah! The next time Ms. Cee Cee better come correct or I won’t give her ass nothing!

_____Several days had gone by since I had heard from her or even saw her I began to get worried. I went to her place and knocked on the door after phoning her several times and getting know answer. She opened the door looking good as hell.
_____“What’s up, Cee?”
_____“Come on in, Steph. I wanted to apologize about the other night, just coming up in your place uninvited.”
_____“You don’t have to apologize, I enjoyed you. I had to get up early for a class and then work. My schedule is hectic. Listen, Cee, let’s start all over. Why don’t I cook for you this Saturday, do you like seafood?”
_____“As a matter of fact seafood is my favorite. What time do you want me to come over?”
_____“What about 6pm sharp?”
_____“Okay, I’ll be there at 6 and I’ll bring some wine.”
_____“Alright, baby, I’ll see you at 6.”
_____Cee then reached over, placed her right hand behind my head, and kissed me. I got dizzy. Damn, don’t no woman be kissing me like that. I’m the one that does the kissing in that way. It was too late. She had me and she knew it. I quickly left to go shopping for our dinner.

_____The doorbell rang at 6 and it was Cee. She was dressed in this red fitted dress showing all this cleavage, and legs.
_____“Uh, come in.” I tried not to let my eyes pop out of my head. I’m sure my tongue was hanging out of my mouth. "Make yourself comfortable, Cee. I’m just finishing up. Dinner will be ready in 2 minutes.” I had some Alicia Keys playing in the background. I loved Alicia Keys. Not only was she fine, but she had real talent!
_____We sat down to our candle lit dinner of crab cakes, shrimp scampi, garlic-buttered mashed potatoes and a leafy green salad. I also threw in some homemade bread. I knew I could cook my ass off; I came from a family of great cooks. Cee really enjoyed it. “That was delicious. I hope you know I brought desert.”
_____“I was hoping you had.” I smiled my little wicked smile 'cause I knew we was going to get into more than just a little desert. Since I didn’t have work or school the next day, I was ready for an all niter.
_____We put the food away and Cee helped me with the clean up. By then we had some ole school EWF playing in the background. I loved the technology of the MP3 player; I had put 270 of my favorite tunes on that one CD that could play on for hours. Of course, only I knew when I made the CD that it was for making love to.
_____We sat down and I let Cee in on my finances and she put together a portfolio for me. To my surprise this woman was not only gorgeous but also smart as hell. When she got done with me that night I would be a millionaire by the time I hit 63 and sexually satisfied to boot. I wrote her a check to get the ball rolling on those mutual funds and the IRA. I also wrote her a separate check after surfing the Internet with her explaining how gold works so she could pick me up some coins. All in all total I had written out checks totaling $7,200.00. On top of everything else, I was going to dive into that sweet thang tonight and, not only satisfy my hunger for loving, but remind her who was really in charge.
_____This time Cee let me make the first move; I kissed her all over and had her butt naked before we could reach the bedroom. When we got into the bedroom she was begging for my strap. After licking her and sucking her in all the right places, she put my stap in her mouth and sucked and licked and sucked again. I was so fuckin hot I was about to bust right then and there. She laid back on the bed and opened her legs wide and said, “Come on daddy, give it to me.”
_____On that command, I pushed my strap deep inside. I was cumming just by the swishing sound of her moving in and out of her hole. She clawed my back again, bucking and screaming my name and she came. Just when I thought she was done, she came again and again and again.
_____I was in heaven. This girl knew how to definitely boost my ego along with my libido. I laid back on the bed exhausted, when she straddled me, yanked off my strap and kissed me long and hard. Then, this girl went down and started sucking and licking my wet pussy. I came not once or twice, but three damn times.
_____We both passed out. I woke up wanting more of her and reached over and she was gone. I got up to see if she was in the bathroom and she wasn’t. I thought to myself oh well she’ll either call or I’ll call her and see if we can hook up tonight. I fell back asleep, and woke up around 2pm I took a shower and decided to go downstairs and see what my sexy girl was up to; I could definitely use an encore! I got dressed went downstairs knocked on the door, no answer. Oh well maybe she’ll give me a call later I thought.
_____ I ended up getting a page on my pager about some woman whose husband had damn near killed her; she was the one from the shelter. He had found her and beat her an inch of her life. I went to the hospital that she was in and spoke with the police, and social worker. When she saw me she cried and screamed and carried on so terribly that I decided to stay with her. What was suppose to be only a few hours turned out to be the rest of the day and into the night. Around 7:30 a.m. that Sunday morning one of her relatives showed up and I was able to leave.
_____I went to my apartment and decided to take a shower and work on my dissertation. It was 6:00pm before I decided to take a break. The phone rang and it was Cee. “Hey Steph baby how are you?”
_____“Hey Cee I’m okay what’s up you coming up to see me or what?”
_____“I would love to baby but I just got some news that my mother had a heart attack and I am at the airport catching a flight home, I just wanted to say goodbye, Steph.”
_____“Goodbye? Girl you act like you ain’t coming back.”
_____“No, I didn’t mean it like that Steph, but I could be there for a minute.”
_____“Call me Cee and let me know how things are going okay? And I’m sorry to hear about your mama.”
_____“Thanks Steph and I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed every moment I spent with you, and the loving was all that.”
_____“I agree, baby girl, and I will be glad when you come back cause I want some more of that good lovin.”
_____“I gotta go, Steph. I’ll keep in touch. Bye.”
_____“Bye Cee.” Damn, she act like she's gone for good. I forgot to tell her to lock it down for me and only me. Oh well, if I was as good as she said she will lock it down for me.

_____Several weeks had gone by and I still hadn’t heard from Cee Cee. Since I didn’t have her cell number I decided to call her answering machine downstairs. The phone just rang and rang. Finally I decided to go downstairs and leave a note under the door letting Cee know that I was thinking about her.
_____When I got to her door I heard a noise inside, I decided to knock, thinking baby girl got some explaining to do coming home and not telling nobody. I knocked and some guy came to the door dressed in white with a paint roller.
_____“Excuse me sir but who are you?”
_____“I’m the painter maam and we are getting this apartment ready for rent.”
_____“For rent?” I started holding my chest and my breathing became labored. Don’t tell me Cee isn’t coming back.
_____“What about the tenant Cee Cee Grandiere, she just rented this place about three months ago how is it up for rent so soon with a lease of 1 year?”
_____“Ma'am noone has rented this apartment for over 6 months, since the old tenant died” said the painter.
_____“The old tenant, what old tenant?”
_____“I think her name was Dee Dee Grant.”
_____“Well what happened to her?” I was to shocked to hear what was being said; I kept thinking what about Cee, Hell what about my damn money for those investments! Apparently this Dee Dee had left some personal belongings including a photo. The other painter appeared at the door with a picture of Dee Dee in it.
_____“What the fuck?” Dee Dee and Cee Cee looked identical.

_____Stephanie had no idea what was going on. Her mind was working overtime. She ran upstairs called the bank and sure enough the check had been cashed and not deposited to Aprilaire’s investments. After doing some investigating, she found out that there was no such company. Trying to trace where her check was cashed, Stephanie ran into more dead ends than are in the hood.
_____Had she been played? Were Dee Dee and Cee Cee one in the same? Damn had she been sleeping with a ghost? How could that be, Stephanie thought. Everyone knows that a ghost can’t cash a check or make love for that matter! Could Cee and Dee Dee have been twins? Cee said she had four brothers and was the only girl. Maybe she lied . . . she lied.
_____Even if it tood the rest of her life, Stephanie was determined to find the mysterous Cee Cee--the woman who had stolen her heart and her money!

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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