“I can’t believe that it’s been 2 years since I met Diamond,” Samantha thought as she’s driving home after a long day at work. Sam picks up her cell and calls her wifey to apologize for coming home so late.


“Hey, D. I’m sorry that I’m coming home so late, but I’m almost there. I’ll make it up to you when I get there.”

“Well, it’s okay. I know how hard you work so I’m going to do something special for you tonight…a little treat.”

“Mmm okay, can’t wait, see you in a little bit.”

Sam hangs up and starts to wonder what Diamond has in store for her tonight. Her thoughts travel back in time to the first time her and Diamond made love.

It was a hot August afternoon in Sam’s dorm room almost 2 years ago. Sam and Diamond were just chillin’, watching some TV. Sam wanted to take things further. I mean Diamond was a 20 year old Chocolate girl. 5’4’’ 125 lbs of chocolate deliciousness. Beautiful smile, luscious lips, and eyes that seem to soften and moisten up any pussy. Sam, a 20 year old sexy dom, 5’8’’ stocky build, beautiful exotic eyes, and phat azz lips ready for Diamond. Diamond wanted Sam just as bad that summer day, maybe even more. Sam took the initiative and made a move. Diamond was overwhelmed as Sam’s lips met hers. So soft, wet, teasing. The next thing you know, they’re lovemaking began.

Sam’s thoughts on the past were broken as she pulled up in the driveway. It was lightly drizzling outside as Sam looked at her watch. “Damn, 12:30am,” Sam thought as she unlocked and walked through the door. She walked toward the stairs ascending to their bedroom. There was a note on the stair post. It read “Don’t turn on any lights, we won’t need them tonight, come into the bedroom and that’s where you’ll find me, waiting patiently ~ Pooh.”
Sam’s pussy tingled just at the thought of what could come next.

She started up the stairs and reached the bedroom door. She could hear Floetry’s “Getting Late” coming from inside the bedroom. She entered. Sam couldn’t see anything it was so dark. But then she heard Diamond’s sexy voice say, “Give me your hand.” She then felt Diamond’s hand hold hers as she led her closer to the bed. Sam still couldn’t see anything, but she sure could feel everything. It was as if not being able to see made her feel everything times 7. Plus, she couldn’t see what Diamond was about to do to her.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat as she felt Diamond’s breath on her neck. She was so close but didn’t realize it until she felt her breathe. Then came the feeling of Diamond’s soft wet lips teasing her lips. Tongues intertwined…so warm. Sam was once again surprised to reach to touch Diamond and felt her skin. “Damn, she’s already naked.” Just the thought made Sam’s pussy wetter. Sam’s hands caressed up and down Diamond’s back, down to her soft ass. Diamond started to grind into Sam as she cupped Diamond’s ass. Diamond turned around, her back now facing Sam. Sam started to kiss and suck on Diamond’s neck. Moans escaped from Diamond’s lips as Sam’s hands found their place between her legs. “Sooo wet,” Sam whispered. Diamond started to move with Sam’s hands into a slow grind. Diamond’s warm ass pressed against Sam’s crotch. Sam’s clit responded, swelling.

Diamond turns and takes off Sam’s shirt, shorts bra, pants, and boxers. Sam gasps as Diamond finds her nipples with her tongue. Her warm mouth wraps around each nipple, teasing. Wet sucks and licks. Sam moans as her hands push her breasts further into Diamond’s hungry mouth. “Get on the bed, baby,” says Diamond. Sam lies down and instantly feels so warm as Diamond’s body lies on top of her, skin so soft on Sam’s. Sam just wants to touch and caress Diamond’s naked and beautiful body for a minute. Her hands travel up and down Diamond’s body, exploring every crevice, fold, and curve. “Lay back and let me please you, tonight,” Diamond says as she starts to move down Sam’s body. Her lips teasing Sam’s stomach as she moves across her skin. Her lips kiss where Sam’s hips and pussy meet, so sensitive.

Sam’s pussy getting wetter and wetter with every lick and kiss. Sam can feel Diamond’s warm breath on her thighs. Diamond’s lips gently kiss the insides of her thighs, making her pussy jump with every teasing kiss. “Please, D, I need you to give my pussy as taste now, ooh please don’t tease me.” Sam moans.

Sam's eyes had finally adjusted to the dark and can now see Diamond. Her lips glistening with wetness as she dips down and gets her first taste of the night of Sam's pussy. So sweet. Diamond's tongue slowly licks from Sam's pussy to her clit. Moans come from Sam's mouth "Ooh D, don't stop, baby. Mmm, girl."

Diamond smiles at the fact that she can still affect her wifey like this. Diamond then wraps her lips around Sam's clit. Lips sucking everything they can find. Sam's whole pussy is in her mouth now. Slow wet warm sucks. Sam's hands find the back of Diamond's head as she grinds and guides Diamond's mouth. Diamond continues to devour Sam's wet pussy.

"Ooh shit, ahh Diamond I'm cumming." Sam's pussy starts to contract and that familiar good warm ache spreads all over Sam's body. Her juices start to pour and her back arches as her pussy starts to cum in Diamond's mouth. All of it Diamond gets, every drop. She licks it all up. Then she comes up and let's Sam taste her very own pussy by kissing her on the lips. "I guess coming home late isn't bad all the time, when you have a understanding sexy wifey at home like mine." Sam says as she holds Diamond in her arms,...forever.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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