D. J.

_____The curtains were drawn, shutting out the rest of the world and leaving the room dimly lit and cozy. The music playing at that time was soft and mellow, not unlike the moods of the two women sitting there talking. As time slowly moved forward there were fewer and fewer words being spoken and more time spent gazing into one another's eyes.
_____Her eyes were like magnets, searching, probing and pulling at my soul. As much as I wanted to, I could not resist them. Deep, brown eyes whose depth seemed to approach infinity. The passion and depth of feeling displayed in those brown eyes was painful to experience. The pain threatened to bring tears to my own eyes.
_____The couch was small and without looking I knew that her hand was lying just inches from my own. The distance was so small that it caused my heart to race. Occasionally I would look down at the hand that I knew so well, the one whose look and feel was practically imprinted in my brain. How much time would pass before one of us would cease to resist temptation? I reached out with the tip of one finger and gently traced a path across the back of her hand. The first step had been taken. Our fingers entwined. We gently and slowly explored the feel of each other's hand. Her touch was gentle, warm and seductive.
_____As we talked my gaze kept shifting down to her lips. How soft and sweet those lips were. I raised my finger and traced the outline of her mouth. She took my hand and gently kissed both sides. I pulled her to me and gently kissed her lips....once.....twice. She pulled back and stared into my eyes for the longest time. Do we stop now or give in to the inevitable? We didn't have to voice the question because we knew each other's thoughts. I felt my breathing quicken and my eyes moved back and forth from her lips to those dark windows to her soul. What to do? We kissed again. This time we stayed longer. We moved closer to each other. We kissed again. Our tongues flirting briefly. Again the eyes. Fear? Uncertainty? We leaned into each other, brushing cheeks, eyes closed, soaking in each other's scent. Again we kissed. This time the passion was being partially unleashed. We moved closer to each other. I felt our breasts touch and then our arms finally found themselves around each other. We pulled each other close, mashing into one another. The kisses became more passionate. We explored each other with our tongues. We teased and flirted until the heat became too overwhelming. We pulled each other in with all the strength available to us. Our lips were locked so tightly that it was almost painful. My breathing was coming in spurts, my mind was shutting down and all of my other senses were becoming more and more acute.
_____After a few minutes I could stand it no longer. I took her hand, looked into her eyes, silently asking her to follow me and then led her into the bedroom. We stood beside the bed and kissed some more. We pulled our bodies together as tightly as was humanly possible. I laid her on the bed and started at the top of her face. I kissed her forehead, her eyebrows, her cheeks and stopped briefly to savor the sweetness of her mouth. Then I moved to her ears and listened as she softly purred. I lingered on the back of her ear and began my decent down her neck. Oh, her neck was so sweet. I searched and found each and every hollow and indentation, taking my time not to miss a single spot. I moved down to the nape of her neck, slowly unbuttoning her shirt in anticipation of further decent. I laid my head on her chest and listened to the beating of her heart and then helped her remove her clothing from the waist up. I turned her over and started my trail of kisses from just below her hairline. I tasted the sweetness of the back of her neck and her shoulders. As I trailed down her spine, licking and kissing each hill and valley, I reached around and explored the softness of her breasts and stomach with my hand. I slowly turned her back over, kissing my way around to the front. I touched the tip of each nipple with the tip of my tongue, teasing them into full erection. As I flicked, teased and circled each nipple with my tongue I gently unfastened her pants.
_____The heat was rising fast. She was gently grinding her hips in small, seductive circles but my teasing was far from over. I asked her to take off the rest of her clothes. When she was finally naked I continued my decent, tasting, kissing and feeling the soft skin on her stomach as my right hand was lightly tracing lines up and down her thighs. I would start at the knee and slowly work my hand up until I was almost home, and then stop. I would trace lines up the outside of her thigh, then I would trace lines up the inside of her thigh, but never high enough - never to that spot where she was aching for me to go. My kisses worked their way down to the fringe of her pubic hair. I could smell the sweet scent of her desire but I still wasn't ready. By now she was starting to ache.
_____I stopped. I stood up and slowly removed my clothes. Every once in a awhile I would reach over and gently stroke her thigh or bend down and take a nipple into my mouth, sucking and savoring the moment. When I was finally naked I went to the foot of the bed and spread her legs. I started at her knee caps, kissing, licking, teasing .... knowing just the right spots to hit with just the right touch to drive her crazy. I laid down at the foot of the bed on my stomach and lifted both her legs over my arms, pulling her closer to my face. I still wasn't ready. My tongue flicked up and down her thighs, stopping just short of that spot that was aching for attention. Finally, when the sounds of passion reached a feverish pitch I gently flicked her most sensitive spots with the end of my tongue. I would flick and then look up to see the depth of the passion in her eyes. I would flick some more until I finally saw that her eyes were almost begging me to stop the tease. Then I took her in my mouth and savored every drop of the passion that had been building up and spilling over. I licked and sucked and fucked her with my tongue. The more I licked the more her hips were grinding into my face. My arms held her to the bed as I buried my face in the sweetness of her passion. At last I felt her tense and grab my hands. Her hips lifted into the air and started to shudder. I felt the sweet spasms of her release as she gently repeated my name over and over again. When she was done I looked up and as our bodies were melting in the sweet afterglow of our climatic union, our eyes spoke only of the love we both felt.

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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