First day on the job and I'm patrolling at 7am. I come across a black Toyota Celica with tinted windows parked in one of the lots in the corner. Upon approaching it I read the license plate "IMDA1". I continue on my patrol making a mental note to find out who drives this car.

As I go through my day. I see people walking towards the car but nobody gets into it. I asked my co-worker, who's been working here for 2 years, who car it was. He tells me it belongs to a lady name Linda. So I say I like those plates she has on her car. He then says they are nice. I go back to my station wondering if I'm go get to see Linda. I prop open a book and began to read it. Looking up at times surveying the lots. I look in the Toyota's direction, it was still there. I went ahead and took a break. Placing my lunch on the table. I unwrap my sandwich taking a bite. Looking in the direction of the Toyota. I see the alarm lights come on then off. So I hurried over to the car. Walking toward it I saw this fine black lady 5' 4'', 130lbs, caramel skin with short auburn hair. She saw me standing by her car.

"Is there a problem officer," she said.

"No problem just admiring the license plate," I said.

"Oh thanks," she said.

I went out on a limb and asked her, "are you the one for me?"

She smiled and said, "could be".

"What's your name?" I said.

She said, "Linda."

I extended my hand and told her my name. We both said nice to meet you at the same time, she giggled. She asked me was I new. I said yeah are you going to show me around?

She said "yes another day, I'm going to lunch would you like anything?"

I murmured, "you."

She smiled at me and I said "no thanks".

I watched her as she got in her car and started the engine. She winked at me as she was pulling off. Back to work I went, replaying my talk with Linda. She has the most gorgeous eyes, slanted and small. She had a radio personality voice. I could just listen to her talk for days. I went to the restroom and then walked around in the building for a minute. On my way back down to the lobby, guess who got on the elevator? Linda walked on and I asked her what floor she said 2nd so I pressed that button. She said she thought I was working on the outside. I said "I am but as of right now a beautiful lady has caught my attention and I can't let her go out of my sight". The elevator doors opened and Linda said to follow her. She took me around the floor to meet some of her co-workers.

After that I asked her where the ladies room was. She said come on she will take me. I headed to the last stall but as I was walking I glanced at the mirror, catching her staring at me. I smiled and went in. After I finished I unlocked the door and I walked out. Linda was lathering her hands with soap like she was going to operate on somebody. I stood next to her and washed mine. Drying my hands off with a paper towel.

"Ok, Linda I guess I'm going to get back to work now, thanks for the tour."

She said, "hold on not so fast I thought you didn't want to lose sight".

"I don't", I said.

"Well, follow me," she said.

She walked in the stall. I followed her locking the door behind me. Now don't make a sound she said. Undo your pants and put your right leg on the toilet seat. I did as I was told. She knelt down on her knees and placed her mouth on my clit. She began to suck. My hands were fighting to hold on. She then licked my leg, moved the one that was on the seat. She then bit my other leg and I began to shake. Linda continue to suck, lick, and bite. Moans were forming in my mouth but not a sound escaped my lips. All I could do was tilt my head backwards.

Linda was surely working my clit. She sped up her pace. Just as I was about to cum she replaced her mouth with a finger flicking my swollen clit. My leg was on the verge of falling in the toilet as I tried to regain my composure. I came all over Linda's arm. She stands up and uses her tongue to clean her arm. I'm speechless, shocked, relieved. She takes my pen from my shirt and rolls my sleeve up and writes her number on my arm.

"Be sure to call me sometimes we can have plenty fun together plus you owe," she said.

"I most definitely will."

She turned to open the door. She walked over to the sink. I began to put on my pants. I hear her wash her hands then walk out the door. I came out and went to the sink. My co-worker paged me and asked where I was. I'm on my way back down I said. I fixed my clothes and went back to work. Finishing up my shift. I went back to my spot and chilled.

When I got home I took a shower and laid down for a while. Thinking about Linda, I thought about how I was going to sex her and how good she made me feel. I replayed our encounter in the ladies room. I debated on whether to call her or not. My thoughts were getting the best of me. I called Linda and each time the phone rang I got more nervous. Her voicemail picked up I was so mesmerized by her voice I didn't even notice the beep. So I hung up the phone and called back leaving her my number. I hung up the phone and turned on some music. Drifting off to sleep.

I go to Linda's house in a trench coat and silk panty set. She opens the door naked. My clit began to throb as I looked at her body up and down. She pulls me in, kissing me all on my face. I push her back a little. Wait a minute, I think it's my turn. Sit in that chair over there, I instructed her. "Now you can make all the noise you want but you can't touch me understand " I said. She shakes her head in agreement as I undo the coat letting it fall to the floor. Grabbing the whip from the inside of the coat. She looks at me wide eyed. I then go to her stereo and put in a mix cd she has on the side. I go to her swaying my hips side to side. Wrapping the whip around my waist. Closing in on her as I do my number as far as dancing. Running the whip down her body then up. She looks at me and tells me she's wet. I put one leg up on the armrest of the recliner. I grab her head and bring it as close to my pussy as possible without touching. Then I rotate my hips allowing her head to go up and down.

Without touching me she whispers, "now."

I said, "it's not time yet."

I continue to dance in her face awhile. Then I remove my leg and straighten up. Turning my ass to her face putting my hands on my knees. I began to move to the beat of the music. I turn my head to get a look at her. She dying to touch me. But I keep on dancing. By this time Linda is balling up her fist. So I stop dancing and turn to face her again. I tell her to go lay in the bed and take off all her blankets and comforters leaving only the fitted sheet. I put on the trench coat and go run outside to get my bag. I go back in the house. Placing my bag on the table. I bring out a couple of incense and some holders. I light them and carry them in her room sitting them down. I go back in the other room and get my bag to take in her room.

"What do you have in that bag", she said.

"Plenty of fun", I said.

She laughed then I laughed. I then took out a blindfold and handcuffs. I take everything out of the bag placing them on her dresser. Knife, banana, feather, whip cream, cherries, caramel & strawberry toppings, vibrator, strap-on, and a bowl.
I peeled the banana and sliced it putting it in the bowl. I then go to Linda with the bowl in my hand. I place the sliced bananas on her body aligning them starting below her neck running down the center of her chest to her navel. I then get the whip cream, cherries, and caramel & strawberry toppings. Squirting the caramel and strawberry topping all over her chest. I spray the whip cream along the bananas and around her breast especially her nipples. I asked Linda was she ok and she said yes.

I started at her navel using my mouth to grab the bananas, one by one with each slice I lick the cream and the toppings. I lingered with every lick flicking my tongue allowing the cream and toppings to be absorbed. I suck her breast with a deep hunger. Her nipples quicken harden as I twirled them around with my tongues my teeth meeting them every so often. She arch her back and began to moan. I continue to please her with every intention of making her cum. I then ran kisses to her neck. My tongue coming out to lick provided her with short licks. I then made it to her ear where I played with my tongue. I reached over and grabbed a cherry placing it in my mouth. Bringing it to her lips. Biting down on the cherry I used my tongue to apply the juice. Before planting my lips on hers. Prying her lips apart with a cherry. She eagerly accepted the cherry chewing it. While she chewed I lick her lips. Then I kissed her passionately tasting the cherry on her tongue. I pulled away after awhile. She tried to lean toward me for more. I told her to lay back and relax. She said ok but I don't know how much more I can take. Be cool and relax I said. I grab the feather and move it up and down her thighs. Making sure to draw circles as she moves her legs.

I took one lick to see how wet she was. Linda was really wet so I put the strap-on on and pried her legs wide open. I slowly enter her purring pussy and she immediately began to buck her hips. As I accommodated her desire. I move at a slow pace before speeding up. Her climax building. I quickly withdrew the strap-on, placing my tongue on her clit. Where I lick, suck, and flick, while reaching over grabbing the vibrator. I put it in her pussy. Her body began to shake uncontrollably. I suck harder on her clit. It swelled enormously. Moving the vibrator in and out of her. She came hard, her juices running down and along her legs. I continue working her pussy and clit slowly at first then fast. She came again then I pulled away taking her handcuffs and blindfold off. She pulls me to her and kisses and hugs me.

"Where did you get all that from?" she said.

"I'm a natural," I said winking at her.

Picking the blankets up off the floor and putting it on the bed. I lay down beside her. "I want to hold you," she said. I turned and she held me tight. I fell asleep not long after her.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author.. All Rights Reserved.

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