“Alright everyone, listen up! Tomorrow is the fourth of July. I know you all have parties to attend, meat to grill and drinks to mix. So… how about you all log off your computers, grab your shit and have fun! Go home yall!”

Shouts of joy greeted Mykia Abrams short speech. You would think that she was addressing a group of rambunctious teenagers rather than the fifteen employees of her small magazine. In less time than it would take to make a decent pot of coffee, most of them were gone.

“Kia, aren’t you leaving too?” her assistant Noel inquired. “I know you are not going to stay here all day. It’s a holiday, mami. Time to party.”

“I promise I will only be here until about 5 or 6. I have some last minute things to finish up before heading out. Besides, most of my friends won’t be able to meet me at happy hour until then anyway. None of them have bosses as nice as me.”

Shrugging his bag on his shoulder, he looked at her like a mother hen. “Ok Kia. Just make sure that you have some fun. And you promised that you would try to make it to the club to see my act. Please try sweetie. You know the kids love you.”

Giving him air kisses, she promised Noel she would try. After working for an hour, Mykia had a hankering for something sweet and decided to walk to the gift shop. Feeling satisfied that she was about to feed her craving for sugar with a frozen fruit bar and root beer, Mykia headed back to her office. She was so engrossed in the fruity treat; she wasn’t watching where she was going until it was too late. Mykia collided with the security guard, Toni.

Reaching out to steady the woman, Mykia started, “Oh Toni, I’m so sorry. Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. You were all into your popsicle.”

Mykia laughed and took an appreciative lick. “Yeah, gotta have my sugar and such.”

Toni didn’t say anything to that; instead she just stared at Mykia.

Not taking notice to the silence, Mykia kept talking. “So you have any plans for the fourth? I’m supposed to be going to a show my best friend is in. It should be interesting to say the least. I know I better get me some good barbeque too. I gave up pork, but I still want a burger from the grill.” Mykia finally took a breath and realized that Toni had fallen silent. “Look at me just running off at the mouth. I need to get back to work so I can get out of here and enjoy my holiday. You have a wonderful safe fourth ok? Oh. Don’t forget that I still need you.”

Toni sucked in her breath and shakily said, “Need me?”

“Yeah. Remember I asked you for an interview for a character reference?”

“Ooh yeah. Sorry. My mind is gone. I remember.”

Mykia started sucking on the fruit bar to keep it from dripping. “Well anytime you want to stop by, I’ll be waiting for you.”

They said their goodbyes and Mykia walked off. When Mykia got back to her desk, she had several messages waiting in her email. One was from her internet writing buddy, Brooklyn. Knowing that it was another erotic piece, she settled in to enjoy the tale. As she read, thoughts of Toni kept popping in her head. Normally, Mykia didn’t go for the boi types, but something about Toni intrigued her. Standing only 5’7”, she was a little on the short side, and hid her body under baggy slacks and button up shirts. Her hair was cut into a small 'fro that showed off her “good hair”. As Mykia read the story, she inserted herself and Toni as the characters. Mykia had to quit reading when she got to the part where Toni’s character had her character knees damn near to her ears. Shaking her head to clear the thoughts, Mykia sent Brooklyn an instant message letting her know what she caused. Brooklyn’s response was a bunch of laughing smileys.
ATLBrooklyn: Glad to see you see you are enjoying yourself.
KiaKat: 2 bad I’m here by myself. Kitty is drooooolin!
ATLBrooklyn: TMI! So thoughts of Toni?
KiaKat: Hell yeah. Saw her in the hall. Lookin all suave and shit. I was cool til I read this damn story. This is all of your fault.
ATLBrooklyn: LOL Will call you in a few. Gotta run to the boss for a minute.
Just then, Mykia heard a noise in the outer office. Picking up the autographed Craig Biggio baseball bat from behind her door, she slowly walked to her door. She was in position to swing like a major leaguer when Toni popped her head through the door.

Seeing that Mykia was in attack mode, Toni threw up her hands in surrender. “Whoa! It’s just me!”

Lowering the bat, Mykia said, “Sorry about that. I just heard a noise and I was ready to get my swing on!”

“No problem. I just came by to let you know they are shutting off the air conditioner to begin some maintenance. Most of the tenants have left for the day so they thought they’d get a jump start.”

“Good thing I have a fan on my desk. Are you headed out? I see you got your bag.”

“Oh. Well I’m off the clock. Thought since I had to come by here to let you know about the A/C, I’d give you that interview.”

Smiling, Mykia said, “Great! Have a seat. Let me get a fresh tape and we’ll start.”

Walking over to the small utility cabinet, Mykia had to reach way up to get the tapes. In doing so, her already short shirt rode up to show some serious skin. Toni suppressed a groan and averted her attention. When she had the tape, Mykia crossed back to her desk and sat down.

Once everything was situated to her liking, Mykia clasped her hands in front of her.

“Well first of all, I just want to thank you for doing this. I’ll start with some basic questions and we’ll go on from there. Let me tell you the type of story that I’m doing. It’s a sistah on sistah story. I’m not implying in anyway that you are a lesbian. It’s just that I’ve observed you and thought you’d make a wonderful character.”

“That’s fine. It’ll be interesting to see how I’m captured in print.” Toni joked.

Mykia started firing questions at Toni and learned quite a bit about her. As time went on, the building started getting hotter by the minute.

“Toni, do you mind if I pull off this shirt? It’s hotter than hell in here.”

“Nah, I’m about to join you. Didn’t think it would get this hot this fast.”

Mykia pulled her shirt over her head to reveal a baby blue sports bra while Toni took off her button down and sat down in her black wife beater. Mykia had to swallow when she saw Toni’s body. Underneath those baggy clothes was a chiseled hard body. Her breasts were perky but the rest of her was sculpted. “Damn she is fine as shit!”

Mykia hadn’t realized that she was staring until Toni broke into her reverie. “Kia, are you alright?”

Blinking rapidly, she said, “I’m sorry. I just never knew that you had that body underneath those clothes.”

Uh-oh! Did I just let that slip from my loose lips, Kia thought to herself.

Toni smiled slowly and leaned forward. “Is that right. Well now that you know, how does it compare?”

Before Mykia could answer, the telephone rung. Without looking at the caller id, Mykia hit the speakerphone. She knew as soon as she hit the button that she should’ve looked at the caller id.

“This is Mykia.”

“So thoughts of Pretty Toni the security guard got your pussy wet and now you want to feed her your cookies!” Brooklyn cackled into the phone like a mad man!

Mykia couldn’t pick up the receiver fast enough. “Brooklyn, um… I’m gonna have to call your big mouth ass back. I have someone at my desk.”

She managed to stop laughing for a minute to say “My bad. Who is it? You act like it’s Toni sitting there.”

The silence was her confirmation. Brooklyn was still howling and coughing when Mykia hung up without saying goodbye. The embarrassed girl put her head in her hands and hoped that the floor would open and swallow her whole. After a while, she looked up at Toni.

“I am so sorry about that. I can explain.”

Toni stood up and walked towards the door. “Don’t even sweat it Mykia. It’s not a big deal.”

Mykia let out a sigh of relief… one second too soon.

Turning back around, Toni replied, “I’d rather you show me what the thoughts are. I’m here in the flesh.”

Mykia’s jaw dropped to her desk and then snapped up with a snap. “Show you?”

“Yeah. I mean let’s put it on the table. I’m going to be straight up with you. I’ve been watching you for a minute. I like your style. You’re sexy as hell and I can’t deny that I want you. You can’t deny that you want me. So let’s stop playing. There’s no one in the building. So come on babygirl, show me what ya working with.”

For a minute, Mykia sat in here chair. Then slowly she stood up and walked towards Toni. Wrapping her arms around Toni’s tight waist, Mykia leaned in for a kiss. The first touch was intoxicating. Both women slid down into the chair that Toni vacated earlier. Mykia started grinding into Toni’s lap and moaning into her mouth. Toni pulled up Kia’s bra and began fondling her nipples. Breaking the kiss, she bent down and started suckling the hardened pebbles. Mykia couldn’t stand it and threw her head back to thrust more of her breasts into Toni’s eager mouth.

“Stand up, baby. I have something for you.”

Mykia reluctantly got up while Toni went to get something out of her bag. When she pulled out her prize, Mykia’s jaw dropped yet again. Toni had pulled out a strap on.

“Before you ask, I’ve had this in my bag for about a week. I…”

Mykia put her hand up to Toni’s lips. “You don’t have to explain. It takes too much time. I can think of something else I’d rather be doing.”

Both women got undressed and Toni strapped up. “Tell Daddy how you want, babygirl.”

Pushing Toni back into the chair, she showed her instead. Mykia got up and straddled Toni again. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Toni went back to sucking Mykia’s nipples as the girl rode the strap with aggression. Along the constant suction on her breasts, Toni helped bring about each of Mykia’s three orgasms with steady pressure on her clit.

As Mykia was nearing the fourth, Toni asked her to lie on the floor. Wanting to please her new lover, Mykia quickly complied. Spreading her legs, Mykia welcomed Toni’s pleasant intrusion into her body once again. Toni moved into her slowly, letting the pressure build up gradually. The moans from Mykia started almost immediately; her hands and feet dug into Toni’s back trying to make her apart of her own body. Sensing Mykia’s urgency and need, Toni increased her tempo.

“So good… it feels so good…” Mykia moaned into Toni’s ear. “Yes, Daddy, give it to me…”

Toni switched positions to make sure that she didn’t disappoint. Coming up to her knees and pulling Mykia down so that her butt was resting on Toni’s thighs, she continued to piston in and out. Mykia’s hands went to her own breasts and started pulling and tweaking her nipples while Toni reached down and started stroking her clit. When she did that, Mykia’s back went into an arch and she started thrashing her head from side to side.

“Toni… fuuuck… I’m cummin… bay…” Mykia couldn’t say anymore as her eyes rolled up into her head and her body quaked with the hardest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Seeing and feeling Mykia’s reaction, Toni’s own orgasm overtook her body as she too started to shake and collapsed on top of Mykia.

The two exhausted and spent women laid on the floor for a moment, cuddling and trying to regain their breathing. Toni was the first to stir. “I don’t know about you, but it’s gotten at least ten degrees warmer in here.”

Mykia purred and stretched. “Well you were doing some serious work a minute ago. What’d you expect?”

Toni only smiled and went into the adjoining bathroom to clean up. When she came back out, she was dressed and had the strap in her hand. Mykia was sitting at her desk, in everything but her shirt.

“Say listen, Mykia. I’m not going to say that I’m sorry for what happened. I’m not going to say that we can pretend that this never happened. But I will say that it will happen again, hopefully in better surroundings. I want you Mykia, and not just sexually. I want to find out what goes on behind those honey brown eyes. I want to know your other passions. I’m not trying to put you on the spot or anything. Just letting you know what’s up.”

“I’d like to get to know you better as well. I mean I’m usually not like this. I hope this doesn’t change your image of me. I know you think of me as this totally untouchable unattainable diva.” She started laughing when she saw Toni had a ‘whatever’ look on her face. “I’m kidding. But on the real, I want to get to know what makes you tick.”

Toni stepped to Mykia and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Let’s get out of here. It’s the Fourth of July weekend and I want us to make some more fireworks.”

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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