_____Thick nipples, thatís all Iím thinking of right now. I have to steal quick glances at you out the side of my eye. Youíre eating yogurt-ooohh! It feels good just to watch you, especially as you donít know Iím doing it. You idly flick through a magazine. Between the skimming of articles, the silver spoon slides between your plump lips. You lick the creamy white substance slowly, as if to entice onlookers. I imagine it over spilling, covering your juicy lower lip, taking its time to drip down your chin. The heat from your skin would make it just the right temperature for licking.
_____Your nipples are awake. Theyíre poking out defiantly from under your dress. Damn girl, youíre teasing me! I imagine myself all over you, all over them fat, soft breasts. Iíd have to take my time. When thereís so much on offer, it pays to pace oneself. I love your nipples, oh yes I do. I could cum all over them- if I could, I would squirt all over that velvet skin!
_____Ooops, Iím being too explicit. I better hold those thoughts down, in case they show on my face. I bet your parents would love that. They probably suspect anyway- this is the second time Iíve been here with you in a week. I donít like the way your daddyís eyeing me. He thinks I canít see, but Iím watching him out the side of my eye. Every time you look at me his ears prick up.
_____I wish we could go back to your place now- my tongue feels hot in my mouth, I need to use it! Iím so horny-ooohh! I canít wait for the release of feeling my moistness cover your agile fingers. You, wrapped in that silk nightie, me, pinning you down, holding your wrist. How much more can I take?
_____I want to satisfy this deep urge in me. I need to feel that momentary agony when you slip inside me, then enjoy that sweet rocking, where you push your fingers deeper into me. I want to feel your weight pressing me down on the bed, your ragged breathing in my ear, all over my face, your uncontrollable tongue sucking on my neck, mix of sweat, perfume and pussy making me deliciously dizzy.
_____I guess itíll have to wait.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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