_____Two more hours, that's how much time I have in this tired ass, dead end job. I had a lot of hopes and dreams for myself, and being a secretary wasn't one of them. My boss is an ego maniac bitch who still can barely manage to get my name right after two and a half years. I took the job to broaden my horizons, and ended up throwing away my life running errands for someone who doesn't appreciate the off-the-clock work I put in.
_____It's the end of the day and I'm already dreading coming back tomorrow. How did I do this for so long. I can't really complain too much because some of the extra I put in is voluntary. I mean aside from my boss being an asshole, she is a very beautiful woman. Maybe I just despise her because I'm so attracted to her and she hardly knows that I exist until she has a job for me to do.
_____On my way out of the door Alexis, who insists everyone call her Ms. Herrington, called me into her office. I wanted to just keep walking like I did't even hear her, but I'm sure she would have known it was on purpose. Her call was loud enough to alert the people leaving two steps ahead of me, so when they turned around I knew I was doomed to go back.
_____Once I entered her office, she closed the door behind us. I had a seat in front of her desk and she sat across from me with that "I'm the boss" look on her face.
_____"Sasha, I know you're off, but I want you to take these papers over to our main office, and when you're done, come back here. I didn't understand this memo you gave yesterday. I specifically told you what to put, but you took it upon yourself to do it your way so now it needs to be redone. You know this has to be out to everyone by tomorrow morning." What could I say, but "Yes Ms. Herrington".
_____I really wanted to say "Look bitch, I've been here all day, sitting here for the past hour doing jackshit, and you want me to stay over for a fucking memo. Fuck you". But of course I couldn't say that. I do need to pay my bills.
_____On my way to the main office, all I could think about was the nerve of her. "I want you to....". What happened to "could you". No matter how much I tried to forget about this royal pain in my ass, I still couldn't get her voice out of my head. The demanding way she said my name when she called me. The way she walked across the room like she owned the place drove me crazy. I could barely concentrate when she walked by and I got a whiff of her hairspray mixed with an unknown, but very seductive fragrance. Just thinking of her made this job all the better. Actually, when I thought about it, I really couldn't wait to get back to her office to sneak a few more peeks at her crossing her legs with no panties on. It's just one of the perks of the job. I was already dripping wet thinking about her, and I just couldn't wait to rush home to masturbate, but I was commanded by the G.I. to go back to her office.
_____I dropped off the folder, and headed back to the office. I walked up to the door and it was locked. I banged on the door until my hand was red and started to walk off when Alexis rushed to the door to let me in. "I almost forgot about you." she said as she pushed the door open.
_____Oh great, I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and she forgets that her most loyal employee is doing favors for her inconsiderate ass. But of course, I flashed a fake smile and entered the building.
_____She complained all the way back to the office about how this person isn't doing this and that, and I followed behind pretending to care as usual.
_____We entered her office. There wasn't another person in sight, mainly because at the end of day, a normal worker gets to go home to a life. Not me. I'm here at her every beck and call. But why?
_____Miss Herrington began pointing out a few errors I made in the memo and marked the fuck ups that needed to be changed, which turned out to be most of my work.
_____I went out to my desk, sat down and began to retype the precious memo that couldn't wait. In a matter of moments, Alexis came out of her office, not far from my desk. She walked up behind me and started massaging my shoulders. "Good job, but couldn't you try typing it a little faster? I have something else I need you to do after this. " Before I could answer, she pulled up a seat beside me and said, "Actually I think the memo can wait." Ms. Herrington threw her leg across mine and asked me to massage her feet.
_____"Ms. Herrington, I don't believe that's part of my job description and I don't think you should be asking me to do anything except what I'm here to do" I replied.
_____"Well, staying after work off the clock is not part of your job description either, but you're here aren't you? Sasha, I know that you think that I don't appreciate the things that you do for me, but I do. And I would really appreciate it if you would turn that damn computer off and do what I asked you to do." I tried to ignore her so she reached around and pulled the plug on my computer. Before I knew it, she had her ass in my lap and her breast all in my face.
_____She started kissing me and caressing my body. "Ms. Herrington....," I tried to speak. "Call me Alexis." she replied before I could finish, still kissing and rubbing me all over. By this time I had forgot what I was going to say anyway so I joined her in what I considered to be my bonus.
_____Midway through the deep and lustful kiss she stopped and looked at me with pure sex in her eyes and said, "I would like to see you in my office." She stood up and walked to her office, stood in the doorway, and called me over to her. I started to walk in her direction when she said, "Crawl"! I thought she was crazy, but by this time I was so turned on by her aggressiveness that I couldn't help but obey her.
_____When I finally got into the doorway, she grabbed me by the collar of my blouse and gave me an evil smirk and kissed me harder than she had before. I guess my obedience turned her on even more than before. Alexis locked the door behind us. "Get up and bend over my desk". So I did. I could only hear her foot steps coming in from behind me. My skirt was lifted and I felt a soft sting against my behind. I gasped in surprise. Before the pain of the slap really set in, she was already grabbing my waist and grinding her pussy against my ass. All I could do was close my eyes and enjoy the moment, thinking to my self 'Damn, finally a little appreciation.'
_____Ms. Herrington pulled some scissors from the holding cup on her desk. She began cutting off my panty hose and panties at the same time telling me how bad she wanted me and how she was going to fuck the shit out of me. She walked over to her black leather chair and sat down watching and laughing at how far I had let her go. "Crawl over here between my legs". I was speechless and just did as I was told. She spread her legs and said, "Pull up my skirt." When I did, to my surprise, she had an enormous sized strap-on underneath. All I could do was stare in amazement. I didn't think it would go this far. Then she replied, "Don't just stare at it, suck it". I really didn't know how I'd fit it inside of my mouth, but I did and I sucked it like my life depended on it. She grabbed the back of my head forcing the huge dildo down my throat. I gagged a few times but she just moaned and said that I better not stop.
_____Just when I started to actually get into it, Alexis pulled my hair back so hard, I thought I would fall to the floor head first. "You like that? I have another job for you. Get up here and sit on this big dick". I got up, positioned myself on top of her in the chair, and guided the huge cock inside of my pussy. Before I could get the whole thing in, she grabbed my waist and slammed it into me as hard as she could. I lost my breath for a few seconds. It didn't matter to her though, she just kept ramming that fucking thing in me saying, "Take it bitch, you know you want it". And I did. She stopped midstroke and forced me to go back and bend over her desk. "Open up for Daddy." I spred my thighs as wide as I could and prepared myself for the fucking of my life.
_____The force behind her thrust drove her straight into me very easily. She fucked me as hard as she could, grabbing my long hair with her left hand and smacking my ass with her right one. My pussy was getting wetter and I was getting closer and closer to coming. I knew it and she did to, so she pulled out of me and said, "I'm not going to let you come yet. You're not going to come until I tell you to. So hold your ass up here and stay still". In a matter of seconds, she went back to pounding my tight hole. This time she reached around and started rubbing my clit, whispering in my ear in a seductive voice, "Yeah, that's it baby. Let me fuck that pussy. Give it to me. Give it to Daddy". That's when I started to lose control. Everytime she was about to enter me I met her halfway, throwing my ass until I thought my legs would give out right from under me.
_____That's when Alexis started moaning into my ear louder and louder, holding on to my breast with a firm grip. She stood straight up and grabbed my waist pounding away inside of me screaming, "Oh yeah. I'm gonna come. I'm gonna....I'm gon...". And with one powerful thrust of her hips, she sent us both into wild uncontrollable orgasms. I was blown away and that's all I can really remember in the few moments that passed.
_____I collasped on the desk and she rested her head on my back. And I just thought to myself 'Now what?". She managed to lift herself off of me and she walked over to the corner of her office and stood there breathing heavily and staring at me still lying across the desk. I got up, fixed my clothes, and walked out of the office. She just stood in that corner and stared.
_____I decided that I needed to get out of there and fast. I grabbed my things and just left. On the way home all I could think about was Alexis and the amazing thing that just happened.
_____The next day I went into work wondering what would happen if me and Alexis crossed paths, which was sure to happen since I am her personal secretary. When I reached my desk Alexis was walking out of her office and over towards me. "Oh, there you are. You're late. Anyway, that memo needs to be retyped. I left it on your desk. So you can finish that up today." And then she began to walk away.
_____Same old bitch. I thought things would change after what had happened, but it didn't and I was a little disappointed. That's when I looked up and seen her coming back in my direction. She stopped in front of my desk and said, "Oh yeah, by the way, I need you to stay late today and finish that job you started yesterday." She flashed a familiar wicked grin and went back into her office.
_____Sure nothing really changed, but the job did have its extra benefits. The money didn't change either, but that overtime sure paid off!


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