Alexis Hill

_____Tiffany was a 27 year old, single black woman living in the city of Atlanta. She never experienced the touch of a woman, but deep down she knew she wanted to experience the feel of two clitoris' touching. Tiffany kept this to herself and never told a soul. Instead, she kept to herself and continued to be in a relationship with the man she thought she loved, Damon.
_____She was told by many people that she was somewhat conceited, but she saw herself as just being confident. What made people think she was some stuck up woman who only cared about herself? Her hair was always done, she had a light complexion, light brown eyes, white straight teeth, small stomach, big round thighs, a soft big ass, nice clothes and jewelry, and always seemed to have her nails done. Was that it? Nope, couldn't be. A woman should always take care of herself, she thought. This woman had a going on physically and mentally. Tiffany just got out of law school, and had big plans for herself. She wanted to do something for a living that held her interest, but also got paid a good amount of money at the same time. "A criminal justice lawyer," she said to herself. "My life is perfect," she said as she drove to her man's house.
_____She and Damon, her boyfriend, had been together for almost a year. They met at a bar and he approached her while Tiffany and her friends told jokes, and drunk alcohol. She was stunned at the pretty boy whose intelligent conversation made her mesmerized. From the one night stand they had, she was hooked ever since.
_____But what she didn't know was that Damon had a problem...he couldn't stick to just one female. He had to have some new pussy every now and then, or at least that's what he thought. Miss Tiffany had no idea until she walked in on him and his mistress on the rainy night to his home. She had good news to share with him, but obviously she couldn't. As he lay on the living room carpet butt naked with a gorgeous chocolate woman, stroking his dick in and out of her, Tiffany comes in his apartment stunned. Why did he even give her a key if he was going to have a female over? "What a dumbass," she said to herself.
_____"What the fuck is going on Damon?" she asked with tearful eyes.
_____"Baby, I can explain," he said back, now pulling his boxers on as the woman runs into the bathroom with her clothes in hand.
_____"Explain?... Explain what? That every man I meet ends up fuckin me over!", Tiffany replied walking so close to his face that they could have kissed.
_____"I love you, Tiffany. It just happened...I didn't plan this, honest," Damon said.
_____"You don't love me because you wouldn't have let this happen if you did," Tiffany said, pushing him with the little strength she did have.
_____Damon stood there, thinking of something to say, and all Tiffany could think of was to wait for him to say something. She wanted to see what lies would come from his lips. The woman, now dressed, charges for the door not looking in the direction of Damon or Tiffany.
_____"No bitch, you in this shit too," Tiffany said. Tiffany walked to the door, blocking it so the woman could not escape. "What the fuck is your name?" Tiffany asked with her hand on her hip.
_____"Stacy," the woman replied. Stacy was 5'8, and had to be about 175 pounds. She was "thick" in all the right places with pretty almond shaped eyes, and a well shaped body. Compared to Tiffany, she was very tall.
_____Tiffany was 5'3, small but also very thick herself. Her stomach was well toned, but her thighs, hips, ass, and breast made her to be about 150 pounds. "How could I be mad at Stacy," Tiffany thought to herself. The innocent way she said "Stacy," and the guilt in her eyes made Tiffany calm down a little. Not only was she attracted to her, but Tiffany's mind wondered off to the unthinkable. Making love to Stacy. She caught herself to reality and asked a question to her.
_____"Well, Tiffany, did you know that Damon was in a relationship with me?"
_____"No, I had no idea. He told me he was single," she said looking at Damon.
_____"What the fuck is going on, Damon? Be a fuckin man and tell me the truth!" Tiffany yelled at Damon.
_____Damon smirked, and said, "Look, you hoes need to get the fuck out my apartment. I don't have time for this shit."
_____"What?" So you been playing me all along right?" Tiffany questioned again.
_____"I was falling in love with you, but yo, I need time to myself. I don't want to be in no committed relationship. That's not me. Either deal with it, or get the fuck out."
_____Tiffany looked at Damon like a stranger. One minute he's telling her he loved her, and the next he's telling her he doesn't care.
_____Tiffany looked him in the eyes, and ran to him, beating him with her fists as hard as she could.
Stacy jogged to Tiffany, and pulled her off of him, and literally dragged her out of his apartment. "It's not worth it, girl",Stacy said.
Tiffany and Stacy were now outside of his apartment, and before Tiffany could open the door to get to him again, Damon locked his door. She stood there, looking for the key, but forget she dropped it when she saw him and Stacy having sex.
_____To Tiffany's surprise, Stacy was still there...looking at Tiffany with sympathy in her eyes.
"You know...I didn't mean to brake you guys up. I didn't even know he had a girl. But let that nigga go. You a fine ass woman, and can do better then him. Trust me," Stacy said, looking serious as ever.
_____"I know," Tiffany said as she walked out of the apartment building and back to her car. Stacy stood there for a minute, realizing that Damon had picked her up, and she had no way of getting back to her house.
_____"Hey! Wait up!" Stacy yelled as she jogged to where Tiffany was.
Tiffany looked her up and down, still upset with what had just happened.
_____Stacy said, "I know you don't know me. And I'm not on your best friend list right now, but I really need a big favor. Can you drive me home?"
_____Tiffany had a confused look on her face, and said, "What? You expect me to drive you home after fucking my man? The answer to your question is hell no!" Tiffany then began walking to her car.
_____"I didn't know, and I wouldn't have fucked with him if I knew he had someone," Stacy replied.
_____Tiffany stopped walking, and turned to face Stacy. "Please...," Stacy begged as if she was a child begging her mother for a toy in the store. Tiffany didn't know why she gave in. Maybe it was the curve in Stacy's hips, or the feeling of guilt Stacy showed for Tiffany. Whatever it was, she was glad this day had came. The day she was to fulfill her fantasy, and at the same time, meet her soul-mate.
_____As Stacy got into the car, she noticed Tiffany staring at her, but didn't think anything of it. "I hope you don't mind a long drive," Stacy said. "How long?" Tiffany asked. "About an hour." Tiffany wanted to be with Stacy as long as possible, but didn't want her to know that.
_____After a long drive, Tiffany and Stacy learned quite a few things about one another. First that they enjoyed the same music, loved going to the same clubs, and were both curious about being with another female. Stacy was a 26 year old with no kids, and a good job. She was a massage therapist and made a lot of money by doing this. She worked a lot, and also traveled for work. This was how her and Damon met. Stacy just bought a new home. It wasn't big, but she was the only one who lived there, therefore it was big for her.
_____Tiffany and Stacy shared secrets, and this was unlike Tiffany. None of her best friends ever knew the things that Stacy now knew about her. Tiffany didn't know why she opened up to her like she did, but it was just something about Stacy that made her tell it all.
_____"Well, here it is," Stacy said. The car stopped into the driveway of the brand new house, but no one moved. Tiffany was quiet. She wanted to tell Stacy not to leave...that she was feeling her and wanted her to be in her life, even if the relationship was just a friendship.
_____"Are you going to be all right? You know...with Damon and all?" Stacy asked.
_____"I'll be fine."
_____"I know this is sudden, and I might even get turned down. But I don't care. I'm already into you and have feelings for you. Would you like to come up, and get something to drink or something?"
_____A smile hit Tiffany's face quick, and she responded, "Of course."
_____They sat on the couch drinking some wine, and listening to Avant's newest CD...talking about anything and everything they could think of. Stacy put her hand on Tiffany's knee, and looked into her eyes. "I'm not ready for that," Tiffany whispered. She got up, suddenly feeling uncomfortable about how Stacy and her met.
_____Stacy grabbed her arm pulling her into her. "I'm falling for you and I need to feel the softness of your lips." Tiffany looked up at Stacy, and she knew that this was what she longed for. Stacy kissed Tiffany soft and long, and then began to unbutton Tiffany's jeans. They took off their clothes and Stacy grabbed Tiffany's hand, and followed her into her room. Tiffany laid down with legs spread far a part and waited to have the best experience of her life.
_____Stacy went down like the pro---knowing everything to do. Something wasn't right. Stacy had to be with a woman before. Tiffany screamed Stacy's name as she sucked, licked, and made love to her clit. Stacy came up, and sat on Tiffany's pussy. She moved up and down, and around grinding her pussy into Tiffany's. Tiffany reached for Stacy's 38dd's as she took one of her sexy, dark, nipples in her mouth. "Your going to make me cum!" Stacy screamed. After moans of enjoyment filled the room, Stacy put two fingers inside her pussy as she played with her clit with her tongue.
_____Her tongue flicked her clit fast and she continued to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy as fast as she could. Tiffany cummed all over Stacy's face as Stacy put her mouth all over her soft twat. She sucked her pussy lips and tongue kissed it passionately. "Did you like that baby?" Stacy asked looking up at Tiffany.
_____"Oh yes, boo. And now it's your turn to see how my tongue feels on your Pussy."
_____Oh, why did Tiffany wait this long to enjoy the feeling of a woman?
_____Not only is the sex good, and a fantasy has been fulfilled, but like I said before, Tiffany found her soul-mate.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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