(part 1 of 3)

_____"Damn girl, you 'bout to tear a fuckin muscle if you don't slow that shit down!" Alexis said to her best friend Sidney as they were working out.
_____"You know I gotta keep it tight," Sidney said finally getting up. "Besides, that's how your girl likes it," she said as she winked at Alexis and took the towel from her.
_____"Whatever dog, you wish my gi-"
_____"No," Sidney interrupted, "your girl wishes. Lets get out of here."
_____"Fuck you Sid! Your right, lets be out before I break your fuckin jaw," Alexis said smiling. As they were leaving Alexis stopped in the middle of the parking lot and said, "Hey, weren't you supposed to finish telling me about that cutey you met last night? You know, right before you rudely hung up on my ass this morning."
_____"I'm sorry Lex, I didn't realize how late I was for my first class. You know Professor Biggs is a fuckin prick. You'd swear his ass invented math or some shit." They both laughed as they entered Alexis' 99' fully loaded, canary yellow convertible Mustang, the perfect hot-ass Miami ride. "Anyway, like I was saying, her name is Christine and I swear she is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. You know me, I just saw her sitting alone and I just had to holla."
_____"Yes, I know you. We all do," Alexis said as she chuckled to herself.
_____"Would you just let me finish the fuckin story?"
_____"Sorry, go on," Alexis said still laughing.
_____"Well, I went to South Beach last night and of course the damn spot was packed like a muthafucka. Dog, I went inside and expected to see the same old faces, but when I glanced around the room, I spotted her sitting at a table by herself. At first I thought she was waiting on someone, because for a woman as beautiful as she is to be sitting alone is just a crime. After a while and no one showed up, I was of course relieved 'cause that was my opportunity do my thang. I'm telling you Lex, all kinds of cats were trying to holla at her, but she wasn't giving them the time of day."
_____"Probably because they were after the same thing you were and she knew it."
_____"Excuse me "Ms. Holier Than Thou!" I swear dog, ever since you got with Tiffany your just like a lil bitch-ass! Your saintly ass was just like me a few weeks ago. What the fuck! Is she brainwashing your ass or something?"
_____"No one is brainwashing me, I've just...changed."
_____"Any-fucking-way Alexis! I'm not gonna get started on your ass right now. So, whatever I went up to her and introduced myself and we started talking for a while.
_____"You mean she actually talked to you after turning everyone else down?"
_____"Bitch, you know I got skills! Act like you don't know who your talking to," Sidney said with a wicked grin. "Seriously, I ain't gonna front, I was surprised too dog 'cause like I said she wasn't giving anyone else the time of day." They both laughed at Sidney's admission. "I'm telling you, not only was she fine, but intelligent as hell and you know how I love that shit. So, we're talking and shit and i'm thinking everything is all good and eventually, not necessarily tonight, I was gonna hit that," Sidney said as she winked at Alexis. "As soon as I asked her for her number though she dropped the fuckin bomb on me."
_____"What, don't tell me she's...straight, the horror, the horror!" Both Alexis and Sidney began laughing.
_____"No, she was like 'I really enjoyed your company, but I don't think us getting together would be a good idea, but hopefully I'll see you again. No, i'm positive I'll see you again, so until then, take care sweetie.' Then she left."
_____"What! Sidney, you mean to tell me she turned YOUR ass down?" Alexis asked as she let out an outburst of laughter.
_____"That's not fuckin funny dog. It's not like I've never been turned down before," Sidney said with a relative coolness.
_____"I know, but with all of the bragging your ass does you'd swear you never HAVE been turned down." Alexis seeing the "coolness" slip from Sidney's face and transform into anger said, "look, i'm sorry Sid, you know i'm just fucking with you. So what was the problem anyway? Was she seeing someone already?"
_____"Well, Sidney said hesitantly, "I left out one important detail."
_____"Oh, what's that?"
_____"Uh, the um...age difference between us."
_____"Yeah, you did leave that out. Alright, lets see Tasha was 24, so how old is THIS one? Wait, let me guess...26?" Sidney shook her head. "Ok, 28." Sidney again shook her head. "Dog, you are scaring me, please tell me its lower?" Alexis said with a look of concern.
_____"Afraid not, she's...34."
_____"What!" Alexis screamed as she almost ran into another car. "Are you out of your fucking mind Sid? Damn! No wonder she turned your ass down. Your right, she is smart because that is a fifteen year difference between you two. Sidney, tell me now, do i need to make an appointment for you to see someone 'cause you've lost your fuckin mind."
_____"I haven't lost anything Lex, it doesn't matter to me how old she is dog. Age ain't nuthin but number."
_____"Uh, ok Aaliyah," Alexis broke in as she laughed.
_____"Seriously, I wouldn't care if she was 24, 34, or 44, I like her regardless, so why should that matter?"
_____"Damn, Sid, this woman must have been a dime for you to be talking some shit like this. What does it matter? Ok, lets look at this shit logically for a minute. Your an 18 year old college sophomore, she has probably already changed careers at least once, I'd say age should matter just a little."
_____Sidney turned her head away from Alexis. She did have a point, but she just couldn't ignore how she felt. "Lex, of all people I thought you would understand. Your the one who said that you have changed because of Tiffany, which I don't believe for one minute by the way. But anyway, I mean, you knew she used to be triflin before you started dating her, and you pursued her anyway."
_____"That's totally different Sid."
_____"How the fuck is that different? Knowing Tiffany once had a bad rep you still went after her because you liked her and didn't give a fuck what other people thought."
_____The way Sidney had put her relationship into that perspective Alexis could no longer argue with her. She was right after all. She didn't know what to say next. "Damn Sid, I thought I told your ass to change your major to political science because you sure know how to persuade a muthafucka." They both laughed. "Look, you have a point, but you know your my dog and i'm just looking out for you. Your only 18 and she is definately going to want a long-term commitment. I mean, you have so much of your life to live, so many honeys to fuck with," she said as she winked at Sidney. "I could see something like this happening in the future, but you don't need that type of pressure right now."
_____"Damn Lex, does Tiffany know you feel this way about relationships? 'Cause if she did she would probably leave your ass...Thanks for the negativity anyway," Sidney said with sarcasm. "Look, I honestly can't tell you why I didn't leave the table as soon as she told me her age, shit, or even why she didn't leave the table when I told her mine! All I DO know is that for the first time I felt content with just admiring her beauty, not gettin that booty!"
_____"How insightful," Alexis said as they both laughed.
_____Sidney got serious again. "Dog, for the first time it wasn't even about just sex."
_____"Whoa, slow down gyrl, 'cause you are scaring me now. You mean to tell me YOU don't just want to fuck?" Alexis said this with a "I don't believe your ass for one minute" type of look.
_____"No, it's strange to me too. Last night I didn't get lost in the sight of her ass or titties, they WERE nice though, but anyway that's not important. Her personality is what attracted me the most. I'm telling you, we were there talking for hours about any and everything, that's why I was so disappointed when she turned me down."
_____"Damn Sid, you really do have a thing for this woman. I've known your ass forever and I swear this is the first time that I have EVER heard you talk like this. I feel you, but maybe her turning you down was for the best." Alexis said this as she turned into their apartment complex; it was her week to drive to the gym.
_____"Well," Sidney said getting out of the car, "that's how you feel, but i'm not letting this go until i'm completely sure that she doesn't feel the same way. Yo, I know she does, but she's caught up on the 'age thing' so she doesn't want to fuck with me. I mean, she does wanna fuck with me, of course, but you know what I mean."
_____"And you say it's NOT about sex? Yeah right dog. I don't necessarily agree with you, but your my dog and I got your back no matter how 'blinded by the pussy' you become."
_____Sidney nonchalantly gave her the finger. "Well, good luck anyway."
_____"Luck is for losers, you know that dog," Sidney said with a "you know i'm the shit" look, "but thanks anyway. I'm gonna go holla at my cuz Shawn and see how she's doing. Alright, I'll holla at you later." They went in separate directions.
_____ That night, Sidney couldn't even sleep. Even though she was exhausted from the work-out, sleep was the last thing on her mind. All she could think about was Christine. "Damn," she thought to herself, "I have to see her again," and at 4:00 am she finally drifted off to sleep...

Part 2

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