__________by Karamelkisses

Will I ever get to see you face to face
Know what it feels to hug you and embrace

The taste will it be known of your juices on my lips
Will I ever get to touch you and feel the sway of your hips

Will I ever get to stare you eye to eye before I die
Will you be there in my face when I have my next cry

Will you ever hold my hand and look at me with your eyes
Make me feel at ease and sing me a sweet lulabye

Will I ever rub you gently and whisper to you sweet things
Will we ever make love or does it stay in my dreams

Will you see my cheeks blush when you joke and make me laugh
Will you see me in the morning stepping out my bubble bath

Will we ever have a date or a slow walk in the park
Will we ever know what its like to see the other eyes spark

Will I ever get to kiss and roll my tongue across your lips
Will I feel you close to me and you feel each dip in my hips

Will I ever see you sleep be there when you hurt
Will we be there to rub each other after a hard days work

Well this love has been hard loving miles and miles away
Now all I want to know is will I ever see you face to face

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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