By now some of you have read (and hopefully enjoyed) some of the adventures that me and my Wifey have shared in the bedroom and other places. But, just how I got started with all this lesbian stuff in the first place hasnít been laid out. That is until now, I wrote a story about it. Wanna hear it Öhere it go...

My job is so damn boring. All I do all day long is surf the damn web. Thatís not my job just something I do to pass the time. My actual job is taking care of the storage robotics software. See Iím a system software analyst. I manage the software that manages the robots that manage the tape storage media. The damn things never break so I never have anything to do. Guess that means Iím good at my job. Right? Wrong! It just means Iím bored.

Anyhow, one day I was surfing when I stumbled across this Black Lesbian Erotica website called KUMA. I never even knew sistas had something like this on the web, but I am damn sure glad I found it. I spent all my free time for the next week checking out everything on that website. Discretely of course. I loved the poems and the stories. My shit was all wet from reading all that stuff. Shit I knew sistas could get down .. but not like that. By the time I left work all I was ready for was some serious fuckin. The only problem was I didnít have anybody I wanted to share my fantasies with. Well Ö I did have somebody in my life, but he was lame as hell. His dick couldnít last 2 mins. And he damn sure didnít get me as wet as these stories.

Now what the fuck should I do was all I kept thinking. I mean Ö I wanted to know more. Hell I had had fantasies about women before Ö I had even had a serious crush (looking back I know now thatís what it was) on one of my close female friends, but I had never done anything about it. I had never made the connection between the feelings that I had and being a lesbian. I needed to know if being intimate with a woman was for me. I needed to know if I was a lesbian.

I thought maybe the web could help me to answer the questions I had. So I started looking for black lesbian chat rooms. I figured talking to some lesbians might be a way to get insight into what it was like. I used to visit Netnoirís website for news and stuff, so I decided to start there. And whatayaknow they had one -- The Ebony Lesbian Lounge. I went in just to see what it was like. Lawd hamercy those women had me laughin my ass off, but the first few times I didnít say anything. I just checked out the scene. Then about the third time I went in the room Ö this chick nicknamed SPRUNG28 spoke to me. I didnít know what the fuck to do so I just tried to be kewl and polite. Lawd when she asked me to a private room I was nervous as hell Ö but I was also intrigued. I wanted to know what it would be like to get freaky with a woman mentally. You know cyber with her. I wasnít gonna start with her if she didnít start first. She did .. and did Ö and did. Shyt before I knew it she had me calling her on the phone. I ainít never cum like that in all my life. My shyt was so damn hot I thought I was gonna spontaneously combust. That girl had me whipped.

But wait, remember that man I told you about .. well he was still there and I was still married. Yeah thatís right Ö married. I know Ö I know Ö bad girl BAD BAD girl. But shyt I couldnít help it. I was so fuckin lonely at home and so fuckin bored at work, I needed somebody or something to gimme what I had been missin. I guess what they say is true Ö Idle hands and minds are the devilís playground. Shyt .. If Sprung28 was the devil .. she sure had me possessed.

About two weeks later was Mardi Gras. I was determined to have some fun. So I packed up the kids and we went to New Orleans to stay with my aunt at the Marriott in the French Quarter. Thank you Ö my husband had to work, so he couldnít go. That meant I could go exploring. I knew there would be lots of gay couples in the FQ, and I wanted to see what the real (not virtual) gay world was all about. We got there Friday night and caught a few parades. I had to school my kids on the art of catching beads and stuff. We had a blast, but I was ready for the French Quarter. Before I headed to the Quarter my aunt asked me to move her SUV from the parking lot where she worked and to the hotel garage. No problem, I was glad to do it. I had to drive around a bit to get out of traffic but while I did I kept the windows down and the music bumpin. All kinds of folks were walkin up to the SUV and trying to holla. This one chick and lady that looked like her mom tried to gimme some. That SUV was a pussy magnet. Dang Ö I thought this getting pussy shyt might be easier than I thought. So once I parked Ö I headed to the Quarter. I didnít worry about the kids. My son was hangin with his cousin at the hotel. Everybody working there knew them so I knew he would be ok. My daughter (15) at the time was chillin with her older cousin. I knew they would be doing the Quarter thing, but that was kewl with me. Hell it was Mardi Gras. Time to have fun. Besides I trusted her. It was me that was trying to get my freak on, but nothing happened that first night. All I did was walk up and down Bourbon Street. There was some wild shit happening out there, but not the shit I was looking for. I wanted to meet a woman. I wanted to take my curiosity to the next level Ö reality. About two in the morning I spotted this black lesbian couple. It was the first time I had ever seen a black lesbian couple. They were standing in an alleyway kissing. They looked happy. Shit Ö They looked like they were ready to get it on. I tried not to stare, but I was so intrigued by them Ö I just kept thinking Ö it sure would be nice to have a woman of my own. I wanted that. I didnít know how to get her, but I damn sure wanted her. Finally about 4 in the morning I went to the hotel and crashed. I was hoping to have better luck the next day.

Saturday I did the parade thing and then about 5 in the evening I went to the Quarter. This time I didnít go down Bourbon. Instead I walked up Royal. There was less traffic there. When I got to St. Peter I cut across to Bourbon. WTF!! I ran right into the gay section of the Quarter. There were two gay clubs that were wide open. Gay men everywhere. Some of the guys were damn fine. Dang I thought Ö gay really does come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Just then this fine ass Zulu-god looking brotha walked by. I had to give him a pair of beads. I gave him a pair of beads and he gave me the juiciest kiss. Kewl. But where are the sisters. I mean I donít see a one. I hung out there for a bit then I went back to the hotel disappointed. But hey Ö at least now I know where to go on Bourbon. Saturday night was Endymion, one of the biggest Mardi Gras parades. My son and I decided to hang out and catch some throws. He was having a good time. I turned to pick up a bead that had fallen on the sidewalk, when I noticed this beautiful ass sister. She was kinda on the young side but hell I wasnít ever gonna hold that against her. I kept trying to catch some beads, all the while watching her. My son was having much better luck than me. He had a neck full of throws. I turned to catch a glimpse of the beauty again and she was standing right in front of me. She said, ďHere, take theseĒ, and gave me a nice big thick pair of pearl-like beads. Kewl. I didnít even realize she was watching. Then she said something like, When the parade is over Ö wanna hang out ?

I was like hell yea. She said that she and a few of her friends were going to a club called Cafť Brasil to see a show by one of her friends. She asked me if I knew how far it was to the club. I told her no. My stomach was all jumpy inside. I couldnít believe that somebody had actually approached me. Shit Ö this lesbian stuff was gonna be easier than I thought (at least thatís what I was thinking then). I had to somehow dump my son. I know Ö I know Ö Bad .. Bad Ö mommy. Fortunately, I didnít have to. When the parade was over he said he was going upstairs to hang with his cousin. Kewl. Everything was working like a charm.

Me and girlie and her friends took off headed to the Quarter to find Cafť Brasil. We walked and talked for a bit. She was in college at Loyola. A sophomore. Dang .. this girl was young enough to be my Ö my Ö daughterís friend. I ainít old enough to have a daughter in college .. but she was still kinda young. So I decided to just chill and see what happened. Maybe she was mature for her age. Hey Ö it could happen. About 2 hours later and 10 blocks later I decided to loose the kid. She and her friends were just too damn immature. So once we made it back to the hotel. I ducked out of sight and kinda just let them go on their way. Dang Ö another night gone and no pussy yet.

Sunday I chilled. My aunt and I did go to Pat OíBrienís that morning to get some hurricanes. I was blasted by noon. I went to the hotel and crashed. All that day I kept thinking about finding the right woman. I was starting to see the reality ... pussy was gonna be hard to come by.

Monday was Lundi Gras. I made a point of spending some time with my kids. I took them to the Lundi Gras festivities, but all the time I was scoping out the honies. New Orleans has got some fyanne ass women. Any one of em would make a fine first for me. I was curious as hell to know. Monday night I hung in the quarter, but nothing was happening, so I went to the hotel. Some guys in the lobby were having some fun so I decided to join in. This fine ass white boy from New York was clowning around with me saying shit like he could fuck my brains out and stuff. I was like don't even try it. Baby boy went to tuck his shirt in his pants and I just reached my hand down his shit and helped him. For a white guy he was packin. But I wasn't even trying to be serious about no shit with him. I had pussy on the brain. I wondered what it smelled like and tasted like. I wondered what a woman sounded like and said when you hit that shit right. I couldn't wait to find out.

Tuesday ... Mardi Gras Day ... maybe today ... maybe today. I didn't even stick around for the parades. I headed straight to Bourbon Street. Straight to the gay section of town. I chilled and watched the sights and hoped to see a sista I could meet. Mardi Gras definitely brings out the freaks. Guys were literally fuckin in the street. I mean dicks waggin ... tongues flying ... the whole nine inches ... I mean yards. Not a single sister. I saw lots of white female couples, but not a single black female. Maybe I just didn't know where to look, or maybe it just wasn't meant for me to have pussy. I went back to the hotel about noon ate and chilled. I was almost glad it was over. Almost because I knew what I had waiting for me back home. Nothing. Nothing but a boring ass husband and a boring ass job.

I chilled until about seven in the evening and then headed back to the quarter for one last hurrah. I went back to the gay section right a cross from Oz, a notorious gay bar. Shit err thing goes in Oz. Soon as I got out there I spotted two white guys fuckin up against a car in the middle of the street. No shit ... they was fucking right there in plain view. I just shook my head and laughedÖ mofo's was crazy. I sat out there for about an hour just checkin out the scene when out of nowhere this fine ass sister popped into view. Baby girl was packed ya hear me. She had ass and tits for days. She was wearing red silk Chinese looking pantsuit. Kinda like pajamas, but dressier. She had on some red heels. Her hair was braided and her face was pretty as ever. I wanted to walk over and say something, but I was kinda frozen. So I just watched her. She sat on top of a car that was parked right near the corner.

I was just about to walk over to her when I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see one of my cousins. Not my cousins from the hotel, one of my cousins from childhood. She was chillin with some of her girls. I walked over and gave her a hug. I was glad to see her. We hadn't spoken since I left for Michigan. She seemed kinda surprised to see me in that part of town, and I damn sure was surprised to see her. We just kinda hung out and made jokes about all the freaky shit going on. Then one of her friends came over to me and said ... one of her cousins spilled the beans to her folks about her being gay. I just said damn thatís foul ... But wait a minute ... My cousin is with you and you're gay so that means my cousin is gay. Dang ... I never knew it. But thinking back, it all made perfect sense. When we were kids she was always athletic and always masculine. I never thought much of it, because so was I, except I wasnít gay (at least I didnít know I was). I damn sure knew it now. I was gay. I was a lesbian. I wanted to be with a woman. I had so many questions to ask her. So many things I wanted to know, but they weren't staying. In fact, they were on their way to a club. Dang ... I wish I could go. But I had to go to work the next day and the kids had school.

We hugged and said goobye. But before she left, her friend invited me to her partner's b-day party that coming Saturday. Kewl. Well ... Well the weekend wasn't an entire waste. Maybe I didn't get pussy this time, but maybe there would be a chance at the party. I sure hoped so. I went back to the hotel and packed. We left about 10 pm.

All the way home all I kept thinking bout was WTF was I gonna tell my husband. I was gay. I wanted pussy and I wanted a divorce. But when and how was the question. One thing for sure, I had to go to that party next weekend. Pussy was calling me.

So now you know my story. The story of how I came to acknowledge and accept my new sexuality. Who knew that being bored at work would get me into so much wonderful trouble.

Next upÖ.Meeting Wifey


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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