__________by FemmeEssence

Every time we make love, it’s almost as if it’s the first time,
Our minds connect, our souls intertwine,
Our hearts beat as one as our bodies rock to that rhythm as old as time,
So deeply connected, where do I end and you begin, to yearn for you so bad,
It must be a sin, over and under, all through me the sensations flow,
As you grip my hips as if you will never let me go,
Control is all lost, my mind is a hazy mess, my body is under extreme duress,
Shaking, trembling, pleasure so intense…not a spot on my body do you miss,
I’m feenin’, I need you, the depths of desire I want to explore,
Muscles clenching, sweat rolling , straining to reach that ultimate high,
What starts off as a scream…ends on a sigh
Hmmm papi… Tu amore es tan bueno, que me haces llorar
Damn baby…see you got me speaking in foreign tongues, all composure undone…
As slowly I return to a semi-conscious state of mind, I realize…it still
gets better…every single time.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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