_____The door clangs open. Damn! Here this bitch goes again.....I almost muttered under my breath as the catty chic from my theatre and film class, Egypt Nolan steps onto the elevator. There was a haughty air surrounding her......a confidence bordering too frequently on arrogance. I hated that way she presented all her ideas in class as if there were no possible better way to have approached things. I hated the way she tore other students' ideas down. I hated most the way she was always right. She and the professor frequently "buddied up" in laughing and discussing filmmakers and photographers that the rest of us had never heard of. She had elevated herself beyond student status- she was damn near the professor's new best friend. And she knew it. And I hated her. She knew that too. And she would never stop smiling that smug assed smile at me.
_____She stood about 2 inches shorter than me; yet she made me feel so small standing next to her. It's really true what they say about a lot of small people having huge personalities. The door closed, and I felt like I was shrinking as I was engulfed in her sweet smelling scent. She turned her face towards me and wrinkled her nose. "Shay, right? What are u doing in my dorm?"
_____"Your dorm? Excuse me sweetie, you may be fucking the professor in theatre and film but you ain't the queen of the Earth- I hate to bear the bad news!" All my frustration from class flared out of me in one long heated breath.
_____The look on her face had eased- was that amusement I saw? It almost seemed like her eyes were smiling! "I know you've been wanting to say that for weeks," she smirked and stepped off the elevator, leaving me in disbelief. Why did she have to throw me off guard? Why did she always get that last word? And why did this hoe just get off on the 2nd floor? Unbelievable....I punched the 8th floor button and exhaled slowly. I walked to my room, cursing myself as I thought of so many things I could have said to Ms. Bitch.
_____"Damn, Shakara is fine," my boyfriend Damien said as he stretched out on my bed.......gawking at the oiled down scantily clad chics in my roommate's new Victoria' Secret.
_____I tossed a pillow at him. "If I put on one of those blow up bras, I'd have inflata-boobs too," I snatched the catalogue from him and glanced at it angrily. "How the hell do you know their names, anyway?"
_____"Not all of them, just Sha-ka-ra......" Damien stressed her name as he pointed at the pretty caramel-colored Black girl in the center. "Image of perfection...." He went on and on as I stared at the page. Damien was really starting to piss me off with the way he ogled other women around me and talked to me just like I was one of his boys. The part that made me angrier was that I never really cared. I flipped through the catalogue, eyeing Shakara in various poses...her cat- like eyes penetrating and intense. Full lips......mine were kinda thin. I pulled at my long ponytail self-consciously as I stared at her.
_____I had never really cared what the hell Damien did, actually. He was the only guy I had ever really had any feelings for, ever since high school. He was the only guy I had ever met that had not pressured me for sex until I was ready. He didn't get all mushy and lovey dovey- and he wasn't too possessive. He didn't make me screw him all the time or get all dolled up in whorish outfits. Come to think of it, he never seemed to really care what I did either. Suddenly I felt like one of his boys. Had he been checking out other girls all this time? Dating them, even? I glared angrily at the page. Damn, this Shakara chick kind of looked like that bitch from theatre and film. Egypt was one of the "pretty girls", a cross between Shakara and Stacey Dash. A perfect match for her name. Perfect petite curvy figure, golden reddish skin that always looked sun-kissed. Dark shiny hair with honey highlights. She had a gorgeous face, full lips and penetrating dark eyes. Just the kind of girl that Damien likes. She probably even wears these bras and panty sets. I slapped the magazine shut. Damien had fallen asleep, not even noticing I was mad.
_____I pulled off my sweats and quickly replaced them with some cotton gym shorts before climbing onto the bed with Damien. I pushed him over a little to slip under the comforter. His hands fumbled under the fabric and slowly glided over my ass. I tensed up. He reached around my slim waist with his eyes still closed and slipped his hand under the waistband of my shorts and under my panties. His hand tickled my curly hair. As he tried to slip a finger down over my clit, I felt like it retreated. "Damien...." I muttered and gently pulled his hand out. He cursed quietly and rolled over. It had been three years, and I had known him even longer. He had taken my virginity. But we had only had sex a total of three times. I knew he wasn't gonna take much more of this. I drifted off to sleep with images of bra and panty sets in my head.....
_____"Finn.....and Nolan." Damnit! How could he do this to me? I tried to search the professor's face so he could read the extreme unhappiness I felt at being partnered with Egypt Nolan. All of the other students seemed content with their partner choices as they gathered up their things and moved to join them. I sat there, frozen. She was gonna be a complete asshole, dominate the project, and outshine me. "I'm thinking more documentary-like than fiction," a brown leather bag flopped onto the floor next to me and Egypt sat down next to me. Her scent filled the air and I glared at her. She smiled. And it wasn't an innocent smile. It was a smile that said, "I know you hate me and I don't give a shit." I sat through the rest of the class in a daze. When it was finally over and everyone was leaving- I felt her hand on my leg. "Look, you have to work with me here, Shay. We'll get together soon." I felt myself flush. She was staring at me. Then she was gone.
_____ I was lighting candles. Jill Scott was singing "He Loves Me". I had just come from the shower with freshly oiled and scented skin and hair. I hurried around the room with my robe on, trying to pick something "girly" enough to turn Damien on. There wasn't much variety in my wife beater and sweat pants closet. I was still debating wearing my hair down when the phone rang. I answered the phone with an almost musical note to it. "Hello...."
_____"Yeah, Shay....we need to talk."
_____I sat down on the bed. My robe slid down my oiled shoulder.
_____"I can't do this anymore. You don't feel for me the way a woman and man should feel. You never let me make love to you....."
_____The words were trying to tumble out....about how I had prepared a special I was finally ready.....but I knew he was right. I wasn't ready. And if this asshole couldn't accept that, my pride wouldn't let me say a thing.
_____"I met someone.....we haven't done anything but I really like her....." I slammed down the phone when Damien began describing to me a film major named Egypt that made him realize what we had was more of a friendship. I was sitting there still holding the phone, completely numb when I heard a soft knock on the door.
_____I yanked the door open ready to curse Damien out. No apology would work. My eyes popped open when I saw Egypt standing there. "You fuckin saw me with him..." I muttered.
_____"Shay you have to let me explain."
_____I wanted to yank her hair out but suddenly-I realized-it's not her fault that my boyfriend liked her. It's not her fault that Damien and I had never had a real relationship. My pride took over again. I decided right then to get myself together. We would stay partners. I would put my 50 percent in, like everyone else. There was no way that Egypt Nolan was gonna get all the glory for this project.
_____"Look, if this is about the project we can talk right now. As for you screwing my man- my EX- MAN, I really don't give two shits. You were saying about a documentary?" My cheeks flushed over with heat as I realized that I still had on an open robe. I looked up. Egypt noticed too.
_____"I came to tell you that Damien did try to talk to me, and I kind of flirted too. But I have no intention of dating your ex -man. I saw you with him all the time and I actually thought you guys were more like brother and sister. Then I found out he was your man. I knew he would flirt with me...." She stepped closer to me and closed the door. She was wearing a tight tank top and short denim skirt. I was filling up with a rage too hot for words....and with something else....a really strange feeling....I sat on the edge of the bed.
_____"What the hell were you doing? Just trying to take someone's man for the hell of it? To see if you could?" I was embarrassed at how choked my voice sounded. I didn't even sound angry.
_____"No....." Egypt was standing right in front of me. My face was level with her full breasts. I could see that her nipples were straining against her top. I looked down, ashamed. My own nipples were about to poke a hole through my robe. I could smell her......could almost feel the dampness between her legs that I knew was there because I could feel my own inner thighs growing slick with an urgency I had never felt in my life.
_____"What the hell were you doing, then?" my voice was husky with a horniness and an emotion I had never experienced. Not with Damien. Not ever. I didn't even know what I was asking anymore. I didn't even care about the answer. Egypt was standing between my legs. I hadn't even realized I had opened them. Things were happening in a daze. Thousands of unspoken words were flying through the air. There was a tension in the air that made me want to scream.
_____"Breaking you up..." She got on her knees right there between my legs. She put her soft hot hands on each of my knees. I almost came right there. I felt hot lava creaming from my pussy. I was on fire, all the way to the core. My clit was screaming, 'it's her! it's her! You want her! You always have!'
_____"Why?" I asked, only to have something to say. I could feel myself leaning back as Jill Scott sang about being excited and incited to chorus. It was almost involuntary. Looking into her piercing eyes, I was falling in love a thousand times in a second. I didn't even realize that my legs were spread wide until I could feel warm breath on my bare wet pussy lips. A long moan escaped my lips. Egypt let her hands slide up my skin now slick with oil and nervous perspiration until they massaged my tingling breasts. My robe fell open and I stared at her with the nervous eyes of a child.
_____"So I could do what I wanted to since the first day I saw your sexy ass....." her voice was deep and filled with lust as she moved her face close to my center. I was running with desire for her. "This..." she whispered......and I felt heaven surround me as her hot tongue licked all my frustration away. Her mouth massaged my pussy with the care and expertise I had been needing all my life, and all the orgasms I never had pulsed out of me....over and over. Her lips made soft wet noises as she kissed and sucked all my confusion away. I moaned her name over and over as I spread wide for her and pumped my hips. I gave her all I had inside that night. I came for her again and again.....and I fell in love.....for the first time.

Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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