__________by Femmetheories

So tell me do you wanna sing a duet
because with you there's no need to sing solo
Baby itís the verbs
your words
clawin scratch marks on my back
down my neck
grabbin me by the head with your
sweet mental foreplay
of songs
your melody
I can feel your lyrics
caressing me
down to my inner thighs
your voice on pitch
like dripping honey on my stomach
or playin with ice cubes
makes my back arch and hips rise
surprise baby its time to make this a duet
my voice smooth as Hersheyís syrup
gliding over you
do you want me to take a taste
let me erase your fears
making sweet love to your ears
let this femme audibly orgasm you to tears
if my song alone brings you near
maybe we can harmonize
in a fifty fifty
lips to lips to hips
to head to thighs
from low notes to highs
can I make you sing for me
ring for me
clear as a bell
baby loud and free
you know I love your studuality
so raise your voice and set me free
quiet thunder of you
Itís all in the little things we do
a bridge, reprise, beat change or two
its whatever you wanna do
Sing back to me and itís on to verse two

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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