De Jalanekah

_____1985. It was the National track & Field Finals I was about to compete in the 100-yard hurdles. I just cleared the third hurdle when I heard a familiar voice. " Come on Dee you can do it" I looked up and saw that it was Diane quickly approaching me; her nipples erect as she stood in front of me saying " Damn! You turn me on seeing you move the way you do. Diane leaned over and whispered in my ear ;I want you here and now as she bit down on her lip. I told her that the team was going out to celebrate and that I had to be there. She smiled and said, " Remember the taste of my nectar mmmmm...mmmmm so sweet, so goooood I'll give you one hour. I quickly agreed. I arrived at Jia's Sports Bar. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate. Jia's was once a straight bar. I was still in the closet; however, a few close friends had there on idea about my sexuality.

_____I sat down to watch the replays on the big screen when Simone walked up to me and sat in my lap; without hesitation she kissed me and with no hesitation I returned the favor. The crowd cheered. Simone eased up off my lap and whispered into my ear seeing you run makes me want to do uncontrollable things. I want to eat your Pussy. Simone was fine. She was mahogany color with honey colored eyes and thin pink lips and a long hot tongue. Before I could tell her, I was involved with some one else, she planted another deep-throated kiss on me, and I returned the favor. I sat down and blurted out I with some one I saw that Diane was in the door way looking. She had tears in her eye as she quietly walked towards her car. " Diane wait" I called with panic as I rushed to her. " It's not what it looks like" I cried. I would expect this from a man- he walks on all four, but you; you I thought were different. How could I have given you my love? How could you hurt me this way? I stood there and watched her drive away. Puzzled by what just happened I raced home only to find a note that simply read.
My darling Dee:
It is far better to have loved
Than not have loved at all-
Hell has no fury like the a woman scorned...
Night had fallen now and there was no peace. My heart was breaking. Today was supposed to be a day of enjoyment; yet, it was filled with pain, anguish, lost word, and curiosity. I had just lost my lover, I was ousted in and unusual way, I was sadden by what had transpired yet I was excited as well. I fell asleep from exhaustion. I found myself dreaming of Simone she enticed me with her wilds but my heart belonged to Diane. I awaken the next day only to be reminded of what yesterday brought Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.
_____I often thought about Diane and I knew I still loved her, but I wanted Simone. Was I a dog after all? Simone's kiss left me hanging on what could have been. I went to Jia's Simone was still there I thought she was just a hostess; as it turns out, she owned the place. When I saw her, I could fell a throb in my walls. She had on biker shorts with a t-shirt that was two sizes too small her nipples were hard and her breast stood at attention.

_____I walked over to a table and took a seat. She dropped a napkin in front of me as she bent down to pick it up I saw she had no panties on. My mouth began to water for a sip of her juice. She turned and asks can I help you. Yes. I'll get a glass of pussy to go! Simone smiled and said how's your girlfriend I replied gone thanks too you. I am Sorry how can I make it up too you she said. You can fill my order_ Are you serious she said. I took her hand she told the help she was gone for the day to close the bar. Simone suggested her place we soon arrived and she took immediate control. She purred a sniffer glass of Napoleon brandy and another by this time I was feeling no pain. She turned on some jazz as she climbed on the coffee table and began to dance and strip. My panties now wet she had my full attention. She undressed me slowly, took hot oil, and rubbed every inch of my body. Then she slowly placed anal beads into my ass. At first I thought ' this bitch is crazy" as I clinch my ass trust me it wont hurt she said so I eased my muscles. She then sucked my toes and caressed my whole body with her tongue. Moaning in ecstasy and gyrating my hips she turned me over and sucked my pussy, her tongue was hot and hard. Simone knew just how to work it and she knew just what she was doing. My sex grew intensely and I began to cry from the unbearable pleasure- She took hold of my clit and with such a force she sucked and pulled that my clit soon looked like a Dick. She then rubbed her pussy upward to me it was hot and wet she sat on my face and moved. I could feel her clit throb from excitement; as I cupped her breast I could fell her heart pounding her motions where quick and short now she rose up off my face. We hovered over each other and ate one another we had become one in movement and you could smell the must of pussy in the air I tried to pull away as she sucked the shit out of my clit- Then without warning she open her legs and a gush of wetness over took me. Simone flowed like a river and I quickly followed as she slowly pulled the beads out, my climax was improved.

_____It has been five years now and I have not seen Diane or Simone. I thought about Diane constantly I wanted her back June 21, 1990 the day of my graduation from Langston University I saw her. She smiled and we exchanged salutations. Its good to see you, I want to apologize for the way we parted I said. She hugged me and said no apology needed. I missed her smile and her warm embrace I wonder if we could rekindle things. She asked where are you celebrating maybe I could meet you there. I said I am not celebrating. Why not she asked. I am having dinner with an old friend. Diane smiled and said yes, but only if I cook you a meal. We agreed to meet at her home. I arrived at her home rehearsing what I wanted to say all these years. I rang the bell she opened it wearing kimono. Diane's house was decorated in a Japanese style. I could not take my eyes off her she was very well put together. I handed her a dozen black roses and a dozen white roses with a bottle of wine. She walked over to the sink and placed them in a blue & green dragon shaped vase saying I am the one who should be giving you a gift. I opened the wine and set in the chiller to breathe when I heard this voice of angels singing- Let me make love to you baby I won't stop till you tell me too, ask me too, beg me too I remember she used to sing that when she was ready. I quickly turned around and there she stood slipping off her kimono She said Happy Graduation baby...............

_____She walked up too me and I to her and kissed. Diane dropped her Kimono and grabbed my head with both hands and guided me to her crouch I encircled her clit and sucked she soon filled my mouth with her sweet nectar as she moaned I Love you. Diane then lead me to the stairs saying let continue this upstairs I have a surprise for you. Blindfolded Diane led me; once at the top of the stairs I could feel another presence in the room. She soon stuck her tongue down my throat. I quickly thought it could not be! Nah! Simone? Diane? I asked consciously removing the blindfold only to confirm my thoughts it was Simone. We all soon part took of the feast and celebrated together. Simone lay in the bed as she parted her legs I in between her working big time. Diane placed a strap on and soon took me from behind; the air stank of cum and pussy the aroma was so enticing Simone came three times I came twice. We changed positions to work on Diane she was a woman of great stamina. Simone took the clit and I buried my head in her wetness- one hour later we all collapsed from complete exhaustion. I thought to myself So this is what she meant by a woman scorned- As it turns out Diane and Simone had been a Couple and I was just a mere Toy.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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