Cee-Lo must a met my wifey cause his song Closet Freak describes her to a T.

She A FREAK! She like freakin in the public
FREAK! She hell just don’t care
FREAK! She like freakin on the freeway
FREAK! She like freakin anywhere But that’s aight, ain’t nothing wrong with being a little freakish, cause she freakin wit me.

Lemme tell you how it all went down. It was Saturday night and I was late. I was supposed to pick her up from work at 11:30 so we could hang out, but I got delayed. I was drivin like a maniac trying to get to her because I don’t like her waiting outside all by her lonesome. So we chatted on the cell phone while I made my way to her. At least as long as she was talking to me, I knew that she was ok. I was about 10 min, no make that 5 min, away from her and I was anxious as eva to get there. I had been missin her all day. I was hoping we could have a good time even though we both were tired from the day’s activities. We needed to unwind a bit and have some fun. It had been a while.

When I got there, she was waiting outside. She was so damn sexy and fine as eva. She took the things I had packed for her from the car and went inside her workplace to change. I waited in the car and kind of dozed off a bit, but soon enough she popped up and I woke up. She was lookin fly and sexier than before. She was wearing some ass-fitting red shorts, a cute white top, and she was showing off her sexy toesies in some sandals. She looked and smelled good enough to eat.

We headed straight to the gas station. In my rush to get to her, I forgot to stop for petro. We grabbed some sodas and headed for the club. While we were on our way, wifey rolled a little sumthing and smoked it. By the time we got to the club, she was feelin mighty fine.

The club was kewl. I liked it because it was spacious and rarely crowded. Even on a Saturday night you could find a nice table and just relax. The music was ok. They played all the latest ass-wigglin stuff and the crowd was all up in it. Me I like the slow grind, but it was all good. After about 4 drinks wifey was more than ready. She was chair dancing and I could tell by the look she was givin me that dancing wasn’t the only thing on her mind. I was just about to suggest that we head out when the stud next to us asked for a light. She and wifey struck up some innocent conversation about something, mostly bullshit. Me, I was just passing time waiting for closing time. I was ready to move on to something a little more private.

About 30 minutes later we decided to head out and get something to eat. We couldn’t settle on any place in town, so we opted for the burger joint not too far from home. Home was about 45 minutes away so we hopped on the freeway. Dang I was getting sleepy. I yawned a couple of times and wifey asked if I was sleepy or something. I told her I was tired. She said she knew how to wake me up. Then she reached over and lifted my shirt and started kissing on my nipples. I damn near ran off the road. That shit was feelin so good. She had me moanin and shit. My clit was beginning to swell and gettin hard. It was throbbin and shit. If she kept that shit up we wouldn’t be going too far. I thought I might have to pull ova and eat the shyt outta her. I was about to cum all over myself, but she just kept on licking and sucking on my shyt. She was moanin; I was moaning; this was some crucial freaky ass shyt. I was about to scream her tongue felt so good. Then she got really nasty…

She started rubbin herself all over; playin with her tits and pullin on her nipples. LAWD I was so damn hot and my head was spinnin. She took off her shorts then slowly eased off her thong. Her pussy looked so good. I wanted to touch it and taste it, but I couldn’t cause I was driving. There were cars in front of us and on the side of us and this woman was strokin her pussy. She was freakin herself so good. She was moanin and sayin shit to me that was makin me ache inside. But I was lovin this scene much too much to worry about the pain.

This shit was wild. There we were doing 90 on the freeway and my wifey was about to cum all over my front seat. She was strokin her clit so fast and jabbin her fingers inside so deep and screamin my name. She was telling me that I was makin her pussy so hot. She was telling me that she was gonna explode. I was about to go insane. If there was ever a time when I needed my strap it was now. I wanted to pull over and let her ride it until the cops came knocking. But she wasn’t even worrying bout that. She was cumin and cumin and oooooooo …. fuck that shit was sweet. She was making the loudest noises and her face looked like she was in heaven. I damn near passed out. When she finished she licked her fingers and kissed my lips. I could taste her juices. Hmmmm …. so sweet …. so delicious …. so freaky. That night she was Ms Freaky and I was damn sure glad to be her chauffer.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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