__________by Cashazznjuice

Take a walk in the sweetness of pardise.
Her hot chocolate tasty delight.
Slide down my throat like a milky cocoa syrup ride.
Spiralling out of control in a sister pride.
Deep dark brown honeysuckle night.
Mocha baby wet my appetite.

Chocolate cherry drops dreams.
Mocha lady in and out and creamed.
Swimming in this warm seductive ebony stream.
For my soul her darkness softly summons me.
To unwrap the secret treasures of blackberry.
My hot and tasty sweet mocha baby.

Hmm... Like a caramel candy apple... dare take a bite.
Savoring your secrets trickling down your thighs.
Her sweet juices wets my lips and quenches me inside.
Licking to it's very core takes me on natural high.
A rainbow of brown hues seen just beyond my eyes.
Entice me with your whispered mocha sighs.

To love your lips that switch in your hips is not enough.
Hold me console me in your butterscotch love.
Let it rain cocoa butter from the heavens above.
Your Nubian light burns forever enternal.
Dreams awaken to reality in her-she world.
Mosturize my skin with hot mocha girl.

Capture me beautiful black woman in your brown eyes.
Windows to your spirit where your wisdom and strength lies.
Even at your lowest you shed tears of precious black ice.
Im in love with my fudgestic imperial goddesses might.
For I too dance in a mecca with the queens of the night.
Dip me in mocha baby... dip me in mocha...for the rest of my life.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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