_____Every morning I sit at the same table sipping coffee, smoking a cigarette, and waiting for you to come into the diner to order breakfast. I've watched you for about a year now but we have never said anything to each other. We haven't even exchanged a friendly smile and yet I wait. This morning, you tell the waitress that you have to work overtime. My mind wonders who will be meeting you when you get home.
_____I continue to sip my coffee when I overhear you tell the waitress that you will be eating your breakfast in the diner today. My heart skips a beat! I hope that I can watch you as you eat. You continue to joke with the waitress until your food arrives and, much to my surprise, you choose to sit at my table. With a big smile on your face, you slide into the booth where I'm sitting.
_____"Hey, how ya doing?" I almost choke on my coffee! "Are you alright?" You ask as I wiped the spilled coffee from my chin.
_____"Yeah, I'm ok and how are you doing this morning?"
_____"Oh I'm fair to middling. I thought that I would eat in today. I don't have to be in the office until later and I don't like eating alone. Do you mind?"
_____I know I must sound very dumb when I say, "No, please I would enjoy your company."
_____"So what's your name?" You ask while sipping your orange juice.
_____"Amsale, and what should I call you?" I ask although I already knew your name.
_____"Most folks call me Robyn." Mmmmm, I think to myself. Hearing you say your name sends little electrifying charges through my body. "I see that you come here every day. I guess you believe like I do that to have a good day you have breakfast with someone that you like." You look directly into my eyes as you said this. I quickly look away not wanting you to know what I feel. I don't know how to answer you.
_____Your smile is so warm and inviting. I have been watching you for a long time. I have studied your walk, the timber of your voice and the way you joked with the people you meet. I have studied what I think is the most beautiful pair of hands that I have ever seen. I often wander what it would feel like to have those long slender fingers touching me, making love to me.
_____I come back from my thoughts to you pushing a penny towards me and asking, "A penny for your thoughts?"
_____I can't tell you what I am really thinking so I quickly make up something. "I am thinking about what I would fix for dinner tonight." Damn, that sounds dumb too! I feel so lost for words. You have that affect on me.
_____"I like steak, a baked potato and a tossed salad. You are inviting me to dinner aren't you?"
_____"Excuse me, are you inviting yourself to dinner?"
_____"No, I'm accepting your invitation."
_____A big smile spreads across my face. Oh my goodness, I think, can you read my mind? Do you know what I am feeling? I quickly recover. "Well of course you are welcome. Dinner will be served at 8pm. Is that alright for you?"
_____"Yep, just fine. What kind of wine would you like to drink with our meal?"
_____I'm still in shock, not only because I have just accepted your invitation to have dinner at my home, but you really want to be with me! "Yeah that would be very nice, I like Riunite Royal."
_____"Well alrighty then. Now I need to know where you live lady." _____"Oh yeah that would ensure your arrival." I write my address and phone number on a napkin and hand it to you.
_____You look at it, smile and place it in your shirt pocket. "Well then, I will see you later. I had better start to leave for work. Can I drop you somewhere?"
_____"No, no I'm waiting for my ride. But thanks anyway. You have a great day."
_____"ok, I will now."
_____I watch as you slid your long legs from the booth to stand. I watch as you walk to your vehicle. I love your long strides and the way your arms sway as you walk.
_____All day long I watch the clock slowly tick away. After work I zip to the market and pick up the things that we will need for dinner. My heart is singing. I arrive home and immediately start to clean house. It is now 6pm. I give myself an hour to clean the house and then I start on the steaks. The bake potatoes will be the last thing I will cook.
_____I set the table, make the salad and start my bath. I like to bathe in bath oils. I have so many . . . which one should I use tonight. Which one will you like? Sometimes I mix them to create my own smell. Tonight I elect a soft peach musk and a floral scent oil. I slip out of my clothes and get into the bathtub. As I bathe I think about you. I think of you washing my body and touching me with those long slender fingers. The thought makes a warm feeling grow inside of me. What will you wear, how will you smell? I also wonder if I will measure up to your idea of a lover.
_____With my bath is finished, I select a sleeveless floral print dress with a navy background. I don't feel like wearing underwear. It is warm and if I get my wish tonight, it will be easier for you to take what you need. I pick out a nice pair of coral blue earrings with the matching necklace. The whole time I keep thinking about you. Will you like what I am wearing? I decide not to wear shoes. I place an ankle bracelet on my left ankle. There, I think, you look fine girl! I feel good. I sit down at my makeup table and place a very light coating of lipstick, just enough to add color. It is seven thirty. That gives me enough time to pick a few CDs that I think you will like. There, everything is falling into place. I only have to put the steaks on when you arrive.
_____At exactly 8 o'clock the doorbell rings. I stop to look at myself in the hall mirror, I look fine! I open the door and there you stand with a big smile on your face. "Hey, how ya doing?"
_____"I'm just fine please come in. Did you have any trouble finding the place?" I ask.
_____"No, it was a piece of cake darling." You bend forward and lightly place a kiss on my cheek as you hand me the bottle of wine. I almost drop it. Damn girl, you have to know how you are affecting me. "You smell very good, Amsale. What are you wearing?" You ask as I take your coat.
_____"I's a combination of body oils. One is a musk and the other is a floral."
_____"Well I like the way that combination smells on ya."
_____"Well thank you. I find that some of the oils mix together helps to enhance the fragrance of each oil."
_____"Ah, it also helps to enhance the person who is wearing the fragrance. You are a wonderful alchemist. I must let you make a fragrance for me one day. Will you do that for me?" _____If I had my way I would make a fragrance for you everyday. Before I can answer you walk into the living room.
_____"You're playing Alex Bugnon. I like the way he plays keyboard. Shall we dance?" You walk over to where I am standing and slip you arms around my waist pulling me very close to you. I think that I will fall through the floor as I feel your body so close to mine. You smell good too! I love the way you guide me around the living room floor. My heart is working over time. You are humming along with the music in my ear. There it goes again. Another electrifying charge surges through my body. I have been having them all day. All I have to do is think of you. I want to melt in your arms. You sre wearing a very white shirt with a black string tie and a pair of Guess jeans. Your belt buckle matches the ornaments that adorn your boots. You are exquisite. Oh yeah, you have me. The song ends. "Thank you lady for the dance."
_____"You are welcome" I manage to say. "Will you like to sit awhile and talk or will you like me to fix our steak now."
_____"Whatever is best for you. I'll take it any way you decide to bring it sweetie." You wink at me as I leave the room to go to the kitchen. Damn you look good.
_____"Robyn, how do you like your steak cooked," I yell from the kitchen. "You neglected to tell me this morning."
_____"I like my steak well done if you please. And is there anything that I can help you with?"
_____I think to myself, yeah you could touch this throbbing that is happening between my legs. But instead I say, "No, I'm fine sweetie, two well done steaks coming right up!"
_____"Amsale, you have a very nice place. Did you decorate it yourself?"
_____"Yes I did. I got most of my ideas from magazines and some from department stores. This is my haven away from the rat race and I try to make it as pleasing to me as I can. I'm very glad that you like it."
_____We eat our steaks, drink wine, talk, and laugh about the silly things that we each encounter in our daily lives. You are so easy to talk to and be with.
_____I really like you. I knew when I was watching you that it is more than a physical thing. It goes much deeper than that. I am enamored by your very presence. We continue to talk and I find out that we have a lot of things in common. For one, you like to write poetry and I love reciting it. I always had a flare for the dramatics. I tell you to bring some of your poetry over so that I could recite it to music. "I have some of my stuff in my truck. Will you mind if I ask you to recite some now? I would love to hear you recite my poetry to music!" You sprang from the house to retrieve your poetry.
_____You return with a black leather bound book. Your name is engraved on the front cover in red lettering. You sat on the floor and began leafing through the book. I sat on the other side of you, watching you decide which poem you want me to read. I love the way you are so involved with choosing just the right poem. The name of the poem is called "High".
_____I quickly read it to get a feel for the movement of the verses. This is a beautiful piece. Now it is my turn to choose the appropriate music to enhance the poem. I decide to play an instrumental piece performed by John Coltrane.

When I think of you my mind is captivated
I feel so high, intoxicated
In your essence I'm mesmerized
Your love took my heart by surprise

My love you'll never miss
I be feening for your kiss
I'm enchanted by the love you bring
I wanna be your everything

I dream of you when I'm not sleep
I'm lost in this love so deep
I'm exhilarated beyond reality
forever you and me!

_____When I reach this part of the poem I start to read very fast. I begin to feel the words on the page and I don't know how much longer I can control the need to be held by you. I glance at you and you are sipping your wine and smiling. It is a warm and inviting smile. I'm so confused. Could you be inviting me to make love? Oh those crazy feelings.

Your love got me high
Far above the sky
I wanna be where you are
you are my star!

_____I can no longer read. I find myself reaching for you. I want you to take me to the place that those two lovers have found in each other. I want you to take me higher. I want to be in your arms loving you, kissing you, touching you.
_____I close the book and you whisper, "What's wrong, Amsale? You didn't like my poem?"
_____As I looked deep into your eyes I say, "No, no my sweet, I love your poem. Its just that I would like to make love to you and have you make love to me."
_____"Then we shall."
_____You pull me into your arms. Parting my lips, your tongue enters my mouth and another electric surge flows through my body. The throbbing between my legs increases with every pull of my tongue. I reach for your tongue tasting it before pulling it further into my mouth. You let out a loud sigh and I feel my self-control leave.
_____Your hands caress my breasts and you talking to me. "Sweet Amsale, let me taste you, let me cum inside of you." You pull my dress over my head and lay bare my naked body. The desire between us is magnetic.
_____The charge lit the entire room. Your body on top of mine, my body on top of yours, our arms and legs wrapping unwrapping, grabbing, holding rubbing touching.
_____Just when I think that I can't possibly cum again I feel your tongue slip into my creamy pulsating pussy. I scream. My back arches and my hips move to meet your piecing tongue. In and out, out and in, in and out, sucking, licking, sucking, licking. I explode.
_____We gather each other and in an instant I straddle your body and place my pussy on your hairy mound. We rock back and forth, up and down, around and around. You reach up and touch my breast as we continue our lovers dance. "Oh Robyn, Robyn feel me baby feel me."
_____"Ohmm, I do, I do, I do!"
_____I kiss your mouth, your chin, your neck, your breast, and your stomach. After greeting your body with my tongue, I plunge my tongue deep inside of your very wet pussy. The taste is almost more than I can stand. I want to cum again but hold out this time because I want us to cum together. Your back arches and you let out a very loud cry. "I'm cumming baby, oh Amsale, Amsale!"
_____"I hear you baby, I feel you, cum, cum, cum!" Our bodies explode together and we both relax at the same time. Ahhhhhhh!!!
_____It is over. We lay there holding each other--not saying anything, just cherishing the moment. We fall asleep in each others arms and another day passes.

The End

Copyright © 1998. All Rights Reserved. Used with Author's permission

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