Cabrina McLain

_____The phone rings, and without looking at my caller ID, I know that it's you. I rush along the corridor, jump over my cat Mystic, to pick up the telephone. " Hey Gemini," I answer. "What's going on?"
_____I hear a small sigh, followed by a gentle whisper as you say to me, " Are you ready or what? I want you come and get me now! I'm dying to be with you! " That voice, oh that sweet, soft voice drives me crazy.
_____Without any hesitation, I respond that I'm coming, hang up the phone, feed my little "catbastard" (my affectionate name for the feline) and I head up to you.
_____It's been three years, and we've seemed to have kept our long distance relationship healthy, consistent and steamy. It seems like yesterday, taking you out to that wonderful fondue restaurant, gazing into your beautiful bronzed eyes, reading a poem celebrating your 35th birthday and my love for you. And, as I drive up to Philly to be with you, I leave Baltimore feeling a paroxysm of joy. You are the love of my life, and when I think of our trip to New York together, I fantasize about exchanging dialogue with you on the train, making love to you in the hotel room, and seducing you on the dance floor. I can't wait, the thought of spending this weekend with you makes me wet, and I'm going to make sure you pay for every desire I've had.
_____Two hours fly by, as I pull up to your driveway, the sun has descended, and hues of orange and yellow light surge through your doorway and grab warmth to your wooden floors as you come barefoot to meet me. We celebrate our encounter with a soft, long and enduring kiss. I look down at you, my merlon lipstick slightly compressed over your gloss, and I wonder how you will look in 2 years at 40. Your beauty astounds me, captivated, I feel breathless. You close the door, hold my hand, and guide me to your bedroom. It's early fall, and I watch you as you slip on sleek, high heeled, chocolate boots. And as you slide the last one over your strong but beautiful calves, I get a full glimpse of what your wearing and my level of excitement generates. I tell you that I want to touch you but, you make me wait. I stare at your walk, wanting to see my dark hands brush against your beige Swede pants and blouse and on your glistening caramelized skin.
_____Thirty minutes fly by, we're both packed and ready, driving the beltway to our train destination. During our twenty minute conversation, we discuss arrival times, and the itinerary for the evening and days to come. It's 7 o'clock on an early November evening. I have a mouth full of surprises in store for you, and like a child on Christmas Eve, I'm eager to get to the train. Just to sit beside you and stare in to your eyes listening to your thoughts and desires sends me over the edge. You keep me (as you always have) wanting more. And loving you is the beginning for me every time I'm with you.
_____Our train arrives, we chose a seat, stash our carryons and sit in quietness. Minutes go by and we both speak simulateanously. "What do you want to do first?" We both say and laugh out together. You say you want to go out for dinner. I say I want to go salsa dancing. We agree on both. The rest of our ride, we talk about work, the latest music, movies and our feelings for one another. Your hand is holding mine, my lips brush through your hair and send whispered messages of my love for you in your ear. We look at each other as if no one else exists. And when I think of our time together, like many before, it's an enormous trip of a lifetime with you. I listen as the conductor announces our train stop, knowing that my destination with you has just begun, I kiss your cheek softly, look in to your eyes and prepare myself for paradise.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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