__________by EroticDichotomy

I want to taste you like a summer breeze in July.
Brush my fingers through your soul extensions
And find your hidden treasure
Dig deeply for my riches and feel your earth tremble
Under the impressions of my soul
Reaching so far that I see angels singing
And feel the Euphoria of Love.
I want to walk through your heaven's door
With my tongue as the key in sweet ecstacy
You tip over the brink of control
And freely give your captivity to me.
You Feel so good
You feel like a dream fantasy
Turned to reality
Your perfections in itself
Gives me the joy of a thousand beating hearts.
When we makes love
I lose myself under our touch
As Rapture encases me until I cry
I cry in nirvana intertwining myself in you
Before melting in your consciousness.
You feel like heaven washing over me,
Sating in the afterglow of our sexual meeting
When we make love, I feel it so deeply

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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