_____I love the end of the summer. My good friend always leaves her beach house in my hands for a couple weeks during her annual Fall trip back East. This time I invited a playmate to help me enjoy this great house. I went to the grocery store and stocked up well before Brie arrived. I was planning to seduce her taste buds as well as her body that night.
_____I wanted the aroma to entice her as she stepped through the door. I made boiled red potatoes, asparagus spears with prosciutto wrapped around and lightly grilled as well as tender grilled salmon steaks. I set the table, chilled the wine and warmed the bread.
_____I heard Brie's car pull up. I went outside to greet her and to take her bag. I took her hand and led her into the living room. It had high ceilings, oak walls and marble counters.
_____"Why don't you kick off your shoes and relax with a drink while I finish dinner."
_____"I can't wait", Brie grinned.
_____She went over to the bar, made herself a gin & tonic, then leaned on the counter next to me as I sliced the bread. A smile spread across her face as she sniffed the air and tried to guess what was on the menu.
_____"Did you have a nice drive down?"
_____"Yeah, it is beautiful here."
_____"Nice that all the tourists have gone."
_____"Nice isn't the word."
_____"We get a private beach to do private things" I smiled slyly.
_____"Is that right? We'll have to save that kinda talk till after you have fed me." Brie laughed.
_____I had her take her drink to the table as I began setting out the food. I loved the amazed look she had as I placed each dish before her.
_____"Don't wait for me, dig in."
_____"Is this a test to see how rude I am?" "Cause I am bout to fail miserably."
_____"Ha-ha, no please, eat. I'll catch up."
_____With that she helped herself, fixed her plate and began eating. After her 1st bite her posture changed and she slid down in her seat a little. As she pulled the fork out of her mouth, she gazed at me with a look of pure ecstasy. All I could do was grin feeling like that part of my mission was indeed accomplished.
_____Towards the end of the meal I had to caution her to slow down and leave some room for dessert. The sun was setting and the air was still and warm so we decided to have dessert outside on the deck. Brie went out and got settled while I brought out a deep-dish cherry pie with pieces of chocolate baked into the crust, ala mode of course. Brie saw the pie and ice cream, cocking her head to one side looking at me as if to ask, "Are you for real?" I giggled and served up a slice of pie and ice cream. After dessert we sat and talked for awhile, truly relaxed and comfortable.
_____As the fullness wore off, I looked Brie in the eye and said, "Now that I have taken care of pleasing your insides, it will soon be time for me to please your outside as well."
_____"I bet it will be just as delicious", she said.
_____I thought to myself, "You have no idea."
_____I take Brie by the hand and lead her into the bathroom, where there was a towel and robe waiting for each of us. After we slipped out of our clothes and took quick showers, we stepped out the back door to a cedar sauna. I closed the door and got the steam going. The only source of light in the sauna was coming from 2 lavender bulbs overhead. There were two levels of seats in the sauna, so I sat on the higher one with Brie on the lower one in front of me, her shoulders between my knees. With the steam beading up on Brie's skin, I used the moisture as I rubbed the muscles in her neck, shoulders and back. She closed her eyes and leaned back, melting into my touch. Exploring her body, I slid my hands around her sides and stroked her tender skin, cupping my hands under her breasts - softly kneading them alternating between stiff pinches of her nipples. I leaned forward and rubbed my nose and lips across her neck, inhaling her scent.
_____Brie let her towel hit the floor making it hard for me to just sit there and do nothing. I moved down as I encouraged her to move to the top level of seats. I got down on my knees in front of her, kissing and caressing her thighs. I ran my hand over her trim, using my thumb and forefinger to spread her puckered pussy lips. Leading with the tip of my tongue, I make wet circles around Brie's ever growing clit. She lifts her hips slightly and spreads her thighs wider, inviting me to explore her further with my tongue. My tender deliberate licking was rewarded with intense moans that echoed off the walls of the sauna. She grinded her pussy against my hard working mouth with barely anything to hold on to. I sucked and licked in constant pursuit of Brie's volcanic climax, pleased at the fact that this was just the beginning of what I had planned for this girl.
_____"Oooooh shiiiit, baby. I'm so ready,fuck!", Brie hissed.
_____Her hips bucked upward into my already active stroke during her release. Before she could catch her breath, I wrapped the robe around her and led her back inside the house. After another quick little shower, I started a fire, made us drinks and settled down on the couch. Brie stretched back and put her legs across mine. I smiled at her obvious realization that I was packing thickness under my robe. She felt it with her leg and continued to rub up against it as if she was trying to confirm it's presence.
_____I parted the front of my robe as the tip of my pony spung up to greet. Brie immediately slid off the couch and got between my legs, gripping the shaft of my strap. Looking deep into my eyes, she curled her lips around the tip and slowly bobbed up and down. She licked the length, then stood before me dropping her robe to the floor and straddling me, reaching behind grabbing the dick. Brie arched her back and slid 4 of the 10 inches into her, looking me dead in the eye, gently biting her bottom lip. She leaned forward with her hands on my shoulders and pumped greedily allowing the other 6 inches to enter her. I nibbled her left nipple and pinched her right as Brie hit her stride. I tried to match my nibbles and pinches to her heated rhythm working itself out on top of me. I added a bounce to her hump that hit it just a little bit deeper. Brie was pouncing her hips into mine so hard there was a suction pop between each stroke. Just as the action hit a fever pitch, Brie's eyes rolled back in her head. She sat down hard on an inward thrust, letting every inch sit inside her during her climax. She wrapped herself around me both of us soaking wet and panting.
_____"Can you believe we have this house for 3 more days?" I asked Brie.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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