debra diana blue

I have this fantasy about you and me. you're dressed in black leather and looking particularly good and evil.

you are my master and order me to go and prepare myself. you have laid out an outfit, shoes and makeup for me. you tell me that i'd better not be a minute too long, or i'll suffer.

i dress, put on my makeup and fix my hair according to your instructions. i look like your slut and you assure me that as your bitch i will do as i'm told.

"yes daddy" i say. "you look like the whore i knew you could be". then you kiss me rough on the mouth, making my pussy throb. 'you command me to get on my knees. then you stand in front of me and unzip your leather jeans....slowly you drop your pants to your knees and you have on a one piece black vinyl harness and dick.. i gasp at the size of it.

you grab my hair and say 'suck it bitch, suck daddy's fat black dick". you put it into my mouth and start fucking my mouth slowly. i can smell the heat from your pussy. while you've got me sucking your dick, you tell me to slide my fingers into your pussy. as you pump your dick into my mouth you slide your pussy deeper onto my fingers. you tell me "daddy's gonna cum and you'd better make it good".

while i have my fingers in your pussy, i snake my tongue inside the harness to your clit and lick it while you are fucking my fingers and grabbing my hair. you start to pump your hips in my face to let me know that you're coming and i push my fingers into you hard and take your clit in my mouth. you order me to take my free hand and play with your nipples because it is my duty to make sure that you're orgasm is off the hook. i do as you command and you say 'yeah, that's right, just like that. you start to cum and press yourself against my face harder. letting a guttural moan while i'm pumping my fingers into you and keeping my tongue on your throbbing clit. you shout "yeah, bitch make me cum, bust daddy's nut, whore" you fall aganst me with a loud moan while your hips are bucking your body hard against me. wave after wave of hot juice floods my fingers while you lean against me and continue to buck uncontrollably against me. as your orgasmic waves subside, you slide down to the floor with me and together we lick your copious flow from my hand.


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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