by Niteluv

_____The wipers swung back and forth as they hypnotized me. I let my mind wander as the quiet of the rain and Miles on the radio isolated us from the world. Just me and the woman I loved. I loved to look at her, especially now, as she slept. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road as her beautiful caramel skin made me drunk. Me and Deb were taking our first vacation. "Damn fool,"I told myself, "you're just asking for trouble by going away with her." But as usual she could ask me for anything and I'd gladly do it . . . just so I could see her beautiful smile. She woke and caught me staring at her . . . I felt the heat of embarrassment flood my face but all she did was grin at my discomfort and wink which made me feel more awkward.
_____"Why don't we try and find someplace to stay tonight?" she asked. "We could finish the trip tomorrow." I agreed and we pulled into the first motel that seemed to afford us some privacy. I went in and got the room key. We quickly ran into the room but still wound up getting soaked by the rain. Deb began to pull of her jacket and shoes, I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and said, "let me help you with that." I dried her hair and face. I wanted to kiss her so much as I stood there holding her beautiful face in my hands. I had to steady myself as I ran the towel across her back while I eased her shirt off.
_____"Damn," I thought, "can't let myself get caught out there." I had to play it hard...couldn't let her know just how much she affected me. "Let me get a fire started that will help us warm up." I quickly found some wood and, as I scrambled to find some matches, I felt heat run up my back. It wasn't coming from the fireplace but from Deb as she had eased up behind me. I turned around to find that she had finished drying off and changed into a t-shirt and boxers.
_____"How cute," I thought. My heart raced at the sight of her standinig so close. I had always wanted to tell her how much I loved her . . . how much I wanted to make love to her . . . to tell her that she invades my mind every waking minute of the day . . . But I was afraid to. I had just come out of a bad marriage and she had just left the father of her baby. Seemed ridiculous to think that she would be down for another relationship, nevermind a lesbian one. I would often call her or she would call me when the b.s. with our men was too much and no matter how deep it got we always consoled each other.
_____My eyes searched the room for something to fix on other than her navel ring pressed against her t-shirt. "Why are you so quiet?" she asked.
_____"It's nothing--just checking out the room."
_____Debbie opened a bottle of wine left there as compliments from the motel. I sat down as I took the glass poured for me from her hands. "You must be tired from all that driving today. Let me take off your boots for you." I lifted my foot and she carefully eased them off. She began to massage my foot and I jumped in shock. "What's the matter? I was just going to rub them. I figured you it would help you relax."
_____Relax??? I was wound up like a clock. "Listen," I said, "when you grabbed my foot I wasn't ready for that. I mean it made me feel strange."
_____"Why?" she pressed.
_____At that moment. I don't if it was the wine taking hold of me or if it was the fact that she was so close to me that I felt the urgency to tell her how I felt about her. "Deb, I have to tell you something and I need you to let me finish before you say anything. I know we've been close friends and you know me better than anyone else. You and I both know the shit we've been through, but there's one thing that I've been keeping from you. I'm in love with you and have been for about 3 years now. I don't want this to ruin our friendship and if this is something you can't handle that's cool. I just want to be honest with you because I can't continue to be around you and not say anything." Debbie sat in the chair expressionless. I cursed myself in the silence for being so stupid and for scaring her away from me. "I'm sorry I told you-"
_____"Shhh," she said as she covered my mouth with her hands. "Don't be sorry. It is true--I do know you better than anyone else. I've known that you loved me. I think that's what has been a big problem for me and Jamal. He knew that I too was in love with you. I was not going to bring it up until I knew that you were ready to tell me how you felt." A tear ran down my cheek. "Don't cry," she said as she wiped it away. She pulled me close to her and pressed her lips softly against mine I exploded in the cinnamon flavored ecstasy.
_____Our lips parted for a second and met again as I pulled her closer to me. I was set aflame by the smell of her hair and ran my hands through it. I left her lips only long enough to trail kisses down her throat, licking and nibbling my way down until I reached her breasts. I gently pulled on her nipple with my teeth and heard a slight moan as her body stiffened in my arms. I continued to tease and play with her until I felt the nipple growing steadily harder in my mouth. .I backed her up to the couch and gently pushed her down. By now her t- shirt was off and I proceeded to slip my hands into the top of her boxers. I caressed her buttocks and marveled at the softness of her skin and how small her waist was. I pulled the shorts off in a fury of passion and grabbed her around her middle. I inhaled her wonderful scent and was dizzy at the thought that was finally happening. I took her hand in mine while I continued to kiss my way down her navel until I reached the soft patch of hair above her clit. I began to kiss very lightly up her innner thighs while encircling her lips.
_____Her hips began to thrust toward me in a search of frustration. My lips met hers . . . my tongue licking every inch of her . . . sucking and rolling her clit between my teeth. I increased my rhythm to match hers. She moaned and ran her hand over my head. I released her other hand and concentrated on making her cum. She began to gasp and her breathing seemed labored. I licked my index fingered and slowly inserted it. She convulsed and tried to pull away. I held her still and drove my head deeper in her. I maintained the pace of my tongue and increaesed pressure in her vagina by putting in more fingers. "Oh God ,don't stop!"she begged. I wanted her to cum so i could taste her juices. I wanted so much to possess every inch of her, to consume her.
_____"Cum for me baby,"I whispered. Just then, I felt her legs wrap around my head as she rocked in pure pleasure. I held on to her trembling body as she came. As the tide rushed over her I felt her go completely limp and I raised my head to kiss her once again. I held her tight and whispered, "I love you Deb." She turned over and rested her head on my chest and repeated the same. We lay there entwined in each other and drifted to sleep.


Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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