by ROC
_____It's two years to the day that we became one. As we leave for our separate places of employment, I watch you walk ahead of me, out the door. Your body as perfect as it was the day I met you. Lot's of womanly moves eluding from under your dress. Lawd gurl, you really work my nerves . . . your off black hose and pumps . . . i just want to walk up behind you, pull up your dress, and--I guess i'll have to wait. We get into our separate vehicles and leave our abode.
_____Upon arriving at my office, my phone rings and it's you. "How you doing Poppy?" reply.."Much better now baby gurl". We exchange a few minutes of dialogue, and I ask, "Are we still on for this evening?" reply.."I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world lover." I go on about my day with thoughts of loving you heavy on my mind.
_____It's 4pm time to check out this mad house and make the rendezuous to celebrate my love coming into my life. We decided to meet at the place of our first date, the movie theater. Upon arrival I get two tickets for the worst and longest running show there...and i await the arrival of you.
_____Not too long after, I see you drive up. As i watch you exit your vehicle, I am fascinated at your sensualness, as you walk towards me, my face, as well as my sexual glands light up with anticipation. "Hi my Poppy," you say as you reach out to kiss me. We kiss and hold each other for a moment.
_____You take my arm and we walk together, arm in arm to the ticket taker. Popcorn, a coke and hot tamales candy is our routine. We get our eats and make our way to our theater. We are only a few minutes early so, upon entering we find our seats, close to the back and next to the wall. No one is in here except us....hummm the anticipation is getting the best of me.
_____We sit down and get settled and the lights go down. I feel your hand come over into my lap, searching for your suprise...yes i'm packing, just for you....and with your moans i know you approve. Now everything else is either on the floor or in a seat next to us. With my hands free, passionatly we kiss, deep and long as i explore your breasts, your arms, your lips and yesnow your thighs, first just softly feeling through your dress. Then slowly i work your dress up your thighs, slowly, definitively my hand makes it's way up the canal between your soft thighs.
_____You gently spread your legs apart fo allow me access to your garden, and i accept and continue my trek to that soft, moist place i know so well. Even though i knew there would be none, there is still a tinge of surprise when my fingers go far enough to feel your bush, and wetness emitting through it. No barrier, no panties...and one finger finds it's way through the forrest and touches the tip of the mountain that is hard as a rock now, along with your nipples.
_____As i softly lay kisses upon your neck, ears and shoulders those sounds of utter N'Joyment errodes the sounds of the movie. Now the first finger is joined by another and all they want to enter together into that very tight space that makes you scream and cream all at the same time. My hand is soaking wet with your juices flowing, from you to me and now you want more.
_____You unzip my pants and take "leroy" from his resting place, hard and 81/2 inches long.....i listen to your sound of approval. As you reach in and bring him out, you lick your lips and kiss me, wetly. Now you come over to my seat and stradle me, facing me. As you let leroy make his entrance into your lake of love, the movement of your hips, the jerking of your body let's me know that you're liking what you feel. The sounds of love exude from your full lips unto and into my ears.
_____Feeling your round ass, holding onto and assisting the movement upon my rod...and whispering try to get you to quiet down. Now feeling the stiffining of your body and sensing the rhythm getting much quicker, and the beautiful sound of you and I loving and giving one to another....has exploded into an intense eruption of volcanic proportion...
_____Thank goodness no-one else was here.


Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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