Twenty one years old, pretty wet behind the ears and only 2 and a half years into “the life.” I never knew why they called it the “life” because in my mind whom I chose to have sex or a relationship with was nobody’s business. I didn’t impose my sexuality on everybody because my life wasn’t about who’s panties I could get into it was about living my own damn life the way I wanted and not worrying about who was watching and why. Living my life should not be treated like a freak show or a porno. For me, being a lesbian wasn’t about sex, it was about a relationship. I wanted to hold to my principles of a relationship before any kind of sex would occur. But as to say, even the strongest of principles and willpower soon weakens after so long of neglect.

It was approximately 2 years since the last time I had sexin. Why is that? Probably because I was still hurt by my ex and wanted to take my time pacing about looking for the “one.” But in all my searching all I found in women my was games, sex, drugs and stupidity, and the ones who weren’t about all that were already taken. What a bummer for me and at that 2-year mark, my body was starting to lose patience and my mind was slowly giving in. I needed release, but damn I am picky. I don’t find myself attracted in a sexual way to just anybody and besides, as much as some women be hoein I was a bit apprehensive. So instead of the usual meat club aka Calamity Jane’s, I headed to the lipstick lounge, which had a much more laid back atmosphere.

I drove up to the Lipstick Lounge, which was not your usual club. There was a band that played old school music along with this big beautiful woman who sang her heart out. I loved to hear her every time I visited. The bar was something that reminded me of cheers, very well crafted with a tender who actually knew who I was even after one visit. The tables were set up in a rather crowded manner seeing how this used to be a house and not really a club. A nice homely feeling with vibrant colored walls. The lounge upstairs is what made this place so laid back. Large leather couches and sofas, a coffee table full of magazines and books, paintings from local artist and a red velvet pool crafted in a deep dark oak wood. It was the type of atmosphere where no matter if you came with somebody or not, you would always sit around and find a good conversation or a good book. I often enjoyed this type of atmosphere.

As I entered, the security checked me out to make sure I had no open containers or dangerous weapon. I joked about how a innocent woman like me could possibly be dangers, but I understood because it was standard procedure for all. And besides most of the gay/lesbian places had to be shut down due to a number of violent incidents. The owners of this place were determined to keep it safe and alive, for that I admired them.

I walked in looking about. The lights were dim, the music was a little slow and mellow and the aroma of fresh pastas and wine were in the air. The mood was enhanced by the low candlelights around the place. It was very romantic, but since I was alone it was depressing as well. Sighing, I headed up stairs to see who was in the lounge. Oh to my surprise, no one was there and not for a while judging form the perfect format the book were position in. So I sat there reflecting on what I was doing wrong and why couldn’t I have a piece of the pie like all the other lesbians my age. Maybe it was the fact that I was big, or perhaps because I was too picky in whom I wanted, or maybe it was the fact that I didn’t fit the usual “lesbian” image.

You know the femme with the long, straightened hair, submissive, small framed and hormone driven. I wasn’t any of this. I was large with dreadlocks all over the place. Some of my locks had red tips, other with blonde tips, I was aggressive and, at many points, arrogant when it came to business. I was not so driven by my hormones or physical needs, but my emotional and spiritual needs. I, at some points, cross-dressed to the masculine side just to get a feel of what it was like and to throw people off. In my mind, I was unbreakable and I wore that attitude quite well. Maybe that was my problem, maybe I knew too much about me and people enjoyed the women who didn’t quite know what they wanted and would do a lot to find it. What other explanation was there? I sat there, somewhat reading and mostly contemplating on this.

“Are you finding everything alright?” A voice said, snapping me back to reality. As I looked up, I saw her, Damion. She was shorter than I, very well built and a walking turn on, considering she looked exactly like my celebrity crush, Meshell Ndegeocello. Trying to play it smooth I gave her a slight smile and answered her back. “Well, yes I am well and everything is well.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, stepping closer into the room, “you look a little lost. Not like I’ve seen you when you’re around your aunt’s shop getting your hair done.”

True, usually around her shop I was absorbed in listening, talking and joking around. I tend to blend in well over there with the afrocentric themes throughout the shop. However, in a place like this, I stuck out like a sore thumb. “Just in deep thought that’s all. Nothing more or less than that.”

“Looks pretty intense,” she said, sliding on the couch with me, “Mind sharing?” I felt myself starting to moisten. Damn, why did she have to do this? I turned to her, looking her up and down. She wasn’t dressed in her standard club ‘uniform’ of a suit and tie. She was dressed down in heavy denim jeans, leather cowboy hat, white t-shirt, a denim vest and black lizard skinned boots. And with her dimply smile, she was even sexier than I remembered. Mmm Mmm Mmm

I quirked an eyebrow at her, placing my index finger on my chin to brace it up. “It’s nothing really.” I said in a straight tone, “So tell me why aren’t you working the doors tonight?”

“Ah well.” she sighed laying back, “I had a late project to do today and so I had to have someone else cover my shift. And besides, tonight I wanted to relax not fool with under aged kids trying to hang with the big dawgs. You know?” She shifted again, crossing her legs like a guy would, looking to me with her brown eyes. “Take you for instance, you’re young when comparing your age to the average crowd. But you respect this place and blend in better then they would. They tend to want to drink, get drunk and get our license pulled. We don’t need that; we want to keep this place around, maybe even more to a bigger location when push comes to shove. Having immature kids in here just gives us a bad name. We already have enough bad things going for the community, but to have them wrecking up the place and having the law breathe down our necks, it’s not what we need.”

I crossed my legs and listened intently. She was interesting and very deep with a humorous edge that I loved, suave and smooth. I could feel myself start to go deeper into her, wanting to know more about her and why she wore this mystique about her. I think she began feeling it as well, but seemed to play it cool.

“So tell me, why would someone like you, in their primed 22 want to come to a place like this full of older women and old skool music?”

“Maybe I like the atmosphere.” I said, “I’m not a big club head like my peers and I don’t enjoy the atmosphere of hump hump dance dance then get freaked on. I tend to be more laid back and just chill, enjoy the music and the company, not just dance and freak.”

I turned to her and looked directly in her eyes, giving her a hint of the passion, which burned for her. “And maybe I also like the interesting conversations I get as well. Being the unusual womyn that I am.”

“Quite an unusual one indeed.” she said sliding a bit closer to me, “I like that in womyn. It’s something about the whole vibe of a young person with an old soul. But y’know, I don’t think there’s ever a soul that can handle me.”

I looked her up and down then quirked a brow at her. “Handle you? You’re not even my height and you’re talking about handling you? Hah, Daimon, you’re a trip.”

“Oh, you think you can handle me?” she said, getting a little heated. I felt this was my opening invitation, but would play just a little longer.

“Daimon.” I said smiling at her, “you talk big, but my mother always told me that big talkers always have little show.”

“Oh, you sound as if you doubt me? Want to find out?”

I smiled mentally. Finally some higher power had heard my lustful wants and needs. I uncrossed then re crossed my legs, hoping that I wasn’t flooding like the Niagara in my panties. I leaned forward into her, giving her my seductive look. “Yes I doubt you and I would enjoy finding out. But uhm… I don’ think you, at your age, have enough energy to handle a person of my *ahem* stature and energies. I am young, as you know, and very, very energetic.”

The look on her face was priceless. Yes I was questioning her ability to keep up with me, or was it my ability to keep up with her? It was well known around town that Daimon, despite her age, had a lot of energy. And that was coming from a girl who was only 3 years older than I and walked bow legged for 2 weeks straight. Daimon couldn’t believe that I would actually want to test her like that, but she smiled anyways, believing she’d found yet another victim. She stood up and handed me a card.

“Here’s my home address, not far from here. If you are that brave enough, young one, then meet me there in 10.”

I took the card and looked at it. “Alright, old lady, 10 minutes.”

“Old LADY!? Alright, I got your old lady. See you there.”

“In 10.”

I watched her leave the lounge. I stepped to the bathroom and took anther check. I was looking cute, and since I had locks, no need to try to put them in place. I left, winking at one of the owners and kissing another one on the keep before heading to my destination. There it was, Daimon’s house, which wasn’t big or small, but just right and quaint. I loved the lighting of the exterior; it gave it a nice calm glow. The architecture was old style German. I loved the exterior.

Then the door opened. Daimon stood there completely changed from the cowboy get up to the more luxurious laid-back robe and an old man pipe in her mouth. “Come in my dear.” she said in that kind of Alfred Hitchcock voice, “tonight, you are my ‘special’ guest.” I smirked at her, entering the house and taking off my coat as I entered. My lips brushed against her only for a slight moment before moving further into the room, folding the coat and laying it on the couch. “My, my, all you need is more grey, a beard and that would fit you.”

She licked her lips, closed the door and moved in on me, wrapping her arms around my hips while looking up to me. “I am an older person. I do have distinct tastes.” She said as her lips found mine. My body screamed with passion and my lips burned with desire. I couldn’t help but race my fingers up and down her back, playing with her ears and rubbing the top of her head. She began to grind against me and I wanted her to please me in mind and body.

I pushed her against the wall and began to speed up the pace, tugging at her robe while hungrily tongued her, pressing my body against her. I could sense her tensing up, not used to being over powered by such aggression. She pushed me back slightly and looked at me. “Why don’t we take this upstairs, where you can be a little more… comfortable?”

She took me by my hand, kissing my fingertip then leading me up the stairs to a well-decorated and vibrant room that reminded me of a bachelor’s room. Dark vibrant colors highlighted by gold patterns and the scent of men’s cologne, Curve or Cool Waters, in the air. The room itself was intoxicating and the aroma an aphrodisiac. This time Daimon took the lead, laying me down upon the king sized bed, taking off my clothing in what seemed like one smooth motion. There I laid, nude, before the woman whom I had lusted after for so long.

She moved between my legs, laying on top of me, sucking my erect nipples, first the left one then the right one. I moaned, squirming under her touch. She had me and she knew it, which was why she was taking her time, making me want her. She wanted to take me to the point of begging, but my pride would keep my tongue silenced in the prison of my mouth. So she pressed on in her teasing, licking me, touching me, brushing her fingernails along the ridges of my erogenous zones. Then, as if the gates of my mouth had been torn down, I finally gave into her demands.

“Daimon, baby… please… ah.” I gasped between breaths, “Take me… now… make me cum….mmm baby, baby please… take me now.”

Then she stopped, moved up to me and kisses me passionately before looking into my eyes. “So you really want this?” she asked, playing with my wet pussy with one of her hands, “do you really want to try this?”

“Ah, Yes baby. I want you, I’ve been wanting you since I first… ah… saw you.”

“Really? How much?” she took my breast into her mouth, waiting for my answer as she kept sucking.

“I AH… want u… with all, ah, my being… p-p-pleeeasseee.”

With that she moved between my legs, slurping up my wetness while twisting her demon tongue around my swollen clit, almost making me cum. All I could so was grip the sheets, roll my eyes in the back of my head and bite me bottom lip holding back my screams of ecstasy. She stopped again, this time with a bit of annoyance. “Uh uhn.” she exclaimed, looking at me, “I’m gonna break your little pride before tonight is up girlie. You’re dealing with an old pro.”

I sat up, pushing myself to meet her in an equally annoyed look mixed with predatory gleam. “And if you keep stopping, I’ll break you…literally.”

Our eyes battled one another to see who was righter than whom. And in the last few seconds of what seemed like an eternity, Daimon smirked, playing it cool and said “Alright, missy. But you WILL scream before I’m done with you tonight.”

I had every intention of screaming if the sex was good, but she was going to have to work for it and prove she was the ‘old pro’ she claimed to be.

She laid me back then went to the nightstand for a moment. My eyes wondered curiously at her fumbling and such. Finally she pulled out a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold and a feather, then coyly smiled at me. As my eyes shifted from her to the objects, I could feel my body shudder in excitement, my nipples harden at the very thought of being controlled by her. “Relax, baby, I won’t hurt you… much.”

I smiled, laying back to let her handcuff me. Despite her size, she was very gentle, teasing me around my erogenous zones with the feather then kissing behind them gently. With the blindfold on, I couldn’t tell which direction she was coming from, just that each touch, each kiss, each feeling of hot breath felt like a thousand infernos burning to the surface of my body, driving me to insanity, but I still would not give her the satisfaction of screaming… not just yet.

After minutes of this foreplay, she spread my thighs apart, moving slowly between them, inhaling my arousal. I damn near screamed as she dragged her tongue from the bottom of my lips to the very tip of my clit, eyes rolled so far in the back of my head that I could damn near see my subconscious orgasm exploded in bright colors. I could feel her smiling as she knew her victory was almost within her grasp, but still I would persist in holding back as much as I could. Then she began licking, sucking, drinking me like fine wine across the ocean. My body jerked, twitched and thrashed about with sensation shooting across my being. I did all I could to keep from screaming, but even the strongest of minds give in and I did as I screamed for some higher power as my body shook violently in an orgasmic wake. When my body was coming down, Damion kept going, making me to cum over and over again, at some points, I swear nail marks were in the dry wall cause I kept trying to climb them to get away.

After getting her fill, she slipped from between my legs, looking at me with her lips dripping with my juices. The blindfold and handcuffs were removed with the vision of her upon me. “Mmmm, sweet young pussy. I love it everytime I get a hold of some, especially virgin pussy like yours.” She said as she laid next to me, stroking my stomach while looking into my eyes. I couldn’t resist brushing my hand between her legs and then play a little in her wet pussy. The touch of my fingers caused her to moan as her eyes rolled in her head.

“mmmm, it looks like the old pro needs a little satisfaction, yes?” I purred, speeding up the pace slightly. Her body twisted under my touch in a primal need to release. She wanted desperately to say no, but her body took hold of all logic before jerking for the pace to speed up, ripping in waves of infernos burning inside. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to hear her plead what she wanted. I wanted to hear her vocalize her every need, want and desire to cum, not just on my hand, but on my lips, on my tongue, in my mouth. I wanted to drink her like I had always fantasized, savor her flavor while hearing her moan under the twists and flicks of my tongue.

The trembling of her body was becoming more and more intense, so intense that her legs gave way and she crashed upon the bed. Somehow I managed to roll her over, sliding gracefully between her legs. She was beautiful, even her trimmed pussy was beautiful. I had often dreamed of this, but never thought I would actually get this chance, so I took it. I slid down between her and slowly dragged my tongue across her lips. Her back arched while she bit her lip trying to hold back her moans. She held to my hair for a few minutes, trying to coax me into giving her more, then tugged my head back gently looking at me.

“Ba…baby… please… no… don’t… ah!”

Each time she spoke, I couldn’t resist touching her, watching her eyes squint then roll in her head like dice. Still, she tried her best to resist me. Resist MY Passion which burned for her and my desire to please her. I smirked watching her struggle to resist, I smiled watching her reaction each time my fingers touched her, then smirked mentally as her grip eased up and I slid between her legs once again, this time giving her more of my talented tongue, giving her more of the pleasure her body longed for, giving her another taste of the passion I wanted to give to her.

As my mouth finally engulfed her swollen, jumping, throbbing clit, I felt her body quake even more, struggle to understand what seemed like a forgotten feeling as my tongue skillfully played with her precious pearl. Her moans demanded that I speed up with her rhymic hips moving fluidly to the beat of whatever primal urge surged through her being in absolute wanting, absolute needing, absolute longing to be touched, caressed, felt, tasted and teased by another woman. So a obliged her longings, tried my best to satisfy what was building to a pinnacle inside her. Then, in a sudden scream, she came, gushing a wave of sweet cum into my mouth and on my face. Damion’s body quaked as she laid there catching her breath.

After I cleaned her up, I slid up to her face, our lips crushed in passion and our tongues twisted atop one another.

“Mmm, baby.” she whispered, pulling back and looking at me through half closed eyes, “That was the shit. For a virgin, you can please a woman.”

I smirked then nibbled her ear, “Maybe I’m not as virgin as you think.”

She stroked my back then nibbled on my neck, licked my ear and whispered, “how bout we find out just how much you’re not then?”

That night changed my life forever as we fucked like rabbits in heat. Any and every position known to womyn I was in, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though she was an old pro, she eventually got tired and we both crashed out at the same time. The last thing I remember before waking up in her arms, I was in a damn crazy kama sutra for lesbian position. Damion, when she woke up, looked to me and smiled, stroking my hair then kissing me on my cheek. Her smile was a warm as the sun which shone upon us, giving our skin this glow, like we were the deities who had awakened from a thousand nights in full glory. She looked deeply into my eyes sighing slightly then kissed my brow.

“Will you stay for breakfast?” she asked with unvoiced anticipation. I smiled back at her, then kissed her on her lips. “Of course.” I answered back in a small whisper.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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