_____On a warm mid-October evening, Shana paged me asking for me to meet her at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Once I parked the car, I wandered though paths of well manicured plots of grass and bushes that led up to gates of the garden. As I crossed into the garden, I spotted Shana sitting in the grass on a blanket beside a small pond.
_____As I arrived, she stood and greeted me with a smoldering kiss I had missed so much since our last. “Great location.” I said.
_____‘Thank you, sweetie. I bought some wine for us to enjoy with our sunset.”
_____“Mmmm, and I brought this.” I smiled holding up a fat blunt. Shana licked her lips in approval.  I lit it up as she poured two glasses of wine.
_____Taking a long toke I passed it to Shana and said, “Damn, I have been thinking of being here with you all day.”
_____“Yeah, baby? Exactly what have you been thinking?” Shana asked slyly raising a brow. Talking ‘dirty’ has always been a big turn on for Shana in our foreplay so her question was designed to solicit verbal torture on her libido.
_____“Well, I was imagining the view as I lay between your thighs, looking up at you as I trail my fingers around your nipples and down over your tummy, sneaking into your bush.”
_____“………Well, go on!”
_____“Ha ha, ok then I see myself steadying on my chest, your thighs resting on each of my shoulders. I grip your legs and leading with my tongue, ease between your pussy lips finding your swelling clit….”
_____Interrupting me Shana said, “Enough!” She grabbed my hand and ran it up under her skirt alerting me to the fact she was not wearing panties. “See what you have done to me?”she asked as she led me to feel how wet she had become.
_____“Mmmm, I bet you taste fabulous.”
_____“Put your mouth where your money is," Shana dared.
_____I leaped forward pinning Shana’s hips down, burying my face between the soft, perfumed skin of her thighs. She instantly arched her back and spread her legs begging for the gentle wet caresses of my tongue.  I began by licking her slowly, giving her pussy just a little bit of my middle finger to squeeze on. The stiffer her clit got, the more she would clinch from a flick of my tongue. Shana got wetter by the second. It seemed to be a crime not to give her more of my hand, so I gave her two full fingers and intensified the attention she got from my lips and tongue. She pushed her hips forward into my hungry mouth not wanting me to lose focus.  No way of that happening.
_____I pulled my fingers out for a moment and replaced them with my fat tongue pushed as deep in her as it could go. I pumped my neck like a chicken to dig deep in her fast and hard.
_____Then I’d stop dead and just wiggle deep in her till she reached down letting me know it was too much. She was so wet; I knew she was ready for my special treat. I kneeled between her open legs and unzipped my shorts letting loose my 10” of stiff chocolate passion. Shana’s eyes were closed so she didn’t know what I was up to yet. That’s when I rubbed the head between her lips and poked the head into her.  Her eyes shot open at the realization I was packing for her.
_____“Oh baby, don’t tease. You know I want it. Don’t make me wait,” Shana begged.
_____I looked at her without a smile, squared my hips and punched every inch into her with one movement. Shana bolted up straight and grabbed my shirt looking me in the eye saying, “Oooh… so you wanna be my Daddi today. Well, you know you gotta earn it everytime to get me to say it.”
_____“A challenge hmmmm? Aight, I’ll earn it.”
_____With that, I began winding my hips back, dipping in to Shana and pulling out to the edge of her just to plunge back in to bang against her g-spot. That move got a major reaction from her, so I hit it just like that again. Shana began biting her bottom lip. I kept that stroke in rhythm, steady and deep watching her face intently.
_____I loved watching her fight against verbalizing the sensations happening between her thighs. Then she fixed her eyes on me as though telling me not to stop so that’s just what I did. Stop. 
_____This panicked look spread across her face and Shana moaned loudly, “Oh Daddi please don’t stop, give it to me Daddi!!”
_____‘That’s what I wanted to hear, baby," I laughed.
_____“Shit, you fuck…mmmm you did earn it baby.”
_____“Not done.” I pumped her hard holding on to her shoulders for leverage, digging deep for her. She leaned back on her elbows and took every inch like a champ. She bucked her hips back at me trying to match my motion as she came closer to her climax. “Is this what you wanted baby?”
_____“Yes Daddi, you know how I like it. So strong, so wet, sooo lucky.” Shana cooed.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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