I stepped into the smoke-filled room, in confident strides.
The night's wet air still clinging to my short locks.
I glanced into the mirror behind the bar,
checking my image.
making certain of my appearance.
Damn! I thought, I was wearing that skirt.
My legs in the best shape that they'd ever been in,
big thighs, curvaceous long legs, ever so strong!
Great, I said to myself, over and over again...I'm okay
hoping that the butterflies in my stomach would not betray me.

Slowly, I surveyed the room...nothing unusual for a Friday night.
It was still early,
not quite 10p.m.
Curiosity rising,
I wondered, how would she look?
Would we hit it off?
How the night would play out?
Could I really go through this?

I knew that she was a little older than me.
We'd discussed that during one of our many chats.
For two months now, we'd been talking...seductively,
flirting unabashedly online.
Those chats always left me yearning...
for something more tangible than my own body.

I 'd spread my legs,
my hand would find its way downward
toward my quivering thighs
opening them wider
caressing them...softly...slowly.

My other hand creeping its way upwards to my breast,
fingers briefly pulling, tweaking... pinching,
sending waves of electricity through to my already hardened nipples.
I'd moan, wishing she were next to me in order to experience what I was feeling,
wanting to feel the warmth of her body,
her lips pressed unto mine.

I'd hear her voice long after our conversations had ended,
but the words whispered were only mine.
Would all our "big talk" lead to anything?
I wondered.

Nervously, I slid into the first vacant seat at the bar,
ordered a double vodka and cranberry,
sipped my drink,
glance quickly down the bar,
trying to avoid all direct eye contact.

I watched the few dancers upon the floor,
holding each other seductively close,
captivated by the sensuous beat,
transforming the audience in its voyeuristic power,
jarring my mind back to the reason why I was here.

I had only been with one woman before,
that relationship brief and ended badly,
Maybe what I needed was a more experienced and mature woman,
my body was certainly crying out for it.

Tonight, maybe that would all change.
No more fantasy.
Tonight, I hoped it would be real.

I crossed my legs and shifted upon the barstool,
the bartender shot a smile my way,
uncomfortably, I turned away.
That movement put me in direct sightline of the door
And as on cue, it opened, and in She walked.

I took a deep breath,
looked around and saw
that....I was not the only one gawking.

She surveyed the room once, this tall fine and attractive Sistah
her eyes skimming over the crowd,
quickly dismissing them for reasons unknown to me.
I turned away but not before our eyes met briefly.
We read each other in just that brief moment!
My mind instantly replaying her from memory

Certainly, only a woman of assurance could pull off that stance.
I recalled those brown eyes, dancing in excitement,
her flirty lips;
half smile/ half smirk, mischievously begging for more kisses.

A hush fell upon the room.
My breathing quickened once more.
For comfort I reached for my drink,
put the glass to my lips,
just then, I felt someone brush up against my arm.
I turned into her glaze.

Those dancing eyes openly caressed mine,
she touched my free hand,
startling me back to reality,
the electricity charging from her to me.

I placed the glass I was holding down.
With her eyes still intently upon me,
she pursed her lips and said, "I hope that you are the one.
"Because out of all here, you're the one I choose!"
Still holding my hand, the chair swiveled,
I got up,
And we walked out of the door.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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