Toni Wild

_____She walked into my classroom, smiling even though she didn't know anyone, swaying her hips to hypnotize anyone that would watch her. She glanced at me but did not break stride as she walked up to the teacher to introduce herself, "Hi. My name is Jordan Thomas. I'm new. Where should I sit?"
_____Ms. Love examined the room for an empty seat. She then pointed and said, "There."
_____Jordan began her mesmerizing walk again. To keep from being drawn in, I looked back down at the book that I had been reading when she came in. It didn't work. There was something about her, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was her big, beautiful gray eyes or her enticing, luscious lips. Maybe it was just her gorgeous smile. I didn't know. She was simply perfect; perfect smile, perfect face, and perfect body.
_____ Just as I looked back up from my book, the chair beside me had been filled by this perfect figure. She looked at me with those magnificent eyes, licked her succulent lips and smiled. And then she spoke. She spoke in the voice of an angel.
_____"Hi," she said in her heavenly voice. It was the sweetest voice I had ever heard.
_____"What's up," I replied, in shock of how eager she was to speak to me. Her voice was the most joyous sound that I had ever heard; more joyful than a tree full of birds singing on the first day of spring. Then she spoke in her heavenly voice again, "My name's Jordan." She stuck out her hand in waiting of me to introduce myself while shaking her hand.
_____"Unique," I said as I grasped her gentle hand. I struggled to keep my composure. This girl had some strange effect on me. I'd never felt this before. I didn't know what it was that she was doing to me, but I liked it.
_____"Do you think u can help me wit' my schedule?" she asked as she held out a piece of paper.
_____"Yeah, sure. Maybe we got some classes together." I was hoping that we would have some classes together. I wanted to see her wonderful smile all day, if I could.
_____"A lot of your classes are near mine, so I'll help you out," I told her with a smile.
_____We talked for the rest of the class. I noticed that she had an accent, " where u from?" I asked.
_____"New York City."
_____"Manhattan? Word? I'm from Harlem myself."
_____"Oh, yeah? What part of Harlem?"
_____"Upper east side. 138th and Edgecomb. I been here since I was six though. You jus' movin' here?"
_____" Yeah."
_____"What'chu think so far?"
_____"Its aiight, but it ain't New York. Everybody sounds so damn country!"
_____I laughed as I agreed, "Yeah, you get used to it though… You know how I look at it though? There's always somewhere even more country than this that you could be."
_____"That's true," she smiled back in agreement.
_____The more I talked to her, the sexier I found her to be. She wasn't just another pretty face, either, she was smart and she loves all the same things that I love. We talked about music and life as I walked her to her next class.
_____"So… what kind of music do you like?" I asked.
_____"I like it all!!! I'm a classically trained singer, so…"
_____"Really? Me, too. Well, I'm classically trained in piano, though."
_____"I can't play."
_____"I can't sing," I said laughing. "You know, I write. Maybe we can get together and do somethin' sometime."
_____"I'd like that."
_____The weeks went on and Jordan and I became close friends. She would tell me about problems she was having with her boyfriends and I would tell her about my girl troubles. As the weeks turned into months, we became best friends. We were comfortable with each other's "preferences", but she was a little more comfortable then she led onto being.
_____"Why don't you ever flirt wit' me?" Jordan asked, one day out of the blue. I was shocked that she had even said that.
_____"What?!" I replied.
_____"I mean, seriously. I've seen you flirt wit' plenty of girls, gay or not, so why not me?" she added.
_____"Cuz… I don't know. Would you like me to?" I was laughing because the thought of me flirting with her was always in my head. I just never did it.
_____"I mean… you might as well. I know you like me."
_____"Oh really. How so?"
_____"I could tell I made you wet when I walked in your class that day," she joked, but she was right. She did have me a little moist at first site of her. From that day forth, I gave Jordan just what she wanted.
_____"Hey, Nique," Jordan said as she wrapped her soft arms around my neck. I squeezed back gently at her waste as I whispered back, "What's up, sexy?"
_____She smelled so good, like roses and honey. As I took another deep breath, I felt myself getting wet from imagining all of the things that I wanted to do to her. Just as I started to let her go, she pulled me closer and whispered in the sweetest voice, "what you doin' tonight?"
_____"Nuffin'. Why?" I asked, shocked once again by her bluntness.
_____"Cuz… I'm tryna come over and do someth… music." Tommy, Jordan's boyfriend walked over and stood right next to her. I could tell she had changed her sentence quick. I knew she didn't want to work on music. She wanted me to work on her.
_____"Cool," I answered remembering that my mother wasn't going to be home tonight, "call me and let me know what's up."
_____Tommy didn't like me, and I didn't particularly care for him too much either. He always thought I was trying to steal his girls. He didn't like the little bit of conversation that he heard and the hug that he saw, so he quickly rushed Jordan away from me. He had absolutely everything to worry about.
_____She pulled up to my house at about 7:00 that night. She had a bag of clothes on her back and was wearing a nice leather coat. Once she was inside, I offered to take her coat as any "gentleman" would. When that coat came off, my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing a gray low-cut backless shirt with a short, short black skirt. Her skirt was so tight that there was no way that anything more than a thong could fit under it. Either she was wearing a thong or nothing at all. She topped off the outfit with what I like to call the "come-fuck-me" shoes. These are the shoes with the high heels and the straps that lace all the way around the leg. I called them that because they were the sexiest shoes in the in the world to me. The combination of the shoes and her legs… damn, I was speechless!!! I didn't think it was possible, but she had actually made herself even sexier than usual. She did it all for me!!!
_____She walked to me to give me a hug and I froze, but as soon as I felt her warm touch I melted all over. As she hugged me, she exhaled in comfort and relaxation. I caressed her bare back slowly. I was tempted to go lower, but I resisted. What was it about this girl that she could make me go crazy with the slightest touch of her hand. As she pulled away, I looked her up and down once more. Her nipples had hardened from the caressing of her back. I placed her bag on the floor as I grabbed her hand to lead her up to my room.
_____After entering the bedroom, I shut the door behind us. She turned to look at me and to her surprise I handed her a single red rose. As she took it from one hand, she grabbed the other and pulled me to the bed.
_____"We need to talk. What's all this?" she demanded.
_____"Come on, girl. You know damn well what this is. You know I like you and I'm try'na give you a lil' taste of the rainbow. That's all" I replied with an evil but sexy grin.
_____She smiled, "I know and I like you, to0, but you need to understand somethin': I have a boyfriend and I'm only curious to what it would be like to be wit' a female. I'm not even attracted to girls like that, jus' you. You're the only one and I don't know why. It's jus' somethin' about you that makes me quiver. I dream about you and me havin' sex all the time. It be so damn good and so real that I think I actually cum in my sleep. But I don't wanna be in no relationship or nuffin. I jus' want you to fuck the shit outta me and…"
_____Before she could even finish her sentence, I gave her the most passionate kiss that I had ever given anyone in my entire life. Her lips were even sweeter than I had ever anticipated. I gently ran my hands all over her body, her soft, sexy body. I dragged my tongue-ring down to her neck. I kissed it. I kissed from the right side to the left side, up to her ear, and back down to the nape of her neck. As I kissed her spot, she began to breathe a little harder in pleasure. I knew all the right places to kiss a female to get them going and she was no different. I gently sucked and kissed all around her neck, making sure to hit that spot repeatedly. I then kissed down as far in her low-cut shirt as I possibly could. I untied the string that was holding her shirt together in the back. I slid her shirt off to expose her saluting nipples. I stopped to pull back the blanket on the bed where I had red and white rose peddles planted on top of my black silk sheets. I laid her sexy body down, kissed her big, juicy, voluptuous lips and told her that I'd be right back. I ran downstairs to get the strawberries, whipped-cream, chocolate syrup, and the ice bucket that I had arranged prior to her arrival. When I got back up to my room, Jordan was lying on the bed completely naked with a blindfold on and a pair of handcuffs beside her. I immediately thought to myself, she knew exactly what was gonna happen tonight or she wouldn't have brought the freak kit wit' her. "Damn, girl. You got a lil' freak in you, huh?" I said as I blinded and shackled her.
_____"Hmm, you'll never know jus' how much freak I got in me," she replied.
_____After she was all strapped in, I began to take her on a ride. As I began to kiss down her neck again, I ran an ice cube down the same path that I had just made with my lips. I made little circles around one of her nipples with my tongue and the ice cube on the other. I took the ice away from her left nipple and I gently sucked it. The transfer from the cold of the ice to the warmth of my mouth made Jordan let out a slight moan. I then reached for a strawberry covered in chocolate syrup. I stroked her breast with it, down to her navel, and back up to her lips causing the chocolate to run down her sexy stomach. As she bit into the succulent fruit, the juices caused her lips to glisten. I couldn't resist; I had to kiss her once more. From her lips I slowly went south making sure to lick up every bit of chocolate. I licked around her belly button and slowly slid my hand between her thighs; she was so wet. Her clitoris was pulsating, but it wasn't enough. I wanted her to be so turned on that the moment my tongue touches her throbbing pussy, she'll be ready to explode her delicious juices into my mouth.
_____While using one hand to slowly massage her clit, I used the other to reach up and un-cuff her from the bedpost. I then turned her over and kissed up her left cheek to the small of her back. I kissed and licked up and down her back and still managed to keep my fingers in a slow, circular motion around her clit. I kissed back down her right cheek and down the back of her thigh. I made it all the way down to the back of her knee before I realized that if I went any further I would have to take my hand out of her pussy, so I did. I kiss further and further down her leg until I reached the heel of her foot. Even her feet were gorgeous!!! I had never had a foot-fetish before, but I did now. I kissed and sucked on every one of her toes. I put whipped-cream on them and sucked it off. She liked it. I could tell. She couldn't keep still. At this point, I knew she had suffered long enough and was ready for the real deal. She was ready to have the orgasm of her life.
_____I turned Jordan back over and kissed up the middle of her legs. With every touch of my lips getting closer to her awaiting pussy, she let out slight moan. I kissed from one thigh to the other, making sure to brush against her anticipating clit to tease her a bit. She shuddered. Then I knew it was time. I ate her pussy.
_____I started at her throbbing clit, slowly at first. I gradually picked up the pace. I moved my tongue all through her delicious pussy. After about 30 minutes of eating her pussy, my tongue was going so fast that it was like a tornado on the path of pleasure. Her moans became louder and louder, more and more intense, so loud and so intense that they soon became screams of passion and pleasure. She screamed so loud for so long that she became horse in the voice. She dug her nails in my back and clawed away. It was something about the pain that turned me on. It proved to me that I was doing a good job. Between her scratching and screaming, I had been turned on so much that I could have come without ever being touched. My pussy was just as wet as Jordan's, maybe even more. All of a sudden, she dug in deeper, arched her back, wrapped her shaking legs tightly around my neck, and let out a grand scream. She passionately exploded her juices in my mouth. But I wasn't done, and neither was she.
_____She grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face further in between her phat ass thighs.
_____"Oooohhh, Nique!!!" she yelled as I slid in 2 fingers. Making sure to keep my tongue in motion around her clit, I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her wet ass pussy. I knew she was loving me then, because she was about to get the good fuck that no nigga could ever give her.
_____I slid in another finger, then another, totaling four in all. My hand was going so fast that I could no longer keep up with my tongue. While keeping my fingers penetrating, I reached for the dildo in the box at the end of the bed. Jordan had no idea what I was doing, because her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. She was gone off to her own little land of passion and pleasure. She could probably care less what I was doing anyway, as long as it felt good. As I slid out my four fingers and slid in my "Big Black Shiny Dick", as I liked to call it, she became well aware of what was going on. She tried to slide back; I followed, because I knew she wanted it. In and out, in and out, in and out, so fast that my arm was a blur to the eye. She screamed my name, "Nique! Nique!! Nique!!!" each time louder than the one before.
_____"Stop Nique," she moaned. I knew she really didn't want me to stop, so kept going.
_____"Oh, shit!!! Nique!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. But then, "harder, harder, harder," she said in a whisper. Now, I'm an obedient mothafucka so I put my back into it. Then it happened. A loud scream, the loudest yet. Then a jerk of the body, the hardest of them yet. Then the explosion, the biggest of them all! She came, and what a sexy cum it was.
_____As I slid my dick out, she reached up and pulled me to her lips. I was surprise that she wanted me to kiss her after I had jus licked her inside out. Still feeling it in her pussy, she let out a little moan when I brushed against it as I lay on top of her. She fell asleep butt-ass naked in my arms. I kissed her forehead and whispered, "Sweet dreams, sexy."
_____The next morning, I jumped in the shower while Jordan was still asleep; well I thought she was asleep. To my surprise, she followed me into the shower. She started to kiss the back of my neck, trying to turn me on. She didn't have to try very hard. I was still horny from last night.
_____"It's my turn," she whispered sweetly in my ear. I knew it was going to be her first time giving head to a girl, so braced myself for disappointment. She turned me around, kissed down my neck to my breast, and backed me against the chilled shower wall. I could tell she was nervous, because she hovered over my breast for a minute. Then she started her trip south again. As Jordan dropped to her knees, she lifted my leg to her shoulder and stuck her tongue right in my kat. She started off slow and timid, but after a few minutes she was okay. Soon I began thinking that she'd been doing this all her life! Every minute it felt better and better. I began to moan and Jordan got excited, because she knew that she was doing a good job.
_____Jordan ate me out long after the hot shower water had turned cold. She had done very well. I came. It wasn't the best cum I'd ever had, but it was a close second.
_____After we got dressed, she kissed me goodbye and left for work. She called me later that night to say thanks. I gave her exactly what she wanted; I fucked the shit out of her.
_____I saw Jordan the next day with her boyfriend. She walked to me swaying her sexy hips. She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her lips on mine.
_____"What the fuck is this?!" her jealous boyfriend yelled angrily.
_____"Nigga, shut the fuck up! You shoulda seen it comin'," Jordan replied with an attitude.
_____"Oh, so y'all fuckin' now? I knew you wasn't nuffin but a dyke bitch anyway."
_____"Nigga, fuck you!!! Maybe if you had a decent stroke, then a bitch wouldn't have to leave you for good ass head!"
_____"Wait a minute, wait a minute. J., what the fuck are you doin'?" I interjected, "I thought you wasn't lookin' for no relationship."
_____"Well, I changed my mind," she said as she kissed me again. Shit I didn't have no complaints. I still got the phattest bitch I knew and we sexed happily ever after.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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