I watch you through slitted eyes from across the bar. I take a swallow from my Heineken bottle and playfully flick my tongue around the mouth of the bottle. You meet my gaze unflinching. Damn, I am a sucker for a powerful, stud in a tie. I want to know if you are packing. Finally you make your way to the bathroom. I track you like the tigress that I am, hoping that you will want to play when cornered. I am intoxicated by your presence, willing to risk a humiliating rejection for the chance to kneel before you.

You are in front of the mirror pretending not to be watching the door; your hands are at your throat straightening your tie. I reach around from behind and dare to caress the silk that lies between your breasts. You inhale sharply and spin around. "Please sir" I stammer. With a quick ripping sound my shirt is on the floor, the swell of my breasts spilling out of my black demi-cup. My pussy throbs as I kneel on the cold tile floor panting in anticipation. You fumble with your belt and allow your pants to pool at your ankles. Your dark red, thick cock springs free. My eyes meet yours and you nod, a smile playing at the corner of your full lips. I grasp the base firmly and feel your pussy quiver. I flick my tongue over the head and down the shaft. You moan and grasp a handful of my hair, forcing your tool down my throat. You rotate your hips, watching my cheeks fill with your offering.

I lean over you on the counter, and whisper into your ear "I know what you want, you want to feel me slide my cock deep inside that sweet pussy of yours and hit that spot over and over again." Before you can answer I slip my tongue out and run it over your bottom lip. I bite down and feel your hips jerk up into me and almost forget my plan. "Not yet babygyrl. Turn over." You turn over and I start to lick a slow path down your spine. I get to your bra and unhook it slowly, sliding the straps off and reaching under you to cup your beautifully full breasts. Stroking your nipples softly I feel your ass start to rock rhythmically back and forth, pressing into my cock. Suddenly I pinch your nipples hard and roll them between my thumb and forefinger and watch your back arch and hips slam back into me as you let out a sound somewhere between a gasp and a groan. I grind my hips into you, my cock teasing your opening and growl "Don't you move you understand, and not one sound." I back up and continue kissing down your spine till I reach the small of your back. I caress the dip in the small of your back, tasting the tangy film of sweat that has broken out on your body from the effort of holding still. Continuing down I stroke the tip of my tongue down the crack of your ass and feel your body start to tremble involuntarily.

Teasing you mercilessly I move away to lick the back of your thighs, taunting myself in turn as I taste your essence, from the wetness that had flowed there earlier. Now on my knees I lick the back of your knees over and over and feel them start to buckle. You catch yourself and hold firm and for this I reward you. "Good girl, open up for me." You spread your legs and I push my face forward reaching out to touch your clit with the tip of my tongue, Oh My God I could get lost in your sweetness. I slide my tongue back up and bury in deep into your wetness. I can feel your pussy contracting as I fuck you with my tongue, I'm so proud of my Babygyrl it's pushing me close to the edge. I pull out before I lose the control I'm so proudly well known for and slide my tongue up to your ass. I flick my tongue once, twice and watch your asshole twitch and open for me. I smile to myself knowing that you are too far gone to play coy and I stroke you making you open up more to me till I thrust my tongue up into your ass, fucking you again like I did with your pussy moments before. I feel your control running low and you struggling to keep still, so I thought I would push it a little further.

"Turn over Babygyrl." You turn over and spread your legs, resting your hands on my shoulders. I spread your lips and go back to licking that beautiful clit; I suck on it repeatedly pulling it between my lips as if my life depended on it. I bite down gently holding it between my teeth as I whip my tongue across it repeatedly. Feeling that you're about to cum I thrust two fingers up inside of you fucking you furiously as I feel your control shatter. I continue licking and sucking your clit, adding a third finger inside your hot wet pussy and reaching around with my other hand to finger your ass. That sends you over the edge and the last vestiges of your control disappear, your hips thrust into my face and you scream my name as you cum flows into my mouth and down my face. Shit you taste sooo good. But you've been bad. I stand up and kiss you hard, letting you taste yourself on my lips. "I thought I told you not to move didn't I?" You try to answer but as the last shudders of your orgasm has you in its grips, all you can do is nod. "You know I'm going have to punish you, for that don't you Babygyrl."....

"Yes" you whisper.

"Yes, who?"...."Y.. Yes Sir." I bend down lightning quick and sink my teeth into the side of your neck biting you so hard you cry out. Simultaneously I push you onto the counter and spread your thighs, burying my cock deep inside your soaking wet pussy and hit that spot with my teeth clamped on your neck I thrust into you HARD, repeatedly The harness is rubbing my aching clit as I fuck you. I let go of your neck and gasp into your ear "Do you like it baby? You love it when I give to you rough don't you?" Hearing you sob your answer into my ear is enough to send me over the edge, as my orgasm rips through me I slam into you repeatedly cumming harder then I ever have in my life. Barely giving it time to pass I pull my cock out of your dripping pussy and remove the harness, pushing you down I say, now taste what you do to me.

Whispering, "Yes Sir." You fall to the ground and I watch your face change as you cum again before your knees hit the ground......

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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