Lady Scorpion

CONTROL, she was the poster child for a dominate dyke. Oh she prefers that term not I! I was on a mission. Ummmm hmmmmm I have got to break her down, too much arrogance there. She needs to take as much as she gives. She is a fair minded, loving, equal opportunity type womyn, except in the bedroom. She feels she should give , always give, only give and never receive. Well ummmm tonight that will all be stopped, as I said I'm on a mission. This is war so here it begins.

Mood is set, put what you like in your mindseye. Lets get down to the details shall we? I knew this night without a doubt I would as they say turn her out. We did dinner and dancing, then off to my place. We had talked of me moving in with her but I could not. Not until this issue was resolved. You see I believe in the old guard of stud-femme relationships in every way but one, in between the sheets. In the bedroom we should both be giving and taking, at our own comfort levels of course. Don't ask me to just lay there and take,take, take and take some more. She says she gets off on the giving. NO NO NO & NO shit. Let me give you some of what you give me. Let me show you how good you make me feel. So I put my plan into effect. This would be the night we bathed by candlelight. I gave you a massage to relax you, we drank a little zinfandel, dried each other off, oiled and lotioned one another. I then pulled out the silk scarf and blindfolded you. You were reluctant at first, but my whispered promises of what was to "cum" calmed you a bit. Leading you to the bedroom while mood music was playing, I laid you back onto the bed.....the handmade silk sheets caressing you softly. The scent that emanated from them was your favorite on me. You moaned and smiled reaching blindly out for me. No baby, I purred and laid you on your back. I spread you out so I could tie you with the sashes already in place. Again, I give a prayer of thanks for the creator of the four post bed! As I tied you up you tensed up a bit so I kissed the relaxation back into your body. Baby tonight is your night I purr into your ear.

I lick down your body catching all your hotspots along the way. Your body lifts to my touch and you moan whimpering how good it feels. I smile a cat like smile. I lick and suck your nipples until you scream for me to stop. I lick down in between your breasts to your belly botton stopping to feast inside that little treasure...your body shivers. I lick lower and lower until I greet your bikini line. I feel you start to freeze up again! I truly don't understand this because when you eat or strap me you always finger your pussy. I watch you that's why I always cum so hard watching your fingers sliding in and out, strumming over that fast clit ahhhhhh shit! Just at the thought, I'm ready to hop on your face and slide my juicy pussy all over it, but first things first. I rub you and massage your hips making you relax again. I work your inner thighs knowing you will start to tremble. Right as your knees get lax and fall open, I attack with a fast and furious tongue! I had to hit it fast!!! Ooooooooo shit you taste so good! I got down and nasty like a hungry dog! I could hear myself grunting and moaning into your mons. You were sooooo fucking juicy!! The next thing I know you're pulling my hair, I mean hard, trying to pull my whole head into your pussy! Awwwwww hell yeah this was my dream! I opened you wider and flattened out my big fat tongue and licked you ass to clit, clit to ass taking the time to stab my tongue in that juicy pussy hole! I opened my lips wide and sucked you into my mouth licking and sucking and pulling your juices into my mouth like a dehydrated fool. You started talking shit. Oh damn baby you suck that shit, suck it ,suck it SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! You flooded my mouth and I took it all sucking and gulping and moaning and licking every drop I could catch!!! You hopped around on the bed shaking your pussy from side to side in my mouth. But, shit I hung on baby yes I did! I was so hot so fucking hot through the fog of passion

I heard you faintly....... baby please untie me please, let me taste you. I untied you and was on my back, damn you are quick. You were all over me and I needed to feel you like that inside me, on me , everywhere. We did a 69 that I dreamed of. You tore my ass up and I loved it! Love making was never the same for us again! I think I got my point across because every time i turned around your pussy was on my mouth hahahahahahahaha! We are finally moving in together and doing the commitment ceremony. Life is good, all because I went with my gut and took a chance. Now, outside the house you're still and will always be my big bad stud. What is between our sheets, well that belongs to us. You, as before are in control to the outside world and I your total femme.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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