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(part 2)

-The telephone rings.
_____A disoriented Shawn answers the phone.
_____"Damn cuz, it's a fucking Saturday night! Get your ass up nigga cuz we goin clubbin."
_____"Duh nigga, it aint Tamia, although I know you wish it were."
_____ "Yeah I sho nuff do, damn I'm disappointed." Shawn let out a light chuckle
_____"Nigga what the fuck ever. Look, like I was sayin we goin clubbin tonight kid."
_____"Thanks, but no thanks. I really don't feel like it. I just wanna be alone all right?"
_____"Hell naw that aint all right! Yo, I know you don't feel like it, but do I give a fuck? C'mon kid, for the past month I left your ass alone. I think its time you get out of your solitary confinement. Besides yo, being alone will only make you think about Camille even more." Shawn let out a long sigh on the other end of the telephone. Just hearing the name Camille made her want to cry. She still couldn't believe how stupid she was for compromising their relationship by fucking around with Chantay and in turn losing Camille, the love of her life. She thought about spending another "eventful" evening at home: staring at the television; but not really watching it, listening to her cd's; but not really hearing them, or playing a game of solitaire (perfect for her current situation) and spending 30 minutes on a game that would usually take only 5. All she could think about was Camille and the realization that she was no longer a part of her life had emotionally destroyed her. She could not spend another night at home though, she felt as though she was losing her sanity, so she decided to go out with her cousin and her crazy-ass friends.
_____"All right, I guess I'll go. I swear if I stay here yo I'll go crazy."
_____"Crazy? Your ass is crazy already! Duh nigga, I think you mean crazier!" Shawn let out a light chuckle, which pleased her cousin because it was a change from her usual melancholy lately.
_____"Yeah, yeah, iight fool, ima go, but we gotta go somewhere I choose."
_____"Girl who the fuck do you think you are? The queen of fucking England? Shiiiit! This aint BK have it your fuckin way!"
_____"Whateva yo, lets go to that club off of W. Dixie. I think its called Sugars or sumthin like that. I know that is the ONE place I wont run into-"
_____"Who?" Sidney thought about it for a minute and quickly realized who Shawn was talking about. She promptly changed the subject. The last thing she wanted was for Shawn to go drifting down memory lane and in turn change her mind about getting out of the house. "So cuz, I'll pick you up at 12, I gotta scoop Lex first."
_____"Iight, I'll be ready. Sid, thanks again. I really appreciate this."
_____"Say no more yo. Shawn, your not only my cousin, but my dog too, so whenever you need me I got you kid...Now, enough of all this mushy shit! Just have yo ass ready when I get there." They both laughed at Sidney's always appropriate sense of humor.
_____"Iight yo. 1." They hung up from each other at 10:30.
_____It was now 12:30 and Sidney had finally arrived and was banging down her cousins door.
_____"Calm that shit down kid! I'm comin yo," Shawn yelled throwing on her black leather Avirex jacket. She looked in the mirror one last time as she headed toward the door.
_____"Godamn girl! Da fuck are you doing in there? It aint like you getting some so hurry the fuck up!" Shawn could hear the laughter of Sidney and her friends Alexis, Q and Kay on the other side of the door. As soon as she opened the door, she saw her cousin and her friends dressed in the tightest outfits from FUBU to Phat Farm to Rocawear. "You ready yo?"
_____"What does it look like fool," she said as she nonchalantly gave her cousin the finger and said whassup to her friends. "Lets be out kid."
_____By the time they arrived at the club, the spot was already deep with womyn of all shapes sizes and complexions. All "Flavors of the Month" from caramel to cinnamon to mocha. They were now at the bar and Sidney noticing the beautiful and delectable looking ladies in the club licked her lips and gave her cousin a nudge on her arm. "Damn cuz, you see all these fine ass womyn?" Shawn, however, wasn't pay much attention to any of the women in the club. All she did was take a sip of her Long Island Ice Tea and said, "yeah, I guess." Sidney and Alexis both looked at each other with puzzled faces.
_____"Yo dog, what da hell is wrong with you? Man Shawn, the only way your ever going to get over Camille is by-" Shawn suddenly inhaled sharply. "What? Damn, even if I only mention her name you see what the fuck happens to you?" Sidney was speaking, but Shawn did not hear her at all. She was too busy concentrating on who had just came inside of the club. "Yo! Are you in some type of trance or sumthin kid? Da fuck are you looking at?" Alexis used her head to signal the presence of Camille, who had just came into the club and was standing on the other side of the room with her best friend Kym. Shawn immediately noticed how beautiful she looked standing at a lovely 5'8 wearing a black skin tight dress.
_____"Goddd," Shawn said as she turned around to face the bar. "What the fuck is she doing here and why the fuck does she have to look so damn good." Sidney put her hand on her cousins shoulder.
_____"Damn Shawn, I know you weren't expecting to see her here," she sighed. "You know what, if you want we could leave and go somewhere else cuz I know you weren't expecting this shit."
_____"Naw kid, I don't wanna ruin yall fun. Ima be iight. I'll just stay away from that side of the room."
_____"You sure?" Alexis said concerned.
_____ "Yeah yo, go handle yours kid. Ima be right here loungin ya heard." Sidney and Alexis then made their way to the dance floor as the club got "crunked" as Iconz's "Get Fucked Up" came on.
_____After a while and about 4 shots of Tequila and a couple of shots of Grand Mornier Shawn had almost forgotten that Camille was even there. That is, until she felt a light tap on her shoulder.
_____"Shawn." She turned around to see Camille standing directly in front of her with a worried expression.
_____"What up C?" she said nonchalantly as she turned around and ordered another drink. Camille walked over to the bartender and canceled Shawn's drink and walked back over to Shawn. "Yo, what da fuck is wrong wit you girl? Did I ask you to cancel my shit?!"
_____Shawn was partially intoxicated now and spoke in an angry tone.
_____"Please Shawn, you don't need another drink. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just-"
_____"Just what? Don't even fuckin say concerned cuz that concerned shit should have dropped the same day you dropped our relationship." She motioned with her hand to the bartender for another drink.
_____"How can you say something like that? Just because were no longer together doesn't mean that I stopped caring about what happens to you."
_____"That's lovely Camille, really. But why don't you go back over there by Kym before she tells you she saw me fucking someone else in the bathroom." When Shawn said that Camille grew livid. She raised her hand to slap her in the face, but Shawn caught her hand inches away from her cheek. Camille had forgotten how strong Shawn was as she gripped her hand tightly and said, "Look girl, I may be fucked up, but I aint that fucked up." She released her hand. "The only fuckin reason I'm like this is because of you, so just know it your fault." Camille couldn't believe her ex's audacity. She grew angrier by the minute.
_____"My fault? How the hell is it my fault when you were the one who fucked around? OH MY GOD SHAWN!"
_____"Yo, you need to calm down girl. I suggest we go outside cuz you need to cool off for real." Shawn paid for her last drink as she headed toward the exit and Camille followed her. They walked over to Camille's 2000 Midnight Black Maxima. As soon as they leaned up against her car Camille started again about Shawn's infidelity. Shawn didn't know what else to say, but realized that there was no point in further discussing the past.
_____"Look C, I have apologized over and over for my fuck up. I can't apologize anymore than I already have. Besides, it wouldn't make a difference anyway now would it?" No, so why don't we just drop this convo and just..." Shawn moved from Camille's side and stood in front of her. She looked into her eyes and said, "just know that I love you and I NEVER meant to hurt you. I will always love you Camille, Chantay may have meant a lot to me, but were my first and only love." As she continued to look into her eyes she took Camille's hands into her own, brought them up to her mouth and softly kissed them. An enormous pain was in her heart as she released her ex lover's hands. "I'm going back inside now, so I guess I'll see you around ." With that she turned around and headed back towards the club's entrance. Just as she was opening the door Camille called her name. Shawn thought that maybe she had too much to drink and she was hearing things, but Camille called out to her again. She turned around and walked back toward Camille.
_____With uncertainty of what Camille had called her back for, Shawn said, "what's up?" as she again stood adjacent to Camille. Camille tried to speak, but couldn't. As a few teardrops escaped her eyes, Shawn gently brushed her cheeks with her thumbs as she held her face and said, "Camille, what's wrong baby? Why are you crying?" The tears came flooding down her face now as she felt what she had been yearning to feel for the past month; her lover's soft touch against her skin. Instead of speaking, she took Shawn completely by surprise as she embraced her tightly. All Shawn could do was return her embrace by holding her tightly as well and running her hands through her hair as Camille cried into her ex lovers chest. They both held each other in the parking lot until Camille, amidst all of the sobbing, barely mouthed, "I love you too Shawn." Shawn's eyes immediately filled with tears because she thought that she would never again hear those words from the love of her life after all that had happened. Emotions overwhelmed them and inundated their being as they both cried and held each other tightly with no intention of letting one another go.

The End

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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