_____"Baby, I'll be right back. I'm going to the bathroom," Camille said as she gave Shawn, her new girlfriend, a quick kiss on the lips. As soon as Camille left two of Shawn's best friends Devon and Keisha sat next to her at the bar. "Dayum playa, I still can't believe how fine she is," said Devon. "What game again did you kick to get that honey?"
_____"Man, fuck that! How much doe you throwin at her cause I know your ass ain't got that much game!" said Keisha rudely interrupting like she always does.
_____"Fuck all yall hatas, I ain't throwin shit at her," Shawn proudly said. "With what I give her every night she should be throwin me dollars! " Everyone burst out laughing and then came Taz, the biggest playa and last member of the group to step up in the club.
_____"Shawn, you ain't shit dog, don't get it twisted. We all know who the realest is. All I wanna know is if she got a sister," said Taz. We all laughed about what she said but stopped as soon as we saw Camille heading back our way.
_____"Baby, you remember Taz, D and Keisha." Even though Camille was her girl and knew all of Shawn's friends, she preferred not to hang out with her when she was with her "dogs." She knew that was exactly what they were: dogs. She knew how they were when they got together, and she thought that they would influence Shawn to fuck around on her, but after one night of "convincing" she got over it, or at least never brought it up again. That was good enough for Shawn. "How could I forget if they're all you talk bout and if your not talking about them your with them calling me to talk about them," Camille said with a smile. "How are you?"
_____ Everybody replied fine except the world renowned comedian (or so she thought) Taz. She replied, "I'm doing fine thank you, but apparently not as fine as my dog Shawn here," and winked at her.
_____ Before Shawn could say anything Camille said, "Honey, remember I told you that I had to leave early because of my final tomorrow."
_____"Yeah," Shawn said pulling her close, "but I was trying not to remember. Can't you stay just a little while longer?"
_____" I wish baby, but I have already stayed longer than I had intended." She leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear, "Look, tomorrow is my last final. After then, we can do whatever you want."
_____ That definitely made Shawn feel better. "Okay, I know how important your final is to you, I guess because mine are already done I'm being selfish," Shawn said as she kissed her on her forehead. "C'mon, I'll walk you to your car."
_____"That's the least that you can do!" she said with that angelic smile of hers. God, she thought, I love this woman so much. Camille said goodbye to everyone and Shawn told them that she would be right back.
_____"Yeah right Shawn, " said Devon.
_____ Shawn casually gave her the finger. She and Camille were almost out of the club when Shawn noticed Chantay, her ex-girlfriend, with a look of disgust on her face as they exited the club. Even though Shawn thought she didn't, Camille noticed Chantay also and asked the inevitable: "Baby, who was that girl back in the club and why was she looking at us like that?"
_____Fuck! What do I say now? Damn, I don't want to lie to her, but if I tell her that she was my ex she'll want to know more and that is where the complications begin...
_____"Shawn, baby, are you listening to me?"
_____"Huh, oh yeah. Look sweetie, I just realized that my wallet is missing. I might have left it at the bar, so I better go check to see if Dev or someone else picked it up for me."
_____ Camille said ok, but the look on her face told Shawn that she knew that there was a reason for her being evasive. She gave her a kiss and said that she would see her tomorrow. Shawn watched her as she pulled off thinking of what the fuck shewas going to tell her about Chantay. She couldn't tell her that Chantay was the first woman that she had ever actually loved or that they broke up not because of each other, but someone else getting in their business. Shit, I better think of something by tomorrow, Shawn thought.
_____ She was about to go back into the club but as soon as she turned around as, if things could get any worse, Chantay was standing directly in front of her. "Goodman woman. You scared the shit outta me!"
_____"Did I? I'm sorry Shawn," Chantay said as she put one hand on Shawn's chest and began rubbing it. "Calm down baby, you know I don't bite, that is...unless you want me to."
_____"That's OK," Shawn said removing her hand quickly. Camille could pull up any and catch her in a desolate parking lot with a beautiful woman caressing her chest.
_____"My, my, my. It looks like your new girlfriend has got you a little timid," she said with a wicked grin.
_____"What! nobody has got me timid. I just didn't expect to see you or anyone else out here," Shawn said as she moved from her position.
_____"Whatever you say Shawn. So, who is the new woman in your life by the way, and does she know about me?"
_____"Well, if you must know her name is Camille and exactly what is there to know about you?" Shawn said this with a smirk.
_____"Look at you Ms. Shawn! You mean to tell me I don't mean anything to you," she said as she again stood directly in front of her and looked directly into her eyes.
_____ Then, Taz came outside to find out what was taking her so long. When she saw them, Taz smiled and apologized for interrupting. "Naw dog, I was just about come inside." Shawn looked back at Chantay. "Look, I'm not saying that you didn't mean anything when we went out. All I am saying is that I really love my woman and I don't intend on doing anything to fuck this up. I'm about to go back in, I'll see you later." With that she turned around and left.
_____ Right before she got inside though Chantay said, "Hopefully sooner than later Shawn," and blew her a kiss.
_____ As soon as they got back inside, the Amazing Taz went to work. "Dayum! Yall should have seen the mack Shawn handle Chan out there."
_____ Keisha and Devon almost choked on their drinks. "What! Damn DOG, I mean that literally, you could have at least waited until Camille called your ass to let you know that she was home," Devon said.
_____"Whatever, you know Taz is only exaggerating as usual. Chan and I were only talking."
_____"Yeah, but if I hadn't come out there when I did your ass would have been doing a lot more than that. You should have seen them two; looking into each others eyes and shit!"
_____"Whatever Taz. Look, I don't have to explain shit to any of you. I'm committed to Camille and that is all that matters."
_____"Playgirl, don't be like that," Keisha said, "you know Taz."
_____"Yeah dog, you know me and we all know you when it comes to these womyn. Besides, I was just telling it how I saw it," Taz said.
_____"How I used to be," Shawn said, which made everyone laugh. "Apparently I'm just a funny muthafucka, so I guess I'll just take my funny ass home." She tried to get angry at them, but just couldn't. Finally she said, "I love yall, but sometimes you just know how to get on a nigga's nerves. I'm about to dip cause Camille ain't here and I don't feel like getting fucked up tonight."
_____"Bye, um whipped, I mean Shawn," said Taz.
_____"I know I'm whipped,but... by your bitch! She got me on lock dog, I gotta give her what you can't. c-ya." Shawn left the club and went home.
_____ The next day Shawn met Camille for lunch at one of their favorite "alternative" restaurants. She tried her best to keep the conversation flowing about anything but Chantay. "So baby. It looks like your in a good mood. I take it your final went okay?"
_____"Well, I'm not sure, but I think I scored somewhere between 92 and 97." One of the things that Shawn loved the most about Camille was her intelligence. "So," she continued, " tonight we are celebrating," as she leaned over the table and gave her a sweet, innocent kiss on the lips. Shawn was feeling anything but innocent, however, so she slipped her tongue inside of her mouth. Camille seemed surprised at first, seeing that they were in a crowded restaurant, but returned the favor as she held her face. The waitress came and because they were kissing so long said, "Um, excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, but here's your bill."
_____"Thanks," Shawn said looking at it. "Sorry baby, I forgot to ask, did you find your wallet?"
_____"Wallet? What are you..." Shawn said not realizing she was referring to the wallet that she had supposedly lost at the club, but now remembered. "Oh, yeah, Devon found it in my chair."
_____"It almost sounded like you didn't know what I was talking about."
_____"It's not that," she lied. "It's just that I'd rather not discuss something so mediocre."
_____"If you say so Shawn, but it didn't seem so mediocre last night...well, anyway forget it." Then, her demeanor changed, she suddenly became serious. "Shawn, do you remember what I asked you last night? about that girl?"
_____"What girl?" Shawn asked as if I had just come down with selective amnesia.
_____"The girl that looked like she wanted to saw my fucking head off when you wrapped your arms around me last night as we were leaving. Is that specific enough for you, or do you want me to tell you what she was wearing too, because I can."
_____Damn, Shawn thought. I might as well tell her now because knowing Chantay's ass Camille will probably know by the end of the day. "All right baby, I'll tell you. She is my ex-girlfriend and her name is Chantay. We broke up about a month before you and I started talking. I didn't tell you about her because she hasn't been on my mind. I was just trying to move on with my life when you and I met and besides, why would I discuss my old girl with someone I'm trying to become romantically involved with?"
_____"Yeah, I understand, but that was in the beginning. You could have told me after we began dating."
_____"Why would you want to know who used to date? Shit, I wouldn't wanna know who you used to fuck!"
_____"Well, if she meant anything to you I would have liked to known and I certainly would not tell you who I used to fuck, rather who I cared for. It's obvious that you and I are concerned with two different things when it comes to relationships. Excuse me, I have to go," Camille said as she stood up from the table.
_____ Shawn took her hand as she was about to leave. "Baby, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. It's just that your making an issue out of something that shouldn't be."
_____"Oh, my bad, Shawn. It's my fault that your acting like an ass-hole!" and she left.
_____ Shawn was about to do the same when she heard someone call her name. She turned around only to see Chantay's two best friends Janine and Heather sitting at the table directly in the back of mine. They probably heard the entire argument which was solely based on their best friend and couldn't wait to tell her. "Hey Shawn," they both cooed.
_____"What up," I said as smoothly as possible even though I was furious.
_____"Nothing much sweetie," Janine said, "We're just waiting on Chan to get here."
_____"Yeah," Heather said, "You should stick around. I'm sure she wants to see you."
_____"Just tell her I said, 'hi.' I gotta go. Bye."
_____"Bye," they said simultaneously. I left the restaurant pissed, not only at myself for acting like such an idiot with Camille, but because I just realized that I wouldn't be getting any tonight. Damn, that would be two weeks since I got some ass: one week because of our finals, and I'm sure another week because of my stupidity. I got on the phone and called Taz.
_____"What up T?"
_____"Yo, what da deal playgirl?"
_____"Shit, I'm hardly that. A playgirl actually gets some."
_____"Oh shit, what's wrong Shawn cause you are scaring me now. The thought of no ass is...terrifying! Look, wherever you are come by my crib we gotta solve this problem quick."

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