_____ As soon as Shawn got to Taz's crib and explained her drama, Taz, Keisha and Devon decided the remedy was the Strip Club. She quickly declined, but after a few Heineken's and Kalik's (Bahamian Beer) my attitude changed drastically. They all decided to meet at the club at midnight. Shawn had decided that if she wasn't going to get some, she might as well get fucked up.
_____ Everyone from the crew was at the bar drinking and talking shit. Arguing about who had the most women, how fine they were, etc., and shit like that butches like to discuss, when suddenly their flow was interrupted. "I hope Shawn isn't talking about me," Chantay said standing between Taz and Devon. Everyone went quiet, astonished by how beautiful she looked tonight.
_____ Of course, Shawn pretended not to notice even though she was looking as fine as hell. "So, what did you do, go to the salon or something? I can't really tell because I don't notice you like that anymore." Taz just shook her head and called me wrong for saying that.
_____"There you go Shawn, you can't help but to front I guess." Everyone looked at Shawn. She was about to say something but before she could Chantay said, "So, Anyway, how is everyone else tonight?" She made sure to say this in a flirtatious matter knowing how pissed Shawn would be. She continued with the bashing of her ego, "Because Shawn doesn't know how to appreciate me, maybe one of you will."
_____ This was about all the bullshit that Shawn could take from her. Shawn grabbed Chantay's arm and pulled her away from the bar and into the bathroom. "What the fuck do you think your doing flirting with all of my homeys? Have you lost your fuckin mind?"
_____"If I'm correct, you and I aren't dating anymore Shawn, you have made that perfectly clear. You and...what is her name Ca...Camille are together and you have moved on with your life. Don't you think that its time that I move on with mine?"
_____"Yeah I do, but not with one of my dogs!"
_____"We're not in a relationship anymore, so quite frankly you can't tell me who I can or cannot date. Unless.... it makes you jealous doesn't it?" She said this with a grin because she knew that I was. "You don't want to see me with anybody, not just one of your friends."
_____"What! Woman, you are trippin!," Shawn said partially lying as I looked away from her. She was a little jealous, Chantay was her ex, so that is expected. However, She still knew that I loved Camille.
_____"If it isn't true then why can't you look me in the eyes and tell me that your not jealous and I don't mean anything to you."
_____"Woman, I don't have to do shit! I got a woman iight, so lets just forget the shit."
_____"Who? Camille? Then why isn't she here with you now, or you not with her? You know when we were together there was never a time when we weren't actually together, except when we couldn't help it. If I were some place you were there or you some place I was there. We were inseparable and you know that. So, what is really going on between youand your girlfriend?"
_____"That's none of your business," Shawn said knowing that she was right, but not admitting it.
_____"It is my business Shawn. I care about you, why can't you see that? I love you and will never stop loving you."
_____ When she said that, all of Shawn defenses were let down. She should have just walked away, but with Chantay saying that it made me take that inevitable trip down memory lane. "If you loved me so much then why did you let the lies of one of your little ho-ass friends come between us?"
_____"Baby," she said holding my hand, "She was my friend for fifteen years. We had been through so much together, I just never thought that she would lie to me like that."
_____"Yeah, but you thought I could." Shawn realized that this conversation was getting a little to much in depth and was becoming uncomfortable. She was starting to feel vulnerability. "Look, I don't want to focus on the past. It doesn't matter now. Just date who you want to date."
_____ Shawn was turning around about to leave when Chantay grabbed her hand, pulled her close to her and said while intensely looking into her eyes, "Shawn, I want you." She kissed Shawn fully and invaded her mouth with her tongue.
_____ All of Shawn's old feelings came back in the moment. She couldn't help but to kiss Chantay back. She lifted Chantay up on the bathroom counter top. Shawn gently kissed her while caressing her face and breasts at the same time. Then, she moved her hand down to the mini- skirt. Chantay was rolling just like she liked it, with no underwear. Shawn's hand slipped under her skirt and felt what she loved the most: the feeling of wet pussy.
_____ Chantay moaned as Shawn's finger stroked her soaking slit. Shawn inserted four fingers, which made her even more moist. She slid them in and out a few times and then concentrated on her g-spot. Chantay began to moan and groan in that oh so familiar way while riding her fingers. Just as Chantay was about to arrive, Shawn stopped and pulled my fingers out. "Baby! What are you doing? Please don't play with me right now , I can't take your teasing," she managed to whisper
_____ Shyawn just looked at her sternly and said, "Turn around and lean your face against the mirror." She wanted Chantay to actually see herself getting fucked. Excited by the command, Chantay complied with no objection. Just as Shawn was about to dive in, her pager goes off. It is Camille leaving the messages, "I'm sorry," "I love you," and "call me now please."
_____ "Oh shit!" Shawn exclaimed. not only out of relief because she thought that Camille wasn't going to speak to her for a few weeks because of what she had said earlier, but out of the realization that she was cheating on her woman.
_____"What is it baby?" Chantay asked?
_____ Shawn didn't know how to tell Chantay that she was about to leave her because Camille just paged. "Ah, I have to go outside and call home because my mom just paged me. Something's wrong because she never pages me with this code unless something is wrong. Look, I'll go and get my cell phone in my car and call her, but if I don't come back inside that means that I went home to check up on her."
_____"Oh my God, I hope she is all right. Do you want me to go with you?"
_____"Um, no. I think I better go alone." Shawn regretted lying to about mom, but she couldn't tell Chantay the truth. Chantay would absolutely flip the fuck out and Shawn couldn't take that right now. She just wanted to be with Camille.
_____ As soon as Shawn left the bathroom, she called Camille who told her what she yearned to hear. She hung up and left the club with the quickness.
_____ Shawn was working on her second helping of Camille, when she realized how much she loved her. She decided that nothing was ever going to come between her and this woman again. Nothing.

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