_____I'm sitting in a reclining chair facing the fireplace sipping chilled wine and listening to soothing music. Hypnotized by the bright dancing flames. I look up at the clock - it's 11pm. "I wonder if Baby's coming tonight." I can barely keep my eyes open and thought to myself, I should get up and go to bed, but I'm too comfortable to move.
_____In just a few moments, I drift off to sleep.
_____I smell the fragrance of her sweet perfume and hear the sound of her soft gentle voice, "Hi Baby." She walks over and gives me a kiss.
_____"Hello Sweetness," I replied with a smile. "I was hoping you would get here soon. How was your day?"
_____"You know the drill," she said, after returning from hanging up her coat, "but it's over and I'm here with you now."
_____She walks back across the room in my direction. Then in a sexy voice says, "You look nice and cozy sitting in my favorite place - I LOVE that fireplace."
_____"Oh really?" I said, "then come on over here and sit your sexy fire lovin' ass on my lap so we can enjoy the flames, together." I lifted the blanket displaying my opened robe and well-defined birthday suit.
_____A big bright smile quickly appeared on Baby's face "It appears I'm overdressed for this event." Baby begins to remove her clothes with a slow, seductive striptease act as she watches my facial expressions of lustful desire. Off with the shoes which help to keep her calf muscles shaped so well. Then the stockings that hold her legs tight. Damn! how I would love to be a pair of her stockings rubbing, hugging, kissing her legs... All Day Long! Next she removes the skirt that hugs her hips and keeps her onion shaped butt covered (when my hands are not palming them). Then one by one she unbuttons her blouse allowing it to drop to the floor in what appears to be slow motion.
_____The flames of the fire cast a wonderful glow of light on Baby's beautiful brown skin.
_____I sit closer to the edge of the chair. My heart is racing and pussy is throbbing. I can't wait to touch her. "Come on over here," I said. Baby uses her sexiest strut as she walks over and stands perfectly still in front of me. I place my hands on her waist and pull her closer to me. I press my head into her stomach rubbing my face along her body as my hands caress her legs. Maria rubs her hands along my braids as my face works it's way down to the top of her pussy. I softly place a kiss just above her clit. I take the top of her panties and begin to remove them from her luscious curves. My hands move slowly up her body. When my hands reach her breasts, Baby releases a "shhhaahhhh" as I begin to squeeze. I reach around her back and with one quick motion unsnap the hooks on her bra. I rise to my feet, remove the bra from her shoulder and release the girls from bondage. Yeah, what a nice set of firm melons. I carefully position myself to partake in the feast of her fruits. My tongue circles her nipples as they become hard and erect. Her breast soon disappears in my mouth as I suck harder and harder moving from one breast to the other. Then paying much needed attention to Baby's soft, full, sensual lips, I press my lips against hers, sucking her bottom lip, running my tongue along it. Oh how I Love Maria's lips. Just the thought of them makes me wet. Together we begin kissing with passion. Our tongues dance as our hands explore each other's bodies.
_____I instruct Sweetness, "Sit on my lap facing the fireplace." My hands caress her thighs.down the front.up the inside.barely touching her pussy.just enough to make her moan. My hands got reacquainted with her hips, stomach, and breasts. Listening to her moans as they grow louder and higher, my hand moves down her stomach to her pussy for a wet massage. I caress her pussy from the clit to the opening.then back up to repeat the motion. The other hand continues to caress her breast and my lips continue to issue kisses on her neck and shoulder. Baby's head leans back onto my shoulder.Her hands grab the arms of the chair.. Oh shit baby!.that feels.... soooo... damn...gooood.
_____I begin to use both hands to stroke Baby's pussy. One set of fingers travels up her pussy lips then the next set of fingers follow. One hand begins to circle her pussy's opening as the other strokes her clit. Two fingers gently find there way into her pussy..stroking in and and out... Her hips begin moving, matching the rhythm of my finger's strokes. She is soo wet and moaning soo loud that I add a third... then a fourth finger from the other hand. When the fourth finger enters, Baby releases a loud, "AAAHHHHHH SHIT!"
_____Pressing her head deeper into my shoulder, her body stiffens and her pussy juice begins to pour out onto my legs -- exciting me even more. I grind her harder from behind as my fingers go deeper inside her. Her moans become loud screams of "Yes...Fuck Me Baby, Fuck Me!" followed by an even louder "Ahhhhhhh!!!" Her pussy juice pours like a running faucet. With a tight grip on my arms, the intensity of her O grows even stronger. Every part of her body begins to shake and tremble.
_____The muscles inside her pussy squeeze my fingers so tight that I can feel every O she is having. "Oh Shit!" I screamed. The grinding, the swollen clit, and Maria's wet pussy juice dripping on my legs had me soo hot. It was my time to come. My body started to shake right along with Baby's. I scream . . . then silence . . . then whisper "Shit" at the end of my breath. The waves of sensation flow through my body. Baby pulls at my wrist signaling me to remove my fingers from inside her. She guides them to her pussy lips and pushes her plump sexy ass into the sweetest grind my wet cummin pussy has ever felt. We grind to exhaustion.
_____When the waves of orgasm subside, I place my fingers between Baby's Legs and begin to gather some of the juices from her flood. My fingers enter my mouth - eyes closed. Mmmmm... what a wonderful delight. As I reach down to gather another serving, the telephone rings. I pretended not to hear it, but each ring seems louder than the last. I open my eyes to reach for the phone, but it stopped ringing. I'm soaking wet with sweat and cum breathing heavy from the excitement, but feeling light, relaxed and fulfilled.
_____How could it be? My sweet Baby's not here. Oh Shit!! Did I just dream about making love to that Goddess? Is she real or just a part of my imagination? The telephone rings again. Who keeps calling me?...."Hello?"
_____ A voice on the other end answers in a soft low sexy tone, it's her! "Hi Baby.did you enjoy yourself?...I know I did. I'll see you again soon."
_____The phone goes dead -- then to a recording "If you would like to make a call..."
_____I hang up the phone. More unsure than ever. Does she really exist?

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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