I just turned 37 five months ago and still have to show identification at some places. I tryed to eat right and it's been a habit of mine since High school to exercise. Sounds like a damn commercial but it's true. I like to take long walks and stay active and thats what brings me to Central Park four o'clock in the afternoon. My first day off in the middle of the week and I was determine to make the most of it. With my favorite cds in a case I decide to turn on the radio and listen to Hot 97. "Right Thurr" was playing so I was vibing to it... just enjoying what a great fuckin day it was. .

Bang!....... What da fuck? I found myself on the ground flat on my ass. I was taking a stroll minding my own goddamn business when this bike came flying down the walkway and ran into me. Somebody was about to catch hell with a good ass whoopin.
All I heard was someone saying, "Oh my god! Are you ok? I'm so sorry."

Still a little dazed and shit I tried to get my bearings to get up as I thought to myself, I'm gonna beat this bitches ass. My legs were still wobbly. "What da hell is wrong with you?" I screamed. My eyes were unable to focused on the person who ran me off the road.

I could feel her come up along side of me, helping to steady me. "I am so sorry," is all she kept saying and for some reason I wasn't so angry anymore.

I started to regain my vision. "Yeah...Yeah...I'm aiight just a little shaken that's all."

She was still holding on to me when she said, "Look do you need for me to call an ambulance...911 or something? "

I started laughing. "Nah, that's ok I'll be fine. Just let me sit on the bench over there."

I walked over to the bench brushing the grass off my ass before I sat down. My runaway biker was standing in front of me when she took off her helmet. Her hair let loose from the confines and cascaded down her back. My eyes popped opened to a clearity of twenty twenty view. I don't know if it was a weave or her own. I didn't care it looked good on her... and damn! Babygirl was cute. Honey brown skin, large ebony eyes with complimentary thick long lashes and full beautiful lips.

We stood there for a few minutes before she said, "Those stupid ass squirrels! Ran right in front my fuckin way as I was coming around that corner. I was trying to avoid it. Shit... are you sure you're ok?" I started laughing not just because of the situation but the fact that she had a filthy mouth like me and for some reason it didn't fit her. She was looking at me and smiled. "What's so funny?"

I stopped laughing long enough to say, "Yeah so much better run to down a person instead but I also wasn't expecting those kind of explict to come from your lips."

She placed her hands on her hips " Really....and why not?"

Well, if she didn't like what I was about to say then she would either walk away from me or run me over again with her bike. There was no doubt about where I was coming from. I wore my colors the way I dressed and my mannerisms it was plain to see so I looked up at her and replied, "Because you are so fuckin cute. I was expecting to hear a more sweet docile explanation from you. That's all good though... I love being knocked over by beautiful woman."

She grinned and I was happy that the side of my face was still intacted from her not smacking me. "Hmm... well I can be very docile and non-agressive when I need to be. Especially when I'm in the company of someone more aggressive than I and thank you for the compliment."

Well she damn sure ran over the right one and I was about to make her pay for my sore ass.

I stood up in front of her straightening out my clothes. "Yeah.. so whatsup? How is it you come out of this without a scratch? Are you sure you didn't run into me on purpose to get at me? If you want to meet all you had to do is introduce yourself... it would of been less painful. My name is Orion Lovitts."

I held out my hand and as we shook she said, "Nice to run into to you Orion. I'm Tisha Mitchells. I guess it was just luck that I didn't get hurt. Damn it! Look at my bike it's broken and I dont know how I'm gonna get it home. I cant take it on the train like this. I'm sorry though for causing you a delay. Were you on your way somewhere?"

"No, I wasn't," I said "Just decided to take a walk, but now I think I'll go home and soak my swollen ass. Do you live in the city?"

"No I live out in Far Rockaway."she said as we walked over towards her bike. I was checking her out while I knelt down to get a closer look at the damage. She was very sexy in her biker gear. Her legs were long and shapely almost flawless except for a small scar. Probably from some other mishap on her bike I thought with a smirk on my face. She turn to find me checking her out and gave me this sexy grin that showed off one dimple and my body started to take a trip on its own.

"Well Tisha you're in luck the bike doesn't seem to be to bad off and fortunatley I can fix it. I just need to get my tools that are at my crib and I'll have you back and riding in no time."

She looked at me and said, "You know how to fix bikes? I love a woman who's good with her hands."

With that I was like fuck this... enough is enough. First she runs me over than she wants to blast me with some sexual innuendos. If this keeps it up I'm gonna work this womans middle like a twinkie right here in the park. So I stood up to my full 5' 7" and stared right into eyes letting her know that I was not at all intimidated by her teasing looks and comments. Thats when I said, "You would be surprise of what these hands can do and I'm a master of all of them. Anytime you want to see just let me know. For right now lets concentrate on fixing your bike."

She looked around and said, "Ok but do you live far ?"

Shaking my head I pointing to the direction in which I lived and told her, "No not to far. Just a few blocks on 103rd."

I then picked up the bike and carried it on my shoulder as we walked out of the park towards my apartment. I found out a few more things about her along the way. She had just turned 30 and worked for MTA for about six years. She was on her day off and enjoying the beautiful weather the same as I was.

As we walked my sexy little sidekick was wreaking havoc on my mind with her kitty talk. "I can't believe your'e going to carry my bike all the way there. You must be strong and have some great stamina. Are you like that with everything."

I gave her one of my biggest grins and said, "Shit!....You know... there is definitely some sexual undertones flying around here like bees hovering around its hive. Tisha better be careful that she doesn't shake the nest or the queen will come out personally and sting you on the ass." We were laughing and if only she knew that the queen was already awake and swarming around her ass as we spoke.

We got to my apartment and I opened up the door for her to enter. Good thing I had cleaned up a little before I left out earlier. See you never know when company will stop by especially one as welcomed as this. I placed her bike in the middle of the floor upside down. Tisha walked over to the stool near the mini bar and sat down. She was looking around while I went into the closet to get my tool box.

"You have I nice place Orion," she said.

I placed my tool box down beside the bike and walked over to where she was. "Thanks. I've been here for about two years after moving from Hillside so I kind of have it the way I want right now."

"Oh ok," she said. "Then you should be somewhat familiar with Far Rockaway then."

"Yeah I am familiar with the area although I haven't been out there in a minute. I have a few friends that live out there. Would you like something to drink?"

"Yeah sure. I wouldn't mind a Heinekin."

I smiled. A woman after my own heart. "That I most definitely have," I said.

"Can I ask you something Orion."

I looked at her shrugging my shoulders, "Sure ask away." I opened up the bottle for her and placed it in her hand.

"Uhm...You're openly in the life aren't you? I mean I somewhat had an idea before when we were in the park Even now as I see the beautiful paintings on the wall and the statues on the shelve. I'm sure you are in the life but are you living openly that way. "

I stood in front of her as she took a sip of the Heinekin and she licked her lips afterwards. My heart leaped into my fuckin throat and I had to take a deep swallow before I said, "Yes I am... wide open and living my life." I moved even closer to her. "Does that bother you?"

I was looking into her eyes when she said in an affirmative tone, "Hell fuckin no it doesn't. I'm also openly in the life and I'm just glad to meet someone else who is the same."

I placed both of my hands on the arm of the stool she sat in and said "Good so we can both stop playing games because you know I fuckin want you. From the moment I heard that voice trying to help me up on my feet. From the moment I saw you looking at me with those beautiful eyes."

She place the glass down on the bar and said "I guess with that same thought in mind I want your ass too." I smiled at her. "Even with it being sore and shit."

She bit her bottom lip and said "Yes even with the soreness."

Just the same way we met is the same we began to sex. With a Bang! I pulled her into my arms with my hands around her waist. Hips pressed against hips. With thighs adjoined... slow grinding and quick kisses up and down the sides of her neck to the dark valley in between her breast. I gently pulled at her bottom lip with my teeth and kissed her until the tantalizing taste of each others nectar was desired. Our kiss deepened until our tongues were so far down each other throat I almost choked. Our hands raking across each others bodies until static electricity was formed and we were in danger of bursting into flames. Her breast where so firm, so warm when I grabbed and molded them in my hands. I felt the nipples harden through her tee shirt.

I knew that the confines of our clothing had to be removed so I can feel her silky smooth skin against mine without interference. So we are literally tearing at each other clothes to make this synoptic vision come true. There was no tenderness in this. Just a wild and intense fervor of each others embodiment. We worked the floors and the walls of my apartment and left scented trails of our passion all over to just continue on in my bedroom.

The lights were dim but adequate. All that was needed was to feel what I imagined. We fell onto the bed without a space being brought between us. Hot wet...slippery sweat....moisten bodies sliding together as my pussy pulsated like it was being pumped with air. I cupped and kneaded her breast sucking vigorously...rotating my head back in forth burying my face deeper into them...loving the moans and whimpers that left her chest. That shit really turned me on. My tongue slides down her body to her stomach with little bites in between. I was going to make sure I fucked her and I fucked a well.

Working my way back up I breathed in her ears. "How freaky can you get Mami because I'm about to break out the freakfest. Tell me what I can do to make fuckin hurt so good?"

She took her fingernails and buried them into my back and said "Give me what you got. Make me cream in your hood baby."

I reached over to the night table and pulled out two silk scarfs. I allowed them to graze across her already sensitive swollen nipples and she moaned like a purring lioness. My eyes were coated with undeniable desire for her. I whispered back "Oh... you're gonna cream baby and holla back for some more."

She felt my hands reach around her. With the quickness of a ninja I flipped her over onto her belly and proceed to tie both hands to the top of the headboard. Now she stood on all fours doggy style for easy access to her dripping wet pussy. Thrusting with one fluid motion... three fingers into her already frothy womanhood... spreading my fingers apart each time I entered her hot box.

In and out... over and over again until she burst out screaming, "Yes daddy, hurt me some more I've been such a bad girl." My finger tweeked her swollen clit and she sighed. My hand gave her clit a couple of smacks and she cried... cried out with pleasure for me to do it again.

I was strapped with my black ribbed dick and ready to go. I held it in my hand rubbing it against her ass hole to her throbbing pussy...up and down teasing my sexy kitty cat until she beg for me to stop this torture.

I said in a voice hoarse with desire "What..! Do you want this?" I let two inches of my black dick enter her and pulled it right back out.

She moan "Ahh yes." that was barely heard.

"Tell me...or is this what you want?" As I enter her even further and back out again. "Do you want to be fucked baby because I'm gonna make you pay for hurtin daddy today."

She sceamed out "Yes...yes...I want you to fuck me. Let me feel all of it

With that I penatrated her fully and her hungry pussy swallowed it whole. I lunging in and out of her slow then faster as the need quickened. Her hair I wrapped around one of my hands and pulled her neck back and she squealed even more passionately from the rawness of thug lovin.

I our bodies in unity undulated. My thighs pounding against her ass... smacking her cheeks with every repetitive movement. She felt every pulsating moment as she began to succumb to her orgasm. She screamed... she creamed...she shivered and quivered as the climatic sensations flowed through her very womanhood. I rode my sexy biker like my life depended on it and soon after with a final thrust into her I felt my climax reaching out to take over me and release me in a hot pool of ecstacy.

I untied the scarves freeing her from the confines. We fell on top of each other with our legs intangled together . Our bodies were heated and dampened with prespiration... moisten from our combined sexual copulation. We fell asleep for about an hour to awaken and play with some more toys in my secret box. She was adventurous showing me that she too had some little tricks up her sleeves that blew me up. It turns out we were both more than willing to explore that with each other.

Finally as we layed in each other arms she said with a giggle "Damn Orion...I am so glad I ran into you."

Laughing I pulled her closer and tapped her on that sexy bottom before I said, "Uhmm... I am glad you did too......Do you think that we can do the same shit tomorrow if we keep my ass out of it?"

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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