10:43. Seven minutes left and Dr. Whatshisname just keeps going and going and going....Wake up, wake up, wake up....Okay, okay, okay. It's such a struggle to stay alert and on top of things in this class. He takes all the fun out of Differential Equations. Maybe I should, but right now I really don't care about the history of Mathematics. Why can't he just tell us how to solve the freakin problem. But, the girl...she always seems to stay right with him. Smart and hardworking, I can't figure out why she hangs around those chickenheads. She's so much different than they are. And, she's the prettiest. She has these beautiful dark eyes that always seem to be busy, and her smile.....Her long legs cross so effortlessly as she keeps an eye on how high her skirt rises. Oh, geez, her thighs.....Everything about her is lovely...I mean, damn....I've got a crush from afar....What time is it? Damn, its only 10:46. Four more minutes. I guess I'd better start getting my mind in date mode. I just hope that this girl I 'm meeting for lunch turns out to be atleast good company. What was her name? Like, Kelli, Keisa, Kasha? Something, anyway, I'm not trying to fall in love, just trying to make new friends. You never know how these meeting someone through the personals are gonna go. We've spoken on the phone, and she seems nice. But, who knows. Anyway, it's only lunch. Dag, it will be two days before I see my dear sweet precious lovely wonderful steal-my-heart-away...umm...dag, I don't even know her name. Oh well, until then my love....Alright, time's up, Mr.Whatshisname... See ya on Friday....

11:56. Good, I made it. After giving myself a once over, I realized that even if this blind date turned out to be a dud there was no way I was meeting anybody looking the way I was. I'm not really the prissy type. I went back to my room to ditch the baseball cap and pull my hair neatly back into a ponytail. I also traded out the sweatshirt for a nice dressy black t-shirt and a white button down shirt. Kept the jeans, but put on a belt and switched the sneakers for some boots. Standing at 5'7'' and a little thick, I think I look pretty good. Now, we were supposed to meet here on the steps outside of the restaurant; she will be able to recognize me, I described myself and I told her I would have a black book bag in plain sight. Where is she......its 12:01. I've been stood up. She probably drove by and didn't like what she saw. Damn. I feel so stupid. I hate these blind date things...Hey, there's the girl...the girl...the girl from math, that's her....she is so lovely, that's all I can ever think to say.....why is she stopping on the steps? No, no, no...I won't set myself up and think that she's my lunch date. Whatever, snap back into reality. Well, atleast this would be chance to talk to her. Okay, here goes....
_____"Excuse me, aren't you in the 10:00 D.E. class?" Wow, I can't believe I spoke.
_____"Yeah, I've seen you in there. You don't like morning classes, hunh?" No she didn't try to joke on me?
_____"Why, because I'm always fighting sleep?"
_____"Yeah", she laughed. I mean, she was smiling at me. Well, maybe not in a good way, but that's not important right now. "So, how are you doing in that class anyway." She probably thinks I'm failing, and really I'm holding on nicely to my A.
_____"Not bad. I read ahead, and that way I already know what I need to fight harder at staying awake for and what I can catch a nap during. What about you?"
_____"Okay, I guess. I've been going to his office hours..." She was still talking. I don't give a damn about that class or his office hours. Her eyes were just as beautiful as I thought, although I was finding it hard to keep my eyes level. Her lips were full and she wore this dark brown lipstick that went so well with her kind of caramel skin. Even her teeth were flawless. Her hair was down and long enough to drape a little over her sholder. And her body....She seemed taller than what she was because her legs were so nice. Her curves looked deliberate, as if she was drawn. Her breasts, her hips, her ass, her legs, oh goodness....I think I'm gonna cry. She's talking-to-me....breathe, breathe, breathe.....this woman was...wait a minute...what happened to my date? Was I really stood up? "Are you okay?", she asked.
_____"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. But, I was supposed to meet someone here, but I guess she couldn't make it." Now, my ego is hurt.
_____"Yeah, so was I..."
_____"Yeah, well, it was nice running into you. I've gotta get back to campus. I've got some time to study now that my friend didn't show up." I've got to get out of here. I can't handle both rejection and my heart racing over this girl all at the same time.
_____"Oh, okay. Have you started studying for the test on Monday?"
_____"Ofcourse, not. I wish I were such a good student. I'll probably start on Saturday." No disrespect, you fine and all, but I've gotta dip. "Okay, well see ya." Yeah, peace, love.
_____"Alright, take care."
_____ And, I dipped. All the way to my car, all I could do was concentrate on breathing. What if that had have been my date? Oh, damn, I'm so stupid! Should I go back? No. Go home. I started my car and drove off. Fortunately, I had to drive past the restaurant. This meant one last glimpse of...umm...damn, I still don't know her name...anyway, there she goes...Hey, she waved at me! Wait, she's still waving. And, now she's running down the steps. Stop the car, fool!
_____"Hi, can I get a ride back to campus? I think I'm gonna go study, too."
_____"I think I was stood up."
_____"Who would stand you up?" Damn, that was stupid. Now, you sound gay. She'll probably be uncomfortable with that and she's never gonna talk to you again. I'm stupid. She didn't say anything. That's not good. "What I meant was-"
_____"Where's your black bag?" she asked.
_____ Okay, my heart just stopped. I'm probably going to pass out behind the wheel of this car and kill us both. Play dumb. "Black bag?"
_____"I never got your name, what's your name?"
_____ Oh, if only I could, like evaporate or dissapear or something . . . "My name? Oh, umm...Shawn. What's yours?"
_____"Kelsie." Kelsie! That was her name! Oh shit, that was HER name! "You didn't bring your black bag."
_____"Oh, I, uhh..."
_____"Shawn, can I ask you a big favor?"
_____"Can we go by my apartment? I need to get my Political Science book."
_____"My friend dropped me off at the restaurant, and I was gonna get a ride back to campus with my lunch date, so my car....." Has she noticed that I still haven't breathed? Have I been driving all this time? Oh, geez, snap out of it. She's just another woman, damn, calm down. But, she's not, just another woman....she's my lovely...
_____"Here. Turn here. And, you can park right here. You wanna come up?"
_____"Are you okay? You seem a little...I don't know."
_____"I guess, I umm, I didn't expect..."
_____"To meet someone that you knew?"
_____"No, to meet you." Dummy! Now, she's gonna want to know what you meant by that.
_____"What do you mean by that?"
_____Play dumb, no change the subject. "Hey, nice apartment. You got a roommate?"
_____"No. I'll get my book and be right back. Want something to drink?"
_____"No thanks." Whew, atleast I got out of that one. I need to get out of this house. I'm not ready for this.
_____"Okay, I'm ready."
_____"Ready for what?"
_____"I have my book. I'm ready."
_____"Oh, yeah, okay.."
_____"Tell me what you meant by what you said earlier."
_____ Change the subject, no play dumb. "What I said earlier?"
_____ Damn, didn't work. Shit, just tell her. This is too much stress. "Okay, well....I, I've kind of had a crush on you anyway. I didn't know anything about you. I didn't know your name or even if you liked women. Then to find out that actually, we've been talking and emailing each other for a while now....well, I just wasn't ready for that, for this." Her eyes were dead set on me. Her whole face was listening to what I had to say. I'm in love. She stood there holding her book under her folded arms across her chest. Her eyes fell to the floor. Oh, goodness, let me get my ass out of here.... "I'm sorry, hey, we can head back to campus now." And, I walked past her to the door staring at the same floor that she was. This has got to be the most awkard moment I've ever been in. And, just to make things better, I couldn't open the damn door.
_____"I've got it", she said. "See, you've gotta push it in, and then turn it. It's a child safety thing."
_____"I guess that's why I couldn't open it, then." And, she smiled. At me, she smiled at me.
_____"Why did you have a crush on me?"
_____"Because you were, you are lovely." Corny, cornball, corn chips!
_____"You got a class at 1?"
_____"Nope," I lied. "Do you?"
_____"Yeah, but I can get the notes from my friend. Wanna stay here and talk?"
_____"I can't do that." Stay here? With you? Alone? Shit....
_____"Why not?"
_____"I'm gonna want to kiss you." Why did you say that? "This is gonna drive me crazy. I've got to get some air or something-"
_____And, then she did it. She KISSED me! She stepped towards me, slipped one hand along the side of my face, took my hand, and kissed me so softly. Now, I really wanna cry.But, I didn't. No, I had dreamed of this moment too many times before. I kissed her back. Yes, the hell I did. I kissed her gently and deeply. She let both of her arms fall over my sholders and I pulled her closer with both of my hands pressing the small of her back. And, I wasn't even nervous anymore. I just kissed her. I slipped my hand up and through her hair, pulling her head back gently. Her neck and sholders were lovely and I planted kisses everywhere I could. How beautiful she was. I realized that I may have been rushing, so I asked her, "Want to slow things down?" And, she shook her head, no. I took her hand and led her to her couch. She laid back and smiled at me as she put her arms up for me to fall into. We kissed, and kissed, and we kissed some more. We missed all of our afternoon classes, but we did start studying for our math test. No, we didn't take it there. Didn't nobody get none. Hey, she's a good girl.......


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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