Devon splashed her chocolate colored face in the fountain-like metal sink of her cell. Drying her face with a rough hand towel, she looked into the warped "mirror" before her: the soft hazel eyes, slightly flared nose, pouty lips and long lashes of a young femme stuck for 30 days in a place she'd never expected to be—a minimum security jail. "only in ----- could some shit like this happen," she had thought to herself ever since her original arrest for participation in the imf/world bank protests. And the bitterness grew until it reached its pinnacle that morning. Today would be the day she was transferred from intake, a walled-off area reserved for those doing 2 weeks or less, and general population, where 200 women doing as much as 15 years awaited. Whisked away from the single cell that had been her home for 2 weeks, Devon would soon be thrown into close quarters with strange women, women who might be angry, frenzied, violent and hungry, especially for the type of petite, soft body Devon possessed. The entire thing frightened and titillated her. When Officer Nunez, a super-butch guard, came to escort her into her new location, Devon knew whatever awaited would be like nothing she'd ever experienced. Through the fear, her mind flashed back to a 6th grade slumber party where she had seen her first "women in jail" flick....

Nearly the instant she came into the large open area where the prisoners milled about, their attention became fixed on her. This was one instance where the model looks that had earned her the nickname "baby evangalista" were a distinct disadvantage, drawing more gazes despite her attempts to look away. And then she saw the one she'd soon learn went by the tag "Hollywood". With her looks it was no wonder why: two long, thick braids hung by her waist, high cheekbones and a slightly broken nose, thick cupid's bow lips spread into a deliciously devilish grin. Crucial tattoos sprouting from the top of her uniform onto her neck. And those eyes, sleepy eyes, a smoky gray that made all of Devon's lips quiver. "How the fuck did she end up in here?" Devon thought to herself as she walked past, unable to pull her eyes away. As she passed, Hollywood folded her cut arms and licked those lips. In her mind, Devon thought about what it would be like to be the "new piece”... and smiled.

Devon found life in general population mundane but not torturous, and not nearly as scary as she'd expected. Thirteen days passed relatively quickly until only 1 day of hell was left. She spent the day like she had spent others, playing spades or monopoly with other prisoners or watching what sparse television she could. And of course checking out some of the rough and ready butches who had taken to scoping her. She couldn't deny that beyond prison walls, some of them would have qualified as dateable and maybe even fuckable. Yet her gaze always returned to Hollywood...

That last night Devon expected to be like any other: retiring to the cell at midnight for a few hours of sleep, reading or a talk with her cellmate Mimi. She was wrong. Instead she had turned in early, trying to sleep away the memory of this place and how she got there. Just as she began to drift into sleep, she heard the familiar shuffle of the prisoners being herded into their cells for the night. As the cell door opened, Devon flipped over saying "sorry I couldn't be your spades partner to—" she stopped in mid-sentence. As if by the magic of some distant fairy fuck mother (or more likely due to a little crafty cell switching) Mimi had been replaced with Hollywood, who stood there slowly cracking each knuckle and sizing up her prey.

Devon cringed inside. What if she had been wrong about this woman's intentions??? What if she was some maniac who got off on fucking dead bodies, namely Devon's??? Subtle drops of sweat began to bead on her face as Devon realized a guard wouldn't be making rounds for hours. And still, despite her fear (or maybe because of it), she felt a familiar warmth growing in her thong. Secretly, Devon relished the fear. She longed for a strong, aggressive woman to commandeer her body, instructing her how to roll her hips, telling her how much she could "take" and when she could cum.

Devon's worst fears however seemed to come true as Hollywood violently snatched her small frame from the bed and slammed her into an isolated corner of the cell. The two women stood there, faces within inches of each other, Devon's fear tangible as tears welled in her eyes. Her fear dissipated as Hollywood ran her hand over Devon's face, grazing her neck, trailing over her stomach and ending in a fierce clench of her saturated pussy. Slowly massaging Devon's crotch with one hand, Hollywood ripped open Devon's uniform with the other, revealing mouth-sized breasts with silver dollar, cocoa nipples. Devon flinched as she felt Hollywood's tongue tracing a path from her right ear down her neck and onto her breasts where she bit the nipple's so hard it seemed she'd draw blood. Hollywood mouthed her intensely, swirling circles around the pert nipples, flickering the tips with her tongue while maintaining suction, pulling it outward with her teeth until Devon gasped, all while constantly kneading her now engorged clit. As Devon's gasps grew louder, she felt Hollywood's strong hand over her mouth. Silenced and now facing the glare of those gray eyes, Devon felt Hollywood pulling her uniform and thong off, jacking her weak legs up, and wrapping them about her waist as they embarked on a deep grind. The rough material of Hollywood's uniform tickled Devon's clit as both women moved their pussies in syncopated rhythm, alternating slow and deliberate roll with fast and furious bump. Hollywood palmed Devon's supple ass and thighs as she sighed huskily in her ear. Oh how Devon relished the muted moans of a woman trying to maintain an air of dominance when her pussy begged her to scream like a bitch.

Against her better judgement, Devon began to probe Hollywood, squeezing her ass as she pumped, rubbing her contracting back and managing to slip a hand onto her full breasts. Rather than pushing her hands away, Hollywood's body seemed to welcome Devon, responding with harder, more punctuated grinds. As both women approached climax, Hollywood suddenly froze, leaving Devon's body in limbo. In one swift move, she tossed Devon's petite body up slightly, quickly reached under Devon's leg and extended her two long middle fingers just in time for Devon to land on them. She worked them inside Devon's warm body, corkscrewing and spiraling. She lifted her whole body with her fingers as Devon held her legs wide open for full access. And as if to tease her, Hollywood stared directly into Devon's eyes as her dripping pussy rapidly contracted around the now 4 fingers that filled it. Devon came and came and came, Hollywood continuing to take her pussy. As Devon came back to earth, Hollywood snatched her hand from the throbbing pussy and let her entire body fall in a heap. "well damn," Devon thought to herself, half angered half seduced.

Backing up, Hollywood let her uniform and boxers fall to her tims as she pushed Devon's head to her crotch. Devon could barely contain her excitement as she ran her nostrils through the soft curly hair. Hollywood's clit, the size of a pinky tip, glistened with anticipation. Devon dove in, first swirling that pink pearl with her tongue before letting her lips caress the petal-like folds. Her tongue dipped inside and Devon felt Hollywood grab her head and push it in further. Devon stuck as much in as she could eager feel Hollywood from the inside. Indeed, she was as muscular inside as outside, her walls contracting with such strength they threatened to pull Devon in. The taste was that of a cognac cherry cordial—as you bite the hard layer of chocolate, your tongue hits a thick gooey cognac creme that slides down your throat. As you nibble further, you hit the plump cherry and sink your teeth in. With each bite, the sticky juice dribbles from your lips and down your chin, and you imagine you know how eve must have felt when she first bit the "forbidden fruit”. Devon sucked that cherry hungrily until, with no warning, Hollywood exploded, her vibrating pussy pushing milk and honey down Devon's awaiting throat.

And so they continued, for the few hours that stood between lights out and breakfast in the facility. When Devon awoke, it was as if nothing happened: she was in her bed and so was an unassuming Mimi. At breakfast, Hollywood gave her a lingering stare. Had anything really happened or was it a dream? She was unsure, but as she drove home that night, finally free from prison confines, Devon felt her nipples burn in a way that seemed oh so familiar.

The End

Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All rights reserved.

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