__________by Blush

If you want to fuck you should let me know
I have some preferences cause Iím a big girl you know
I like to fuck fast
I like to fuck slow
I like it when you can make my clit grow
Different positions ainít no thing to me
Just be carefulÖno pullin on the clit ring
You can kill me with your flow as we go from the bed to the floor
To the window, to the tub ooohhh baby Iím tired of makin love

I wanna be fucked
Take me as you wish
Treat me like your favorite fulfilling dish
You can beat me, spank me , make me cranky, fuck me, suck me and dick me lovely
Fuck takin your time Iím up for the ride
Make it bumpy as you hump me
Keep me creamin while Iím screamin
Out your name, always the same
You know how I like it no time for playin games

I need a stud in my life I ainít even gotta be ya wife
I need what you packin
Wanna feel like asthmaís attackin
Make me lose my breath
I wanna feel it in my chest

Daym I think I felt sumthin tear
No donít worry
itís part of the game
Iím a big girl, you know I can take the pain

I like when you fuck me so please donít stop
We gotta quiet down cause the neighbors might knock
On second thought fuck em let em knock till it hurts
Iím about to cumm again
Wanna see if I can squirt
Flip me over one more time
Let you know Iím yours n your mine

Take this pussy, ah mami
How you want it
Wait let me set the scene
Iíma throw my legs back, so your tongue it can attack
Like when u taste me put ya whole face in me
I feel you glidin repairin the ruff ridin
Tongue twistin in a sickening rhythm

You know when I cum itís hard to stop
Baby stop playin, I donít want to lay in that spot.
I thank you for your time
But you know I gotta go
Ya wife will be home soon, change the sheets, pick that shit up off the floor.

Oh lawd whereís my panties
Here we go again
See thatís why I canít fuck you
Boo you got cumm drippin down ya chin.
Yo clean yaself up sheíll be home very soon
Yeah yeah you can call me, make sure itís before you see the moon

If you find my panties, please let me know, oh yeah and my clit ringÖ lost it in the flow.
Iíll see you tomorrow same time same place
Make sure u change the sheets ma, you donít want drama at ya place

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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