__________by Tyegreen7

Can I touch you?
You say that you don't want
It to start something
You cannot handle
Can I want you?
I want you, and
You want me
Can you show me?
Show me your side of the world
Show me what's in your heart and mind
Can I smell you?
Smell the sweet nectar of your love
Smell that fragrance that is yours alone
Can I see you?
See your beauty
The beauty of a queen
The beauty in your smile
Can I hear you?
Hear your voice through my ears
And feel it through my veins
Can I taste you?
Taste the pureness of your soul
Taste the sweetness of your heart
Can I love you?
Forever and ever
The type of love that has no bounds
The type of love that will withstand time
Can I?
Can I?

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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