To whom it may concerned (revised)
__________by Apassions101

I never knew that I could experience real love until the day I met you
I never knew the extent of real pain until the day I left you
Girl you just don't know that there was no limit to the things that I
was willing to do for you,
Like, go to hell and back for you,
Sacrifice a lot of shit for you,
You were something to me,
I was nothing to you
On some Bonnie & Clyde shit
I was always there to ride for you
If times ever got hard I was there to proved for you
On some Romeo & Juliet shit,
I was down to die for you
Now, on some next shit
I'm wishing that I never met you
I mean damn
Why should I care?
You were around your friends so much that you forgot to love me,
You fed into the lies of the birds, so you forgot to love me
Jealousy and Insecurities blinded to the point where you forgot to
love me
But how can I blame you,
When I traded my integrity for your intimacy and security, so, I
forgot to love me
Instead I was focused on loving and pleasing you.
You once asked me what was more important,
My world or you?
I did not respond
Because my actions exceeds all vocals
In time you figured that my world was more important,
So you kissed me one last time, walked away with your head down, and
said good-bye.
Answer this question..
If you and I were supposed to be each other's diamond,
Why were you still searching for rhinestones?!?!?!?
See just because our relationship has come to an end and things have
It does not mean that I stopped loving you,
When I first met you I started loving you,
When we were together I was in love with you,
And although it's over I'll always love you,
But one more thing before I let you go,
When you assumed that my world was more important than you,
You were wrong,
You didn't realize the key ingredient in my world,
So on that note,
To whom it may concern,
I accept the fact that we can no longer be,
You said good-bye,
Good-bye means forever, the end of you and me,
But I thank you for the learning lesson,
From now on first and foremost I'm loving me,
I still love you..........

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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