a work of fact and fiction

"Hey, hon! Come on up.." You buzz me in....

Button pushed, the elevator doors close and I lean against the wall, my anticipation rising with the car. At your floor, I leave the safety of the elevator and I'm thankful that the hallway is empty on this early Sunday morning. Still, I can't help but look both ways, checking for nosy neighbors.
"Blam!" I jump at the sound of a door slamming on the other side of the building.

"Silly rabbit," I mutter mockingly, hurrying down the hall to your door. "It'll be OK--- as long as we're careful," I reassure myself. I rationalize for the thousandth time this morning-as I dressed, in Penn station, as I bought my ticket, and as I paid the cab driver in front of your building. "What He doesn't know won't hurt Him...we won't get caught..." I check my lipstick and ring your bell. My thoughts take a turn as I wait for you to come to the door. I envision your face, your touch, your smell. The tingling between my legs that started last night as we gossiped on the phone gets suddenly stronger. I hear the lock turn-and struggle to compose myself as you open the door...

There you are. You smile. MMmmmm..sexy as always.

"That was quick!" you exclaim and the hug we exchange is slightly more than friendly. I'm amazed at how well we could fool people. "I couldn't have spoken to you more than an hour an a half ago. I didn't think you'd make that train."

I grin at you. "I was up early and already dressed when you called. I ran out the door as soon we got off the phone." Laughing at my eagerness, you close the door behind me and take my coat. Your engagement ring sparkles merrily in the morning sunlight. I frown.

"He's gone 'till 5'oclock...you know the routine. Make yourself at home, grab a seat and watch some T.V. I'm finishing up some dishes in the kitchen-be done in a minute!"

The apartment is warm and you're wearing a long and summery black dress with white polka-dots. It fits you perfectly (without a bra, I'm pleased to notice) and I can't help but stare as you walk around, searching for the remote control. That found, we make small talk and you carry my coat to the closet. A beam of sunlight hits your body, making your dress tantalizingly transparent. The brief illumination causes me to question the presence of panties under that dress and I squirm on the couch, aware of the growing wetness in my own. Catching my eye, you smile (innocently?knowingly?) and head for the kitchen, your round (unrestrained?) ass swaying sexily.

"I brought those bridal magazines you wanted," I call out.
"Great! There are a few things I mentioned the other night that I wanted to show you," you reply.

Yada, yada; blah, blah blah...I try to keep the want out of my voice as we converse over the running water and clinking of plates and utensils. It's a struggle, feeling myself too shy to just come out and say to you what I want to say-to do what I'm dying to do to you. I've just about given up trying to read you; your poker face works too well sometimes. Sitting there, I find myself indulging in one of my frequent fantasies-*starring you*-and I notice that my hand has crept between my legs. I almost loose myself in the feeling when I spot a pair of His shoes under the table, causing me to involuntarily check the clock.

"There is no real rush, we have until 5'oclock, " I whisper under my breath, but my body says different. Before I realize it, I quietly leave the comfort of the sofa and trace your path to the kitchen...

You are oblivious to me: your back turned, hands immersed in the warm soapy water. You've placed your precious diamond ring on the counter and you're humming a tune. It takes me a second to place it...Maxwell's "Sumthin', Sumthin'. I watch you silently, my eyes following the curves of your neck, your back, your ass...My tongue is restless in my mouth, wanting to trace and taste those same curves and crevices (among others..). I marvel at the circumstances of our "friendship" and how it came to be. Four months? Has it been that short/long? I am surprised and frightened by the tug of my emotions when I spy a "Honeymooners' Guide to Aruba" brochure on the opposite counter. The Wedding. "Why couldn't we have met sooner?" I ask myself for the hundredth time since I'd heard the news. "Enough," I say, my body ruling over my brain, my common sense. "Let's not waste the time we have left.." That decided, I walk towards you..

"Do you want something to drin-Ohhh!!" You seem to sense my presence. You begin to turn, but I press you against the sink, grabbing your wrists and holding you hard against the counter. I feel your ass against my pelvis and press my breasts against your back as I softly kiss and lick your neck.

"Oh shit," you exclaim breathlessly, but your initial surprise is quickly replaced by moans of pleasure as I slide my hands upwards, cupping your soft breasts and pinching your hard nipples. Dishes forgotten, I feel you lean against me and slide you wet hands along my hips. My head buried in your neck, your nearness makes me light-headed. You groan softly and turn around.
"MMmmmm...you feel so good.." you whisper. The look of hunger in your eyes, paired with the way you grab me, kissing me passionately-it's such a change from your normal composure! You thrust your tongue between my lips and I through yours, our mouths joining together, tongues intertwining, fighting each other to dive even deeper...and then backing off to nibble on your lips, as you suck mine, tasting, and then thrusting once again. I break away to continue my exploration, trailing kisses down your neck and behind your ears, our hands working mindlessly to free each other from our clothes.

I nibble at your earlobe and then blow gently into your ear; you tense at that, and then your pelvis lunges as I thrust my tongue in. I tease your ear a moment longer, then begin kissing my way down your jaw to your throat, then across to your now bare shoulder. The only sounds are of lips touching skin and our heavy breathing. I gently kiss and lick from one shoulder to the other; you shiver at the touch of my lips on your smooth, dark flesh. Do you know that it is taking almost all of my self control to go this slow, to savor your flavors and textures? It seems you do, and you tease me, slipping your hand between my legs. I wonder briefly if my wetness is evident through my jeans, them I realize that I don't care.

With the risk of being melodramatic, I catch a button on the bodice of your dress between my teeth and pull it slowly downward, revealing your gorgeous breasts - firm, with large, dark aureole, and lovely nipples. I start to lick them like crazy -- I can't control myself any longer, I just have to nibble, lick and suckle at your breasts. Your nipples are growing, and getting incredibly hard. We pause only briefly to strip down completely----my earlier suspicions confirmed when my probing fingers find no satin barrier between your legs.

Currents of lust shoot through my body as our breasts touch and I look in your eyes. I can't help but to admire how sexy you are. I regret that I only got to see you dance once at the strip club. If you only knew how hot you made me as you performed on stage, garter belt overflowing with well earned cash...so hot that I couldn't help but secretly touch myself, as your best friend sat on a barstool, inches away. My naughty little secret.. "Maybe I can convince her to do a private show for me, and-" My thoughts are interrupted as you lead me to the bedroom...

Without loosing contact, we fall onto your bed, the smell of sex quickly filling the room. "Wait a sec! Be right back..."I say mysteriously, rising from the bed and disappearing into the living room.

"Look at you! Breakin' the mood..." you call after me, laughing, your throaty voice filled with impatience.

I grin to myself as I pop the cd into the stereo and press play. The heartbeat-like intro to Maxwell's mellosmoothe cut fills the apartment. You moan your appreciation from the bedroom and as I return and kneel on the bed, you smile at me.

"I take that back..." you whisper and reach for me. I position myself, straddling you with one knee between your legs, and you grind your yourself against my thigh. Your pussy is so hot against me and I feel your wetness beginning to coat my skin. Totally into it, you writhe beneath me, your head moving from side to side, braids whipping, and your hips grinding in slow figure-eight's . I pull away, and your hand immediately finds my crotch, and you stroke me rhythmically through my panties. It's so tempting to let you continue, you fingers rubbing my throbbing snatch, massaging my clit...HHmmmmm...O God...My urge to cum is so strong, but I'm not finished with you...I move your hand reluctantly.

"Not yet..."I whisper. We continue...

I kiss you, then tear myself away from your sweet lips and continue downwards, across your warm stomach, kissing you softly; loving your scent. By the time I reach your crotch, I'm faint with hunger for you. I can't wait any longer; you smell so delicious --I dive into you.

God, you taste so good! I feel such satisfaction---this is what my appetite has been craving all week. I put my hands under you, and lift you by your ass-cheeks, licking from your ass to your pubic hair. You are so wet...I move back to your sweet hole and lap up your juice, savoring every drop.

"Oh, I missed you so much," you breathe, struggling to form the words. "Please lick it...suck my pussy now, fuck me, please, now, pleasssse!"

I move up to your clit, and you go crazy, bucking up into me. I slide down a bit further so I can bring my finger up to your dripping cunt. I slide it slowly from your dark, trimmed mound, past your throbbing clit, and down your slit, passing between your inner and outer lips. I then draw it back upwards, as my mouth returns to suck on your clit, coming to rest at your hot opening.

You wriggle your ass in an attempt to capture my finger, but I hold back and then slowly insert it into your pulsating hole. I can sense your impending orgasm as I thrust another finger inside, working it in and out as my lips and tongue work over your engorged clit. Your pussy draws my fingers in-it's so hot in there!--and I can feel it contracting around them. Just the pleasure of watching you is bringing me to the brink and I can't refrain from sticking a finger in my own throbbing cunt, finger-fucking both of us to the same rhythm. Sensing my impending orgasm, you make me pause, urging me into a 69. The delicious feeling of your hot tongue inside me brings a new urgency to my mission to make you cum in my mouth. Finally, you can hold back no more...

"Ohhhhh, God..Oh hon...I'm cumming...Yeah...OOOHHhhhhhh!" Stuttering my name, your voice vibrating the walls of the sunlit room.

You buck and thrash on the bed, canopy-frame squeaking in protest, tongue massaging my clit frantically. I hold on tight, eating and licking and sucking...you keep cumming; my face is slick with your juices. Your orgasm brings me over the edge and I release, calling your name, our orgasms washing over us in waves . We rest...

For the next what seems like an eternity, we express our need for each other's touch. Our lust runs the spectrum and we loose ourselves in a world that consists of only us and our fantasies. Eventually, the lazy, red beams of the setting sun fall from the window, onto the bed-onto our tangled bodies as we moan, writhe, cum and shout each other's name again and again. Ultimately exhausted, we collapse.

I lay beside you and we embrace, reveling in the aftershocks. Still, I want more. I can't get enough of you-the infrequency of our get togethers, the fact that you've been forbidden to see me---all of that has made me even hungrier for you. I lay there listening to your breathing, looking idly around the room. I see your decorative touch -- interrupted here and there by a masculine item. A pair of Timberlands, a gym bag, a weight machine. I feel irritated. Why am I so bothered? I find myself wondering if maybe I'm the Queen of Hearts in your tarot spread. Love?? Whoa! Scary thought! I switch between logic and emotion. Emotion says, If we're careful, it'll work! He'll never know. Logic says, This creeping can't continue-for your sake, for His sake, for my sake (a small voice whispers, "my heart might break". I squash it..).

Do I trust you to handle everything? Am I unselfish enough to deny myself for the sake of your relationship, your impending marriage? I frown as a new thought enters my mind, chilling me like a dark cloud blotting out the sun. You seem to read my thoughts and I feel your body tense; you turn around to look at the clock.

"I've gotta get you out of here, He'll be home soon!" you cry, scrambling through the house to erase all evidence of my presence. That saddens me for a minute and I open my mouth to tell you how I feel, but then shut it. I push my feelings back again, not knowing how you feel--not wanting to complicate matters, and get dressed.

Finally, we stand at the door and you give me my coat. As I am putting it on, you hand me a train schedule. We kiss our good-byes (I don't want to leave you!) as I stuff it in my bag and walk out into the hallway.

"Alright then, see you next Sunday. Get home safe and call me when you get in, OK hon?" I nod and you give me one of those sexy smiles of yours for the road. I notice that you are once again wearing the ring. The diamond twinkles mockingly in the fluorescent hallway light. I turn and the door closes behind me.

As I walk towards the elevator, its doors open---its Him! Holding my breath, I lower my head and we pass with in feet of each other without a glimmer of recognition on His part. His key is poised as he heads for your door and my heart sinks as I realize how happy he is to be coming home to you---his fiancee.

The elevator is waiting. I step in. I can still taste you on my lips, still smell you in my hair. I push "L" for lobby. My descent begins with the realization that I have a lot of thinking to do...


The End?

Copyright © 1998. All Rights Reserved. Used with Author's permission

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