_____After my encounter with Monique, I felt like a whole new world had opened up to me. We have still kept in close contact even though it has been strictly plantonic. She respected that this was all still new to me. She told me that I needed to start dating women to see what I wanted. I knew I at least wanted to have sexual intimacy coupled with friendship. She invited me to a dinner party. At this party would be a few women that were looking for a woman with the same interest.
_____The dinner party could not have come fast enough for me. I was as anxious as someone who was expecting a large sum of money. Monique said I would not be disappointed if I came and I wasn't. There were at least 15 women laughing, mingling and dancing as I made my way into the living room. They stopped briefly as Monique introduced me. I chatted with several of the women about just having come to terms with my sexuality. They told me to don't put alot of pressure on myself to come to some type of resolution to fast. Go with the flow and live my life one day at a time.
_____I danced and flirted with several of the women there. As I danced I noticed that there was this fine looking sister staring at me as I slowly moved my body to the sounds of D'Angelo's I Feel Like Making Love. She looked like a cross beteween Mya and Jasmine Guy. With every sway of my hips it seemed as if she began licking on her full luscious lips. After the music ended she came over to introduce herself. Her name was Ciara. She considered herself a "lipstick lesbian" but was still very much in the closet. The only place where she felt that wasn't in the closet was in the bedroom.
_____We laughed and talked for hours about everything from failed relationships with men to how fragmented black people seem to be. It was getting late . I offered to give ciara a ride home. Monique gave us a hug good bye . And as I shut the door she gave me a thumbs up.
_____While we were in the car, I felt the sexual tension beteween myself and ciara mounting. There was an awarkward silence as I pulled in front of her apartment complex. She then leaned over to give me a kiss, brushing my shoulder length hair from my face. My mouth recovered from the feel of her lips. She gazed into my eyes again as she moved towards my face. This time our kiss was more passionate as my lips greedily sucked hers while our tongues slid out of our mouths. We broke from our kiss abruptly: Ciara then invited me to come inside her apartment.
_____We entered inside of her place. She continued to stroke my hair. She then pressed me up against the wall. I felt her lift up my blouse as her tongue forcefully entered my mouth. She moaned about the freaky things she wanted to do to me. I felt her slide my blouse off. she then began to kneel down and plant tiny butterfly kisses beteween my breasts. I stroked her long,wavy hair as I moaned that i wanted her to love every inch of me. I slid down my bra, revealing my quarter- size, dark-chocolate nipples. ciara took my left titty and began to pull it a little as her tongue flick across it. Damn she made me so horny. I begged her to rub my mound as she sucked my nipple. I felt my clit enlarge with each rub. I wanted to feel her tongue go down under.
_____Ciara then led me into her bedroom. I fell down while she got on top of me. I wrapped my legs around her waist as my hips began to buck as i rocked my pussy into her mound. I slid her shirt off to reveal a nice set of carmel-colored titties. I coyly lick one as I massaged the other. She had the look of sheer ectasy and pleasure as I slowly sucked her titty. My hands then made their way to her firm ass. I unbuttoned her jeans to find that ciara wasn't wearing any panties. I turned her on her back and began to glide my tongue from her back to her ass. She got up on all fours as I began to lick her ass while fingering her booty hole. My tongue made it to her love canal. As i playfully tongued fucked it, I slid one finger to press it against her hard clit. She began me to lick it and I obeyed her command.
_____While she was in a doggie style position, I grabbed her black strap-on(which she called Pookie) out from under the bed. I sucked it before I slid it inside. Ciara gasped as she told me how to hit her G-spot. I fucked her gently as my right hand rubbed her clit. She stuck her tongue out with each thrust. I leaned over to suck her tongue. She began to rub her clit herself, thereby allowing me to massage her nipples. As her excitement build i felt my own on the brink of exploding.
_____She asked me to stop thrusting for a moment so she could get on her back. I grab one leg and put it on my shoulder as I slid Pookie deep inside of her.I leaned in to playfully lick one of her nipples. Sweat began to trickle down. I told her to squeeze her hole as I thrust. As she contracted her hole, she feel her G-spot began to vibe. I knew it would be only a matter of time.
_____ Ciara began to rapid rock her pussy up and down as she rubbed her clitty. I thrust Pookie only enough to hit her G-spot a few more times. She became so enamored that she could not speak . I sucked on her left nipple as i entered Pookie in for one last deep thrust. Within a matter of seconds,Ciara let out a loud scream before giving a way to her aching hole. I lap her cum as she laid there out of breath. I moved up to give her a gentle kiss on the lips.
_____Ciara wanted to return the favor but I didn't want her to. At least not yet. I want to revel in the fact that this was my first time giving pleasure to another woman. What I got in return was far more important---the chance to express my desire for women.


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