"Finally a day to ourselves," Natalie says to Melissa as they browse through the art gallery.

"Yeah, I know, no kids or husbands just a girls day out. I love it!" said Melissa. "Do want to go have cocktails after this?"

"Yeah, thats cool," Natalie answered. The two went to a cozy bar down the street it wasn't too crowded, the girls love it that way so they can talk and relax.

Melissa and Natalie have been friends for a few years and are both married and have children. They look forward to those days to themselves, but this day was going to be different. Two nights ago they shared their first kiss, when the husbands were gone with the kids skating. They had talked about the bi-curiosity before and would get turned on while talking about it, so they decided to plan an evening of exploration. They would go to Melissa's house while the men and children were at Natalie's house hanging out.

After a couple of drinks at the bar and sharing some thoughts about what they want to do to each other they left. In the car Natalie rubbed Melissa's thighs and kissed her neck, she told Melissa to feel how wet her pussy was from just thinking and talking about what was to come. She was soaked! Melissa got hot and wet just feeling how wet her friend was.

Natalie rubbed Melissa's hot pussy it was so wet you could hear the juices as her finger slid over her clit and in and out of her hole. They had to get to each other soon and the house was too far away. "It was just starting to get dark so they decided to pull into a park. They parked under several oak trees in secluded area near the bathrooms.

Natalie and Melissa had both worn skirts in preparation for the evening's events (easy quick access). Once parked they kissed passionatly, the long wet kisses traveled from their lips and necks to their hard protruding nipples begging to be bitten and sucked. Natalie told Melissa she wanted to taste her pussy and she bent down to her wet pussy and began sucking and licking her swollen clit. Melissa placed her feet on the dashbord of the car so Natalie could get full access, and she ate her pussy like a pro. Natalie came up to kiss Melissa with her face wet with pussy juice.

Melissa kissed and sucked her neck and once again traveled to her hard nipples (she told Melissa before that this makes her real horny). Melissa then layed the car seat back and told Natalie to bring her sweet wet pussy to her face so she could taste it. Her juices were flowing so good that Melissa's face was soaked as soon as she sat on it. Natalie began rocking and fucking Melissa's face hard and moaning eat me mommy eat my pussy! Melissa licked her sweet pussy and sucked her clit until she was about to explode.

Then Natalie slowed down and said she wanted to save her cum so they could cum together and she knew how to do it in the car. She told Melissa to spread her legs, Natalie then put one leg under hers and the other on top so that their clits touched perfectly (Natalie was very limber). Melissa and Natalie began to rub their clits together with a great rhythm. The sound of their juicy pussies rubbing together made them pump faster and faster until they both felt the heat of their orgazams building in their stomachs, their pussies got even wetter as they got closer to cumming. The moans filled the car and the windows steamed up as they rubbed and pinched each others nipples coaxing each other to cum. Melissa then cums with a loud scream which drives Natalie over the edge as she cums with her.

There they are all wet down the thighs with each other's juice, sweaty and totally satisfied. They kiss and rub each other lovingly and make plans for their next outing....


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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